Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Do Weekends Go So Fast?

D'oh...photobucket was having issues last night so I couldn't post the pics this morning I was hoping, sigh...

We had a relatively low key weekend. Saturday I headed over to the Avalon for a much over hair cut. I don't know why every summer I put off the summer crop until mid season and suffer through most of July with hot heavy hair that can only be put in a ponytail that ends up losing all volume by the end of the day. Alex almost cried when I told him I was going, he thinks the ideal woman wears makeup and a ponytail (he's obsessed with them) so after I assured him that my hair would still be long enough to put in one, minus a couple pieces of my layers hanging out he was fine. I took advantage of the warm weather and did a tonne of laundry and had it dry outside on the line and on our rack. As I was driving back from the spa I thought I'd bring up a trip to the waterslides when I got home, but Matt was pretty tired so we stayed home. Alex and I set up the slip and slide instead and I took some pics of him...and thankfully the neighbor across the road wasn't in any pictures without his shirt on ;)

Sunday involved mowing the back lawn and more laundry, and we'd made arrangements for my brother to watch Alex in the afternoon so we could finally see Pirates of the Carribean :) I did the groceries first and picked up Steven on the way back, I even managed to finally pick up some frames, one for my Katie's Eggs finally caught my eye and another for our group wedding photo and autographed photo mat. Oh...and I finally got some hangers to put them up with and some other framed pieces that have just been sitting around waiting for hooks. I LOVED the movie, but forgot to stay for the teaser at the end of the credits, darn having such a nice day to make you feel guilty for being in the theatre so long. Afterwards Matt drove Steven home and I made some applesauce meatballs for the boys. After supper we went for a bike ride. Alex can really pick up some speed on his new bike, we ended up driving down to the cul de sac at the end of our street and back, only to have Alex beg to go out again, so this time we went a bit further to the cul de sac behind our house. After the bike rides and then him mastering the monkey bars finally you'd think he would have been tired, hah! I finally got to do some stitching at 9, way passed his 8 pm bedtime. I didn't do much, just stitched in one of the four instances of the word "Snow" on my Glory Bee ornament :)

Today should be a bit better, it's supposed to shower at some point so hopefully we'll then get some stuff done around the house (like installing our new light fixtures) and then I'll get some stitchy time :)...Thankfully it's only a four day work week for me and then it's vacation!! :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Catching Up

I'm back!! What a crazy week. Alex and I haven't been feeling too hot (well actually we have been too hot, maybe that was the problem). We were both pretty lethargic! To make matters worse I was finishing the ornament that I really wasn't all that motivated that it's finished I'm so relieved (I hate having half done pieces lying around).

We hadn't gotten much sleep due to some wicked thunderstorms, then the day after one of them Matt's computer (the alpha male computer) just stopped running. I tried powering it on for him and the light flicked once and nothing. It made for putting up with one grumpy boy!! I offered the use of my computer (his two year cast off) and he took me up on the offer...meaning no piccy posting last night for me :( He thought his power supply might be fried. I thought just the way the thing half powered on and died was weird and turns out my conclusion that the on/off button had issues was the correct diagnosis...yay, we can return the additional power supply!! However that does not bode well for work that'll need to be done to replace it...and the fact that I have the same case and notice my button isn't always 100%.

Wednesday was just frustrating. I hate being the 'mean mom'. DH and DS called up north to tell the other GP's about him losing his first tooth, then they 'offered' to pick DS up at DH's work and take him up to their place for the day to which I said no. That would mean 5 hours in the car for Alex and that's just mean, besides which the round trip that they'd be pulling is the same length of time to our house which they refuse to visit. So yet again, I...the one who's been bending over backwards for these people am made out to look like the bad guy for not wanting to subject my poor little 6 year old to all that driving, and to the care of people that are not overly involved in his life, anytime we go up. The only time he sees them is when we have the time/energy/money to go up there and the majority of that time is spent at/preparing some sort of big family event so Alex's one on one time is limited. Matt's like "well wouldn't a day off be nice?", wait...I still have to go to work, he's at a daycare he adores anyway throughout the day, I still come home to the same work load of house stuff and still have to cook supper, plus he'd be arriving home with a very cranky kid who's been cooped up in a car WAY too long. No thanks. We'll readily accept applications for housecleaning, taxiing and laudry though ;)

