Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Rainy Kind of Day

Sure enough, after I finally get around to watering my plants and shrubs the heavens openned up, I can't win. Last night was a quiet sort of night. Matt's ball game was rained out so we all just vegged around the house. I worked on my Mistletoe Kitty and it's almost done, yippee!! Although one of the bead packs is missing so I've been rumaging through my other mill hill kits to find some of the missing colours. Matt was busy trying to get ahold of neighborhood watch to see if anyone had any information on who vandalized our mailbox Saturday night, why us?? Of course it was the one Saturday night where Matt went to bed early, usually he's up in the computer room with the window open until at least 2 am, now we have two beautiful fist marks in either side of it.

Today is shaping up to be another slack day, I'm getting so anxious to hear from the three provincial positions that I applied to over the weekend even though the competitions don't close for atleast another week...sigh...

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