Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Way to Go Ontario/Progress

Way to go Ontario, It's nice to see that at least one province has some common sense concerning vehicle safety. Bets anyone on how long it will take New Brunswick to follow suit with similar legislation, 5-10 years and another what 10-20 before it's enforced (considering how long I've been filing statements on the other mother at daycare who has kept her daughter up in the front seat/beltless since she was about 8 months when there's a perfectly good carseat in the back)

Last night I'd fully intended to read alot of Potter but when I clicked on A&E there was an episode of Cold Case Files on at 8 so I picked up the nearest thing to stitch and met the goal I'd set for myself on the weekend so now I can get back to Giggles...

Charmed Stocking progess

Do any Giggles stitchers know what is supposed to go in his right mitten where I've left a one square hole?? The pattern has a really bright pink but I think that's a mistake. Here's how far I got with Giggles before moving to the small beading project above (darn when the instructions ask you to cross stitch the petit beads, I zoom through the half stitched beads, plus the greens looked very similar so it took having my bead bowl under the light, not my usual stitching position)

Giggles Progress

Oh back to Potter, I did get a chapter read last night, considering it was 20+ pages I consider that pretty good, it was really hard to put the book down and go to bed at a decent hour. I think Alex and I'll be starting the first book in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events or maybe I can stall him long enough until we go to the mall Sunday for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and pick up a new Roald Dahl book then, I guess we'll play it by ear!


Faith Ann said...

I haven't stitched the mittens yet so I haven't noticed the symbol you're talking about...I'll check out my pattern tonight.

I've noticed about 3 places now where a stitch colour didn't seem to make sense so I've replaced it with a neighboring colour (one was a flesh-tone on the cuff of the mitten).

Giggles and your stocking both look great!

cathymk said...

As a children's librarian and a stitcher I love your choice of books to share with Alex. I loved it when my teachers read my Roald Dahl at school - favourite was Fantastic Mr Fox (first one I ever heard), all his books are great.
I enjoyed Unfortunate events too (but have only read first two - never on the shelves at my work!

Laural said...

I'm not sure which one it is either. I would just fill it in with a neighboring color, well I probably did. I do remember that there is a mistake on each arm right at the cuff and I made each one of those color 500 like the surrounding stitches.

Both your pieces look great :)