From that conversation though we did get some semi exciting news, Matt's brother bought a ring for his trip over to Switzerland. He apparently met the love of his life while vacationing in Cuba, headed over to see her again shortly after our wedding, they've had some sort of e-mail/phone thing going on and I guess there's no doubt in his mind on what he wants to do, so we've kept our over cautious mouths shut (we waited over 7 years to get we're on the other extreme ;)). So I may just have another sister in law, we'll have to wait until he arrives back in the country to hear in two weeks...although I'd still prefer if one of those brother's of mine would settle down...I swear I'm going to be a grandmother before I have any nieces or nephews!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Progress Pics from Weekend :)

Penguin Hugs from Paw Prints Designs
JCS 2004Christmas Joy Angel Stitchin'
JCS 2003

Best of Intentions

Last night I had alot of intentions, I intended on taking some pictures of the finished ornaments..I'd intended to go stitch with the girl's, but with a head cold that's been draining I decided reluctantly to 'save my spoons' and listened to mom's advice and 'went to my room'...well it wasn't really my room, it was the couch and I dozed in and out of Doogal last night. The sniffles and sneezes are interrrupting my sleep though...or maybe it was just the anticipation of Matt's interview today.

I was a little more mobile after 9 and I stitched some on Little By Little's Don't Peek (JCS ornament issue), which I started 2 years ago and my tastes have changed quite a bit so I find it a bit of a struggle to stay motivated on doing it, but it seems a shame to just leave it where it's half done.

This weekend is another 'non travelling' weekend and besides a hair appointment and pump I don't really have any reason to leave the house (unless we decide to take Alex to Woolastock to the water slides) so my idea of relaxing this weekend would include

  • Finishing one CC Holiday Mitten

  • Ornamentifying NN's Holiday Hardanger and The Sweetheart Tree's Merry Christmas bellpull

  • Ornamentifying at least one of Paw Prints Penguin Hugs, Dragon Dreams Peace, Dragon Dreams Not A Creature Was Stirring, Lizzie Kate's Holiday Mitten, Sampler's and Such's The Holly and The Ivy or Winter Wheat...I'm leaning towards Not A Creature Was Stirring though ;)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mini Monday Milestones

Oh my! I came home from a Body Pump, Body Jam and grocery run to Alex with a big closed mouth smile on his face...which made me suspect as to what the boys were up to while I was gone. Sure enough when he smiled again I noticed the gap where his baby tooth had been loose...I can't believe he lost his first tooth (and am so glad I wasn't there for it, it makes me squeamish!!). Sunday was busy. Some of the girls at the gym were doing there certication videos this weekends for Body Jam, the new Les Mills program to be offered at the gym. I got an exclusive invite to Friday's but couldn't juggle Alex as the child minding is on summer hours. So Sunday I wasn't surprised that I was approached again about sticking around for another certification video. I, myself have veen interested in getting certified to teach and where it was the regional coordinator doing her video I thought it would be prudent to stay (and I was really curious about what the new class was about). Well, after shimmying and shaking for an hour I was in love...and had a couple new dance moves too boot ;) But let me tell you...between that and a new Body Pump release I'm pretty darn stiff today.

Saturday we didn't end up going to the lake. Matt's on a boycott of all extra activities associated with his work. Apparently he asked descretely for a reference...which didn't end up being discrete and going all the way up the directoral chain and HR stating that it is against company policy to give references. What a load of crap, that's a great way to keep your project managers, literally trapping them. Anyway, this has Matt stressed out about his interview with the department of education tomorrow *fingers crossed*. It would be so nice to have him working in the same town...let alone on the same street. Not that he isn't overqualified for the position, but the fact that it's a bilingual position is definitely helping his chances. So while Matt spent the day brushing up his ASP knowledge I put the finishing touches on Angel Stitchin's Christmas Joy and Paw Prints Penguin Hugs, laced and framed by Dragon Dreams Imagination Creation and ironed some ornaments to prep for a finishing frenzy this coming weekend. It was pretty muggy so Alex and I headed to the movies to see Monster House (and gave Matt some quiet studying time). It was a pretty good movie. After Alex and I picked up some wedding pics I'd ordered in the morning and some light fixtures to replace our living room entryway and hall lights and ran into an old friend from highschool on the way out of walmart. Why oh why is it that when I finally run into someone I haven't seen in years do I never think to exchange contact info??

