Friday, April 27, 2007

Five Hundred Millilitres

Woot! The stocks of Faith Ann's craft room have saved me the agonizing wait for my threads to come in :) Sure, this is probably the only project I'll ever work on that requires the Perle cottons that aren't in the 'magical selection' that non stitching shops carry and it's not just one, it's 3. I figured if I was going to have to order supplies I'd pick up a couple buttons for some upcoming projects. Well, I panicked when one store claimed that Mill Hill was discontinuing carrying the Debbie Mumm buttons! I've had the fabric for 4 years for SB's Joyful Christmas and finally tracked down the thread for the lettering last year and it would be a sin not to be able to get the buttons. Thankfully when I called Because You Count they had them instock with only one substitution but the difference is hardly noticeable (and it's also a Debbie Mumm). Hooray! Depending on the speed/activities of the weekend I should be able to finish Alex's stocking now!

The 'Bring a Friend' night to Beaver's went well. I didn't realize that it wasn't at the church and it involved hiking. If it was just Alex I might have contemplated accepting the amount of supervision but his little friend is extremely allergic to peanuts so thank goodness I had my old sneakers in the trunk or trudging through the woods would not have been fun in my crocs! 20+ 5-7 year olds for 1.5 hours, well I was exhausted Wednesday night!

Thursday was quiet. Alex and I planted some additional seeds and bulbs to start inside. He's really quite taken with gardenning. One of these days I expect to find him outside digging up my back yard so he can 'live off the land' with a market booth in the front. He's very entrepreneurial. I simple trip to the fish and chips shop has him thinking he's going to go get a fishing license and sell fish to them ;)

I also learned yesterday that a 6 year old's bladder can hold 500ml! What a mommy moment that was! I arrived to pick him up and he went to take off for the bathroom, but it was occupied. I was thinking that I could make it to Tim Horton's but he was just dancing. Thankfully I a)went to the gym and brought bottled water and b) have tinted windows in the van. Imagine my shock as the bottle was filled! There's one for the books.

I planned on doing a walk yesterday at lunch but when I got across the pedway my trail was completely flooded! The water was stil rising and moving much too fast for me to skirt around it so I headed back to my desk to stitch :) I'd planned on working more on the stocking last night but I managed to leave the pattern book here at the office, le sigh...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On The Mend

Yay! All went smoothly with Matt's surgery. What a relief. I was prepared to pick up someone that looked like they'd been run over by a truck but he was as handsome as ever. Mind you checking out wasn't nearly as smooth. I was called to pick him up at noon and the doctor didn't get around to seeing him until 4. Thank goodness I brought my stitching! I almost stitched the entire train on Alex's stocking while I was waiting. I'll be soo glad when the 3 threads I require come in for that!

Tonight is bring a friend to beaver's night and Alex is bringing his friend Adam. I'm soo glad we found someone that was able to go with him. He has such a hard time making friends, let alone finding one with a schedule that'll fit that night it was a blessing when mom and dad visited last Beaver night (the other date for bring a friend night). Bullying has become a real BIG issue for Alex too and it breaks my heart. He is a very sweet young boy and to hear how much he's relentlessly picked on is just appauling. We've been working with his teacher to have it curbed but unfortunately she can't watch over him the entire school day although the lord knows she tries. It's hard to communicate to him that eventhough his frustrated responses are more than justified, they just make him an even bigger target. He is one of the highest achievers in his class yet he's frequently told he's stupid by two of his classmates and threatened with violence by the little manipulative wench that gave him the black eye. It took all of my control not to unleash a tirade when I saw her but again, I'm an adult and not a bully like she. Thank goodness we get rid of her come middle school...4 years and 2 months to go! Really, if I had help transporting him to afterschool care I would transfer him in a heartbeat.

Monday, April 23, 2007

If You Want Something Done Right...

Do it yourself. Yes, you'd think I'd have learned that by now but apparently I'm stubborn. Saturday I get up and tell Matt I'm going to head out to put the tires in the van as I have an 8am appointment, but he tells me he'll do it for me so I took a shower instead. Imagine my surprise when I get out 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be 10+minutes away and he's still in bed >:( I end up getting to the garage 5-10 minutes late and took a nice walk while they changed the tires. Thankfully I took the bottles back and noticed my back tire was really low. I was looking at it some more and noticed it was really worn looking too, weird as I just bought new all seasons. Then I looked at the tire a little more, it was the old tire that couldn't be patched that we hadn't thrown out!!! Thankfully the bottle depot wasn't far from the garage as by the time I explained what had happened and called Matt to get the proper tire brough immediately, it was flat.

