Monday, July 04, 2005

It's Good To Be Home!

The weekend went by with little incident. I get very stressed out about going up to the inlaws, sometimes things go fine, othertimes they are a complete disaster. Alex slept with us all weekend which meant we didn't get too much sleep, eventhough he had is Hot Wheels BYOB, the sleeping bag on it makes alot of noise when he moves which is alot, and I have a hard time sleeping with a night light on. Alex was very well behaved at the John Caldwell breakfast (Matt's old high school) and ate all of the ham he'd received. I was worried that he woudln't eat his breakfast as he usually eats it with Mustard, ewww, which I knew probably wasn't on hand. Apparently applesauce on his ham was sufficient. Matt and I snuck away Saturday night to see War of the Worlds, what a delight it was to go to a theatre that had REAL BUTTER instead of that immitation flavored oil that the Empire theatre chain has adopted (yuck). I really liked the movie although I think the news stations hyped the scary factor up just a bit too much, I don't think I illicited one of the blood curdling screams I did in Signs.

Alot of Sunday was spent on the phone trying to get ahold of the RCMP. Sunday morning we took the new divided highway up to the Irving Big Stop when we saw a car coming in the wrong direction!!!! We honked and motioned for the driver to stop and U turn but the lady kept on her merry old way. When we arrived at the big stop it was full so we headed to another restaurant over looking the falls, on our way there we saw the lady again in a parking lot so I got her license plate number and told Matt we should report it, we were debating reporting it at the light when she flew past us making a left on a red light, that solidified my argument for reporting it. After Matt calling 911, being forwarded to the local police and then to the RCMP who were 'unavailable' and we were given a 1-800 number which we couldn't get through to for over 4 hours. Part of that time was spent at the potato festival parade though.

We then headed back home. I debated finishing the staining on the arbour for a long time but knew I was tired so I put my pj pants on so I wouldn't go outside. Later in the evening mom arrived as she has Alex for the day so it was nice to have someone around who watched 'my shows' with me.

As for stitching I've made a little headway in Giggles, he now has the coloured part of his scarf and undercoat stitched and his arms are almost finished. On the trip to Grand Falls I worked on a charmed stocking kit by mill hill but didn't pull it out on the way home, I was just too tired. Hopefully this evening will be a bit more productive!!

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