Today I'm feeling pretty rotten...I either have an allergy or some sort of cold. I've got the itchy watery eyes and have been sneezing for the last 12 hours...on top of getting little sleep as Matt's pager went off at 4...then he didn't remember to turn his alarm off...then when I finally got back to sleep he showed up to turn it off (already done) and woke me up again...not a good start to the day. If we didn't have a self imposed deadline of Friday for this build's reporting I seriously would have taken a sick day today...which I may still do at lunch if I wrap up.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby Crocs

Yesterday my gym buddy decided she was going shopping instead of to the gym so I decided to get Alex a pair of Crocs halfway through the lunch hour. His sandals are on borderline need of replacement and the crocs he can wear into the fall so I invested in those instead (and skipped trying to find sandals his size so late in the shopping season). I'm just about to turn where the kids rack was and I was shocked to see Matt's cousin Alison there (they live somewhere near Poole Ontario...I can't remember exactly where their new house is). What are the chances?? Anyway I had a good chat with her and depending on their schedule they were thinking of dropping by in the evening.

So after work I picked Alex up in a hurry. I honestly didn't think they'd be able to make it, they're on a whirlwind trip around the maritimes and I'm guessing the grandparents were pretty lonesome for their two children but I cleaned JUST in case. Alex was content with a homemade pizza for supper and then we drove over to the soccer field...which we normally don't do but I wanted to be able to drive back quickly incase we had company. The bonus to this was I got to bring my comfy lawn chair instead of my fold out one and got to stitch through practice. The end is finally in site for my Angel Stitchin' Joy ornament, which for some reason I started back when the ornie issue came out in 2003 but never got past the chickadee.

We returned home and still no company, but I was quite happy vegging with a clean house. I went downstairs and stuffed and finished the ho ho ho box only to find my Kreinik ribbon was 1/16" instead of 1/8" so it'll have to wait until the moncton trip to be Tree ready ;)

Today, it's raining and the weekend isn't looking too promising (possibly the tail end of a hurricane)...cancelling our trip to Oromocto lake but after two weekends of travelling it's a welcome break...May actually get to see Monster House with Alex too ;) I'm hoping to finish putting furniture in it's places this weekend where we'll be home, although it'll depend on Matt's preparation schedule for his 'meeting' on Tuesday. Wish him luck ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Got Croc?

Yay, yesterday I bought my first pair of Crocs, and love them. My feet are always so warm that having shoes that stay cool is awesome. Although I'm still trying to figure out how people go bike riding with them, I tried last night when Alex went for his nightly ride and I found my pedals very uncomfortable (but they are kind of rugged looking), oh well...

Last night was super muggy. I got to be a good samaritan and help out a CTV reporter on the walk to the car as she was trying to cover the story of the Show The Truth rally they'd had and wasn't able to locate her camera man before the news broadcast. Luckily I walked along and had a pretty much identical height and build so she was able to use me to set up the camera for her solo report. Of course this was on one of the busiest streets in Fredericton during rush hour so I'm sure a bunch of people that I know drove by and were pretty darn relieved when they didn't see me on the it's a subject I could rant on for hours. I got caught in a downpour going from the grocery store to the van after depositing some money (yeah...the bank is in the grocery store, who 'woulda thunk it' 10 years ago). Knowing I would get soaked running anyway I took the walk at a leisurely stroll, it was actually pretty refreshing. Thankfully the only things I had picked up in the store were water proof, a bag of fries for the boys and a Spud Trooper to go with Alex's Darth Tater (which he adores) for Christmas...yes, I do my Christmas shopping while it's a) available and b)preferably not at full price. Mathieu thinks this approach as cheap (but he's a slacker shopper), I prefer to view it as thinking about people year round, and looking for the perfect gift all year ;) Now to try to find Artoo Potatoo locally...