Alex stayed with me and watched them change the tire. I had to stop at the grocery store for a couple of things on the way home and that led us past a display of seeds. Well one thing led to another so Alex and I ended up on a little side trip to get some bulbs and other planting supplies to start some indoors :) We went out for a family lunch instead of supper at Kingswood, pizza and an enormous playclimber made Alex's day. I got plenty of stitching in considering they misplaced our order. After that Matt was on the hunt for some building materials to make a stand for his old monitor and a trip to pick up his new LCD. Apparently he needs something 'to do' when he's on post-op leave. I found a cheap copy of The Never Ending Story while Matt was purchasing the monitor and picked it up. Sunday I sat down with my stitching, popped that in and watched Alex become completely fascinated with it. Sure, the effects definitely weren't as cool as when I'd seen it as a child but it was so neat to see him completely taken with it. :)
This week is totally out of whack. Matt's surgery is tomorrow and for the next week or so he's not going out in public so I've got alot of running around to do, yay!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On The Road Again

Well, I'm back on the road. Thankfully it wasn't the wiper motor, just something else stripped so the largest expense was replacing the two extremely long wiper blades. I think I can refit all of Matt's Corolla's blades for less than the cost of ONE of mine. Still, it was money that I wasn't looking to fork out, sigh. I did have a good chuckle on the way home though. To begin, the van I drive was my grandparents. My grandfather was a lover of all things Plymouth and was 'notorious' for getting annoyed with his wiper blades (or so he'd say ;)) when a car hit 2-3 years, would go to replace them and come home with a new car. So last night I'm driving home and the rain started to taper off just when I got to the second last intersection and the new ones started to squeak. I'm frigging with them trying to get a speed where they won't do it, curse to myself after spending $$ on them and look up and see Fairview and immediately giggled at the memory and how many times that had happened over the decades. Little things like that bring a smile to my face. At least I could explain this one to Matt, something I couldn't on Good Friday. I'm usually stressed out when holidays roll around, really besides Christmas I'm tired of travelling. I'm very much on the intimate but elegant side of things very much like my wedding reception. Every holiday I'd call my grandmother sometime around it where we weren't going to be home to wish her a happy something or other and usually to gripe about travelling and the ongoing issues. It was only on Good Friday that I realize that on every single holiday since we lost her there has been some force of nature to change our travel plans and cut extended stays short :) Torrential rain last Good Friday, Blizzard on Boxing Day, Blizzard on this Good Friday all days where we normally travel. I think everyone has a notion of what goes on in heaven but I find comfort in the notion that it's been pointed out upstairs that I could use some divine intervention ;)

Last night I was dog tired. Vehicle troubles really stress me out, it's really not the paying for it that does it. It's the impromptu nature and being stripped of my independance. I couldn't bring myself to cook so after retrieving Matt's car from the garage (yes his was there too...and lol, his parents car that's temporarily parked at our house should was that kind of day) so we went to quizno's. After we got home, finished makeshift homework as Alex left his at school and put him to bed I got to work on his stocking again. This one is working up soo much faster than the previous two. Maybe it's the lack of random flowers and specks or checker board patterns in the main character, I don't know ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When It Rains...It Pours

Why Me? Seriously do I not deserve to have one gosh darn me moment? Case in point, van hits 70000km on the way home yesterday, get up this morning, driver's side windshield wiper NOT working. But instead of just staying not working it decides to half spring to life bending the good arm and breaking at least on of the blades. How on God's green earth I'm supposed to get it over to the shop in the middle of a noreaster that will not go away, I do not know. DH was still home and drove us, told me to call the shop and get back to him. 2 hours later I track him down, he'd taken his own car in the shop. In the mean time I'm thinking was he in an accident, did I knock the phone cord loose (due to 7 years of trying to get it through certain people's heads that there are inappropriate times to call the house we only ever have one ringer on on one of the cordless phones)? I was seriously debating booking a conference room and just sobbing. I've been working hard and cutting back debt and take one friggin weekend to spend a little money on me (50% of expenditures were 'family' deductibles) and this happens. People wonder why I don't venture far from my house. I'm a walking Friday the 13th! I should probably look into renting a large shop vac or something as you know it's going to flood or something at this rate!

Although the Me moment was pretty fantabulous! We literally shopped until we dropped Saturday, from openning until they kicked us out of Borders at 11! I've never been to a Joann's and maybe that's a good thing or I'd seriously take up quilting in a heartbeat. I'd also never been to an Olive Garden and my portabello ravioli was divine! I loved looking over all the foods we can't get up here in Canada and I came back a hero. I found Cookie Crisp, neon coloured scooby doo Mott's applsauce, Trix yogurt. Yep, Alex thought I was cool! I took advantage of older book prices (it was only recently that they updated the Cdn issue price to reflect the strong dollar). Although, I finally understand why gals on ther 123board are so hard on Walmart! I bought Alex Spider Spud in Brewer for close to 10$, walk into the one in Bangor not 12 hours later and there it is for 8.08$. I took my receipt to customer service and had this witchy person say she wouldn't give me the difference because it would mess up the store inventory? WTF? I don't know how many times I go to any of the ones here in NB and have no problem returning, getting a price matched, etc. Anyway, I had to retrieve him from the car, wait in line again, return him to another rude person who refused to override the price to mark it properly so I had to go back to the toy dept, get another one, wait in another line and have yet another rude person ring me through. Lovely. Did I ever get to 'take a walk in their shoes' during that experience! I even got some stitching in. I took a break from that last 60 minutes of the Wedding Row to start Alex's Stocking (SB's Harry's Stocking). I really love working on those stockings, they're just soo relaxing (and a break from Hand dyed threads is always welcome).