Speaking of Christmas, I'm finally ornamentifying! I've got 2 corners completed on my Ho Ho Ho box and the laced backstitching is actually quite easy, and alot less messy than gluing ;) Stitching the same design 6 times was a bit repetitive though. This whole exercise is a warm up for the holiday mittens :) Tonight is going to be hectic. Matt neglected to mention he was changing his schedule to accomodate a blood test so guess who has to take Alex to the summer reading program?? And it's stitchy night so I'm going to have to bring him along (which he doesn't mind at all...he's been to a stitch in before and thinks they're all great). Seeing as this means I'm missing Newbody again this week I informed him that he was taking over all library duty for the next month!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

She's Back!

Yay, I'm back after a brief hiatus!! So what have I been up to??

Thursday: Mom came for a visit and we went over to the Gram's house for the last time :( Then we cheered ourselves up and went to The Devil Wears Prada which I really enjoyed++ I felt like channelling Meryl Streep's Miranda when dealing with the local Honda's small engine department. Week two of no mower and after a promise to have it up and running after a carburetor repair, which they missed in the summer tune up, the _________ hit the fan when they called back the next day and wanted another 100$ for an electrical component. After a 'Do or Darwin' argument with the service manager about how it wasn't a blank cheque for service we started dealing with the manager and they finally checked over the entire beast...with the component arriving tomorrow and being installed for free after this fiasco...myself (the lawn mower in the family) would have opted for a new push mower at CT but the other half is still holding out hope for the self propelled...arghhh...

Friday: I met mom for a wonderful lunch at McGinnis, I love going and splitting an order of nachos. There were a number of calls back and forth as Honda was supposed to put in a used component to get the mower running for the weekend but it blew too (I have a really strong feeling that it's not fixable), so instead of meeting mom and Steven at my house when I was to drop the mower off (I love having a van but hate being the 'delivery' person all the time) we met at Tracy's and started our Caravan to the Miramichi. Dad was out waiting on the deck when we pulled in and Alex pretty much flew out of the van and within the next 15 minutes I found myself at the beach. We relaxed/chatted stitched until about midnight, very nice

Saturday: Omigosh I slept in!! That was soo nice. Mom had some eggs and bacon on too, I'm not used to being spoiled ;) After lunch we got ready for a trip to the pool after mom went to work. Alex loved splashing around but should have had his supersuit on where we haven't had much of an opportunity to go to the pool lately (a session with that seems to reboost his confidence level). After a good hour and a half swim we headed home and vegged, me plugging away at the ornaments that had been awaiting dad's supply run to Moncton and the boys were playing Luxor. For supper we headed out to Estey's for some fish and chips, yum. I wasn't able to get tickets to the Irish Festival (which wasn't that big a disappointment, I really was more in the mood to visit after not being home for a visit since Christmas besides a brief stay over for Lisa's wedding) so dad and I rented The Legend of Zorro. It was an enjoyable rental, but I'm glad I didn't have to add babysitting and concessions on to see it! It was during Zorro that I finished the ornament

Sunday: Lazy day, I slept in big time, unintentionally, especially considering I'd been in bed by midnight. We planned on going to the pool after a lunch at Boston Pizza but it started to thunder in the distance so the boys decided to play on the beach and I decided to check out the clearance sales for clothes for our February trip to the Dominican. I bought my FIRST BIKINI!!! I'm no Cindy Crawford in it but it looks pretty good :) It'll be much better when I'm back to my normal routine at the gym which has been in a flux with summer vacations and reduced class times. Sadly enough the time came to leave. Alex wanted to stay there until I came back in 3 weeks to pick him up! I don't think he realizes how hard it is for me to leave too ;) We lucked out when gassing up a) there was a 'gas war'...which is odd considering the province is supposed to be regulated...and b) the guy ahead of me paid the wrong pump, mine and his bill was 10$ less, woo hoo. We dropped Steven off and proceeded home to unpack.

Monday: Muggy Muggy Muggy!! I only went for a 40 minute walk at lunch and felt gross! I picked up the groceries and a bunch of supplies for our trip to Oromocto lake Saturday. I didn't realize Matt had the windows still open when he left so the house was muggy :( I prepped the maple pork and sweet potato fries and then setup the rec room for dinner and a movie (Alex found our old VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when we were at mom and dads) By the time the movie was done it had cooled down enough downstairs to be comfortable in front of a fan. By the time I went to bed I had more HoHoHo's stitched in on my box (that part is a pain) and I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to do the sewing tonight.

Tuesday: Yay, all caught up. There's nothing like a HUGE protest to wake you up in the morning. Good for them! I'm 100% behind their cause, and even if I wasn't there is absolutely no way such a 'business' should be allowed to set up shop in a public school's back yard. Tonight on the agenda?? Hopefully a run at the gym either at lunch and if not, after work (Matt's in town for bloodwork), then it'll be arriving home to dinner in the slow cooker, some time with the boys, followed by some stitching, woo hoo!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Another Happy Dance

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sampler's And Such The Holly And The Ivy (JCS 2002 Ornament Issue)

Just a quick post to share my little happy dance as it's too hot/muggy to be upstairs to compute :)   I was hoping I could 'capture' the effect of the blending filament a bit better but it's just too hot to mess with the camera.  More on the awesome Miramichi weekend to follow ;)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Got Racoon?

First of all, thanks for the compliments on the nordic needle ornament :) I don't know what it is lately but ornaments are very appealing.

Barbara - You could definitely come over and play, we just need to figure out a much more efficient and cheaper system of transportation over to NB :)

Shannon actually does go to the stitching shop for me. Right now we're without one where I live and he happens to do some work/meetings from time to time where the best stitching shop in Atlantic Canada is. A couple of years ago the girls from the shop dropped by my spot at retreat to tell me how much they enjoy his visits (I guess he hams up his lack of stitching knowledge ;)) What a saint ;)

Last night was busy++ Matt was late picking me up which was NOT a good start to the evening, especially since he was borrowing MY vehicle to fix the lawn mower. Then he took to most illogical, traffic ridden, km's of back tracking route to pick up Alex (I'm a 'I drive a V6, therefore every single traffic route is memorized based on a magical formula of km's, traffic lights, traffic patterns, speed and right turns to get the most of my gas', he's a 4 cylinder standard 'I'm not in a hurry so why bother' person...therefore I hate it when he drives my vehicle). After picking up Alex and him starting to head North when the house is SOUTH I asked him where on earth he was going he pulled over the vehicle and let me drive. After we got home and returned Honda's call (we drove past the dealership but did someone want to stop???) I got the burgers on for supper and then packed up Alex to take him to the summer reading program (in the most fuel efficient manner possible I might add). Thankfully my stitching was still in the car so I worked on my HoHoHo box while they read their stories.

After our trip to the library Alex and I headed to the Coop to check their supply of Holey Soles, as the store carry Crocs downtown only had girly colours (for Alex) and no mediums for luck there either. So then we headed to Walmart to pick up my test set of wedding pics which I'm VERY happy with. I was worried when the ones we got back from the superstore were all over processed. We went in to have a peek at what they were clearing out in the garden center and somehow a hose reel like Matt has wanted was there (wasnt' there the other week when we actually had the gift cards on us). I picked that up, hooray! Next trip in I'll be getting some new light fixtures for our entry way and hall, double woo hoo!

I finished the stitching on my hohoho boxes after Alex went to bed, now to do the backstitching border, lettering and then assemble. It was muggy but I felt soo much better after a nice shower and went to bed. This morning I looked out and my hummingbird feeder was empty and covered in mud. It's been emptying alot faster and originally I thought it might be my neighbors brat messing with it as one of the yellow flowers was off it...and on the steps. I doubt any little hummingbird could do that. Well after some internet research I see it is quite possible that it wasn't the neighbors beast but a to find a new place to hang it that I can actually still watch the birds! Anyone want a racoon??

Today mom's coming over for a visit and do some paper work for the sale of the house :( (well :( to the sale of the house, not to having a visitor, that's a :)++). Alex was sooo excited to hear we'd have a house guest!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Dance Pic's not ornamentified (thankfully only a seam here and there to make the ends pointy, and I'm debating restitching the bottom little motif...I was so hoping the variation in the thread would get closer to the dark it started off as. Nordic Needle's Hardanger Holiday Ornament from JCS 2004. I really should have taken the pic against a different surface to show off the doves eyes, although I'm sure they'll look pretty on the tree...Now back to stitching the Ho Ho Ho Ho box from that issue (and crossing my fingers that dad got into the stitchery shop in Moncton so I can finish my mitts!)