Friday, April 13, 2007

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman

I'm beginning to think I'll be taking off my snow tires on the 30th at this rate, yuck! More snow falling again today (hello, this time last year our flooding had subsided)
The Wedding Row is close to being finished, woo hoo! I don't plan on taking it with me to the states tomorrow. Instead I'll be wild and crazy and bring a new project! Last night was a bit more hectic than planned. Since Christmas I've been checking the Canadian Tire site for a sale on the bookshelf we wanted to get Alex, of course wouldn't I spot it two days before I'm supposed to go away and of course isn't the money for it in an account that that has a 'transfer period' (but heck interest is fab so do I normally care) so I did some fancy money shifting and picked up one. I dunno about Canadian Tire, love the store but I really don't like how they NEVER have their high quality sales items out on the shelf (or at least at our location). Anytime I've bought something that was a really good sale on an item over 100$ the only way I get it is by going to the customer service desk and requesting a rain cheque. Should people really need to do that?

What will I be up to tonight. Packing! Not that there's much to do, but I'm hoping I can locate my fabric so I can start Alex's stocking tomorrow. I find working on those SB stockings soo relaxing and I'm really looking forward so seeing all three of them together :)

Fingers crossed for better weather!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


  • Two proud mommy moments this weekend. One was seeing how excited Alex was when we got to show his extended cousins his Kid Canada DVD. The other, well each guest that would show up at his grandmother's party sent him darting to his room. He'd return with HIS stash of easter eggs and offered them to whomever came in.
  • Matt's birthday dinner at Swiss Chalet went off without a hitch. Although there's no freebies Alex did convince them to sing to Matt, much to his alarm
  • I finally caught Mean Girls on tv, oh my gosh that movie cracked me up. Even Matt watched the whole thing. So many highschool memories ;)
  • I finished stitching the swirlies and blue letters on The Wedding Row, now if only that husband of mine would choose what form he'd like used for his name...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday Matt!


Your Redheads :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Well, we arrived safe and sound a day later than planned but that's A-Ok with me ;) After a freak snow storm Thursday we decided to play it safe with the flurries and stay home. This gave me some time to straighten up some stuff in the house finally (hooray) and do laundry. Not to pat my own back but I'm very good at keeping up...however there's one bottle neck in the system, my DH who's supposed to be putting the clothes away. It's felt like my son's underwear drawer has been the basket in the computer room for the last month. I'm not about to go buy another basket as we already have two and that doesn't seem to help so there does occasionally tend to be a back up because lugging clothes downstairs with no basket is just no fun I'm seriously thinking of installing some sort of chute at the bottom of that closet when we re floor as it is above the laundry room!

Anyway, we had a late start Saturday. Someone was mad at moi for not getting him up sooner than 9 and hadn't 'picked up the slack' from the chores that were supposed to be done the night before. Truthfully I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty, sure maybe it was a bit witchy but doing two big family parties in 24 hours needed my full energy load. The wedding party was nice. Pierre is one of my favorite relatives of DH. Although the 'reaction' to my nice chic tunic top was not what I was expecting! Sure I gained back about 8-10 of the lbs I lost for the wedding but I wasn't in the house for more than 2 minutes when I saw two of his cousins trying to figure out if I was pregnant. I wanted to run screaming and burn my top! Instead I did the next best thing, grabbed the nearest glass of champagne and downed it :P Alex had fun playing with everyone and was excited to tell them about his Kid Canada experience, although the 5 hour stay took it's toll on both of us. Was my reception and dance even that long?

Sunday started with it's usual egg hunting festivities. Alex was over the moon with his new Holey Soles and books. There was no whining about no toys, hooray! Although combine his cold with my lack of energy and I was a bad Christian and stayed home. With two parties and not being able to get out of the one today as it was at the inlaws something had to give. The party actually turned out small a) because everyone was tuckered out and b) I'm not the only one with the urge to get out of things. There was talk of Matt's brother coming home at Christmas and a wedding party then but I stuck to my guns, the only reason we were down was because I get Christmas. I hate being a bitch but that's been the plan for the last 7 years and until I can convince people to come to my house for Christmas or we have a second child IT STAYS!