Another Evening...

Another evening another thunderstorm...

Last night was pretty low key, Alex and I went to the church strawberry supper and split a plate of food (the heat kills my appetite). It worked out well as it was a cold plate of ham and turkey, with a variety of salads, I'm not a ham person and Alex doesn't do turkey. I had a delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert and Alex got a home made ice cream, we then got a take out plate for Matt and headed home.

I got the lawn mower out just to see if it would run before it goes to the shop today...and of course it did...until I went past one of the evergreens out front and it pushed back the throttle and stalled it, never to start again. I was so ticked I almost cut down the tree. Yes, I realize it is the lawnmower that isn't functioning properly but that tree shouldn't be there, it's in the easement portion of the property so really it should go before we get attached (and it grows a big root for us to take out).

I went back inside and put Alex in the bath and started reorganizing my cross stitch supplies. They'd kind of gotten out of order lately for some reason (wedding perhaps). After I tracked down some loose bobbins, put Alex to bed and talked to mom on the phone for a bit I sat down, watched the lightening and finished stitching my Nordic Needle ornament from the 2004 JCS. The boys were running late this morning (Matt needed my van) so I didn't get a chance to upload it into blogger, sigh...

In other news it's looking like we won't need to ask the travel agent to put us in a separate part of the resort with we go to the Dominican in February, I guess we're the only ones from the grooms mother's side going. I guess it will be private after all ;) (although it's too bad for the groom, but after the lopsided numbers at our wedding, not a big shock).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Photo Finished

Well, here's some long overdue pics ;)

Alex celebrating Canada day (wearing his lama shirt Uncle Travelling Pat brought back from Peru...yeah we know how to show pride in our country ;))

Then of course there's him slipping and a sliding...and thank your lucky stars I'm BEHIND the one needs to see that ;)

Embracing My Inner Geek

I'm back!!! The highlight of the weekend, seeing Superman Returns, woo hoo!! I have always loved the story of Superman, and watch Smallville religiously as it's the back story I'm most interested in and the movie touched on my favorite parts of the story. The trailer had me embarassingly choked up with the archived Jor-El speech, so for anyone that's seen it they can just imagine how I was throughout the movie ;) I was totally embracing my inner geek ;) The theatre we went to is one of the last in the area which still has real butter instead of that goodness aweful butter flavored oil crap, so we could almost look over the fact that they wouldn't let Matt switch the medium pop for a medium slushy which is the same price, weird...

Alex got a slip and slide this weekend as well. It took about a day for him to figure out how to actually use it, not sliding on his knees and not climbing across it combat style. I took some pics which I'll post later, and spare you those of me in a bathing suit giving directions ;)

I did get some stitching in this weekend, I didn't bring Guardian Angel along as I knew I was in for some sporadic stitching so I brought my CC Mitten, but realized when packing that I didn't kit up the Kreinik and mill hill that I needed. So I brought along my Sampler's and Such The Holly and The Ivy from the 2002 JCS. I had a severe attack of the frogs, sigh, but now all of the outlining is done (it's a stained glass ornament), the berries stitched in and the holly leaves, now to wait for my SBB order so my WDW Ivy can come in and I can finish that part (and the mittens).

Last night we had a wicked thunder and lightening storm. It made the trip to the car a bit scary being able to see it come up the river (the car is a block and a half away from the office). Although by the time we left Tracy's it was cleared up enough that I put our 'family movie' night back on the schedule. Alex picked out Sky High, which Matt and I were just dreading watching...but I don't know who enjoyed it more, Alex or us ;) Matt was completely sold after he found out Bruce Campbell was in it ;) I started up another ornament I'd had kitted for awhile but never stitched (well I did start but had to toss the first after making a counting/cutting error) Nordic Needle's holiday Hardanger Ornament from the 2004 JCS. It feels so good to use up some of the kitted projects!! One of these days I'm going to actually physically kit up the materials (right now they're not really set aside for a project, just on their brand ring or in the floss or fabric box) so I can just grab and go.

In other news, Matt was successfully drawn for his moose license. He'll definitely enjoy himself. Now to figure out what I'm going to do where Alex and I'll have the weekend to ourselves ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Sunny Soccer Day

Sigh...the mower still won't start consistently, what frustration when you were hoping to have your lawn mowed before you go away. Yes, you read it right, a trip this weekend. We'll be heading up north for a brief visit to Grand Falls to visit the inlaws. Although before we leave the mower is going to go back to the shop and there'll be a whole lotta complaining going on, what horrible service.

Anyway, last night after the lawn fiasco and making a pizza, Alex loaded up his wagon and we headed to the soccer field. I brought my mittens along to stitch on but I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, there was alot going on conversation wise. First off Alex saw his classmate that lost her brother last month and went over to talk to her before practice...I was sitting on pins and needles hoping he wouldn't make one of his '6 year old that's still getting ahold of the whole concept of death' comments. Then the family beside me started talking about french immersion and I started to feel a little better on my compromise between school location and the program. Then another mother was going around dropping the 'I'll have to look into other sports for my son where he can't play hockey next year' line an aweful lot.. We're personally against raising out taxes for another community's hockey rink program that we had no input in and have no intention of ever using.

As for tonight after pump I'm hoping to finish one mitten and see how finishing goes before I start the other...there's going to be a solo mitten for awhile ;) I'm hoping to pull out the dragons tonight but if not I'm sure I'll be doing some work on them tomorrow at some point...I'm hoping the Sunday portion of the visit is fairly quiet so I can work on my Guardian Angel. Who knows ??? Just expect a frazzled 'just had a whirlwind weekend' post Monday ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Hump Day Report

Last night everything seemed to be on fast forward. Alex and I arrived home to rush through making a batch of 'hybrid' hamburgers and then we all packed up and headed to the library's summer reading program. We listened to the reading of two great mystery books (the whole theme is getting 'clued' in on your library), then they had some thumb print painting and vegetable stamping for the kids to do before they got their log books stamped and picked out some new books. Matt and I took turns during the painting to browse the books ourselves, I found a book of cross stitch ornaments that I know some of the stitchers in our group have used (in fact the exchange ornie I received from Lucy is out of that book). I'm so excited that I can now make the companion piece ;). Alex required a good scrubbing when we got home last night and I spent bath time cleaning the remainder of the bathroom as the MIL is coming over Saturday night.

After Alex was tucked in bed I finished the scotch stitching of one side of the mitten (the most involved mitten, as stitching around the little area where your initials/date are supposed to go is REALLY annoying). I was so excited to move onto stitching the front of the mitten when I noticed the only ball of perle cotton in my bag was white...I'd left my 3033 at work!! D'oh! I had enough left to get half the band done on the front of the mitten and that was it, sigh...although this did give me a chance to do some frogging on the Sampler's and Such ornament from the 2002 edition. I also did some more tidying up around the house so there wouldn't be a mad dash to do so Tonight/tomorrow.

This morning I put some dough in the bread maker for tonight's pizza, it's another busy day with soccer tonight. This time I'll at least have some projects ready ;)

'Hybrid Burgers'

1/2 lbs lean ground beef
1/2 lbs ground turkey/chicken
2 Tbsp minced onion
2 gloves garlic minced
1 Tbsp ketchup
1 tsp light worchestershire sauce *optional*
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp each cumin, salt, pepper
1 egg white

The recipe gives a yield of 4 but we find it makes 6 nice sized patties. I also make a second batch of meat for a later date and freeze (omitting the egg white until we use it) where ground poultry comes in 1lb packages.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Thunder Rolls

Holy smokes, we had one wild thunderstorm last night!!! Of course the lightening started AFTER I was soundly asleep (I love to watch it). I woke up at three ready to growl at poor Matt for inconsiderately turning the hall light on when I realized that it was awefully loud and I was facing the exterior wall, it's hard to believe lightening could brighten the room more than our two lamps ever do!!...It was so close too. For awhile I could barely count between lightening and thunder. I had a hard time getting back to sleep, more so than usual as I had tornados on the brain. I still can't believe we had a confirmed F1 in the province.