I have been plugging away here and there on The Wedding Row (from hell)! I swear I've had to redo three letters so far, with sampler threads *collective sighs* It kind of kills the motivation. No doubt that it'll be a gorgeous addition to our house next month but it's not my kind of 'fun' stitching. Of course when I was packing do you think I could find the fabric for Alex's stocking? I'll probably trip over it the second I return but definitely there Saturday! I think the Easter Bunny was hiding it ;) Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Regrets

Well, I can officially say I have no regrets about opting for some American shopping trips as opposed to going to spring retreat this year. The retreat letter came yesterday and although I figured due to the supreme court ruling there would be taxes involved, a 10$ bump in the camp fee made it pretty expensive to do twice a year. Cathey and I had mentioned that some of our patterns that we brought for sale had gone missing last year but by no means did we want or ask for sales of items to be ended. Last fall I was kind of in a financial rut and really, that was my meal ticket to go. My rut was my own doing combined with a load of bad luck and without meaning to sound snobby I work in the IT industry, generally finances aren't usually an issue for us so I feel sympathy for those who budget much more strictly than I do :( I don't know, spring doesn't get me as motivated to go either. I don't know if it's the mud, the fact that I find picking a decent exchange piece hard to do without a holiday or the shorter time frame in between them but it's not on my priority list. Mainly I look forward to farting around Moncton with Cathey and sure there's stitching but I'm just as happy showing up on her doorstep ;)

Last night was still a bit hectic. I'd made arrangements to pick up my epicure order after the gym before Matt changed his work at home day. The equaled only a 25 minute run at the gym, only a brief visit with Tracy :( and rushing Alex home for Beavers. Thank goodness Beavers is only a stone's through away from the house but after all that was said and done I got a load of laundry in, a little tidying done and was in bed thumbing through ornament issues of Just Cross Stitch by 10 :)

I did however make some progress on the Wedding Row yesterday at lunch and should have a chance to take a picture this evening :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome To The Family Circus

If life has to be one big juggling act, can I please leave the circus for smaller things?? ;) Last night by the time I left work I had soo many things thrown into an already chaotic attempt to achieve balance I couldn't think straight and skipped the gym. With school, activities, etc we aren't people that head to the mall every evening, in fact we're there maybe two times a month at the most and it's on weekends. So...throw in 'btw we're invited to a wedding party Saturday' and a phone call late Monday night from the MIL looking for software when DH has bumped up our departure date to Friday. Arghh!!! I already had beavers and groceries to juggle in there too. That was almost manageable, I could do that Wednesday but NO someone who shares in the driving Wednesday worked at home yesterday >:( Try as I might, it's still not possible to be at BOTH ends of the city at the same time. Then factor in the fact that DH won't pin down a return time nor will anyone divulge the travel plans for his parents I was pretty annoyed. I needed to know if I had to clean if they planned on staying over, etc. The prospect of having company two minutes after we return that are not my easy going parents just got the best of me. My MBTI didn't show that I was a strong J for nothing ;) Normally I'd have dug my heals in the ground about Sunday night but Easter Monday is DH's birthday (although the thought of taking two vehicles did cross my mind).

I really hope next year we can spend Easter at home, Alex is only going to believe in the big bunny for so long and I'd like to do our thing ONE year at our house at least. Unfortunately Easter sits on the other side of the scale from Christmas at my parents and after 30 years of spending Christmas with them I've gotten quite accustomed to it. I wonder if I can pay off my brothers to convince them to come to my place instead ;) Although maybe if the pace of Easter was slower I'd feel different. Christmas at mom and dad's is a big but intimate affair. Easter leaves us beat and over exposed. For the past several years there's been a party the day before with DH's huge family, this year the wedding party, but there have been baby showers, etc in the past. Alex is usually extremely wound up all evening as he's not used to this either and usually has high expectations of having his grandparents to himself so from the second we get home I'm on damage control. Wake up Sunday and it's the egg hunt...followed by breakfast, and a trip to church then kiss quiet time goodbye as it's prep for another party that'll end up going until 6-7. This year though I'm going to approach DH about getting some of that prep work done ahead of schedule when Alex is sleeping the night before and then pray it's sunny the next day so Alex and I can go play something outside.

Last night we did end up doing the shopping though. I picked up some Holey Soles for Alex from 'Le Bunny' to go with his book (trying to depart from the toys :)) but by the time we got home I was exhausted. I reclined in my chair, turned on the Ott Lite and stitched while House was on. I'm really hoping to finish the wedding piece by the end of the weekend! Next weekend is looking much more promising, our trip to Maine!! I can't wait. I've got two girlie weekends coming up and I'm really looking forward to them! I'm hoping to be at the point of bringing along Alex's stocking though for the first girlie weekend and maybe a mill hill kit for the car. I'd better get organized ;)