Last evening was quiet. Alex and I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some ground beef that was on sale, on our way there we passed the baby section. Alex took one look and turned to me with the most serious expression "when you get me a baby brother and sister you're going to have to start buying those *diapers* you know...and you're going to have to buy a potty". Guess I know where his baby priorities are...waste management ;)

I wasn't feeling too hot so I lounged around, made a crab quiche for Matt and roasted some pork souvlaki for Alex and sat down at the pc and looked up the Calico Crossroads Holly Mittens which are the next ornament I want to do...the one I searched high and low for a skein of perle cotton for the other night before soccer. Well...while I was on the internet, I read something that I can't believe I forgot! There's an error in that JCS, it's not perle 5 I needed (which I was thinking would be REALLY bulky), it was perle in a flash I was down stairs and in the drawer where my perle cotton balls hang out and voila, there it no dragon or guardian angel progress (although I did finish the white part of her wing at lunch), it was on to the mittens. I've seen the set done once before and thought they were gorgeous and then a single mitten (without the crystal charms) was on the retreat exchange tree last year and I figured if two people could follow the instructions and finish it so could I ;) I'm getting really excited to put up the tree this year ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day Weekend

I love long weekends!! I had planned on doing a Canada Day post...that was before the parade though. Saturday we awoke to gorgeous weather and it was so nice, all of the stores were closed so there wasn't that feeling I supposed to be doing something...besides enjoying the gorgeous weather. Alex and I chilled out down in the playroom, me with my Summer's Magic Dragons and him having a grand old time with his little people, especially now that there were obstacles for him to drive around (still hadn't gotten around to moving the last load of furniture from my grandmothers). In the afternoon, I mowed the beast of a lawn and Matt had a support call so he couldn't join us for the parade. The parade itself was pretty neat, a 'green' parade with no gas powered vehicles allowed (although they made an exception for the seniors float), it started to spit rain though just as it was starting so we headed under the nearby underpass and climbed up on the concrete a bit so we could see...however climbing up was easy...we weren't thinking of how to get down. I now know how cats get stuck up in trees ;) Anyway, I decided the easiest way to get Alex down was to walk across to the crushed rock and onto the grass. This involved navigating around some glass and having a very excited kid take off as the hong kong group was coming with the really cool dragons, and me turning to grab him and smacking my head on the underpass *OUCH*. I sat out the parade, which thankfully wasn't too long without the whole slew of floats and went home to have a nice nap. The fireworks were amazing this year, I don't know which was more wired, them or Alex (who was insisting we check the weather network on the hour to make sure it wasn't going to rain again). A full 20 minute show!! We had perfect timing and arrived just as they were getting started (although this meant walking past a whole lotta drunk people). By the end of it though the combination of the scrape and goose egg on my head and the 20 minutes of explosions gave me a large enough headache that I was tucking Alex in bed in my sleep.

Sunday rained...and rained...and rained some more! Which has the lawn now looking like it could use another good mowing!! It was muggy though so Alex and I were hanging around in the playroom again, more work on the guardian angel's wing ensued. It did clear up for a bit when we went out to meet the man buying our old stove and went out for supper, then I stitched and watched the lightening...much more fascinating than the summer reruns. And what may I ask is up with CBC only bringing back Dr Who in October, ack! That was our summer staple last year!!

Monday was absolutely gorgeous. I cleaned off a new dresser for the computer room while Alex watched Sesame Street and brought the drawers upstairs. After 11 though we were outside enjoying the weather. I cleaned out Alex's pool while the clothes dried on the line. After lunch he was ready to swim and I was ready to stitch poolside. Matt even put together my composter, woo hoo. I didn't finish the white on the wing like I'd hoped but I may just sneak some stitching in on it tonight to finish that off. I also got to go to Body Combat, which I normally don't get to do where Matt's not in town Monday's and where it's at 5 it makes juggling Alex impossible. We even got Alex's new 'castle' of a bed arranged last night when he was in the tub, it's higher than our bed where it's a box spring and mattress on a captains bed. He LOVES it though. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Canada Day weekend (or just weekend if it didn't apply) ;)