Friday, July 22, 2005

Getting Prepped for a Happy Dance!

The Imagination Creation is really coming along, I just have one little spot of stitching to do in the wings now and then I can complete the backstitching. After watching Cold Case Files I was too chicken to go downstairs and look for the floss I needed. I did however get the tail backstitched before bed. Once it's done I'll be back on finishing up Giggles which I'm hoping will only take a week or two (especially where I have vacation coming up really soon it should be more that obtainable goal).

Last night Alex passed his depth perception retest with flying colours, even getting the bonus box. Yippee!! After not completing it twice I was getting worried, the first time the test was administred after 45 minutes of eye and ear tests which I didn't expect him to complete and after all that at age 3 screening clinic and the test the dr the second time ended up running late and into the time that he usually winds down for bed. Although before the appointment Alex was concerned that he didn't have Xray vision. He was the first kid ever to offer the doctor one of the treats he'd received as a reward for doing well in his test...I was so proud. Then of course at soccer he just did NOT want to listen at all and I had to follow him out on the field a couple times which was REALLY embarassing. Although he loves soccer practice it's one of the rare occasions that you can really tell he's an only child (for the next couple years anyway).

Tonight we need to do a little shopping for our day at Oromocto Lake. I'll also have to have an employment talk with DH tonight, we found out this morning that one of our friends is moving to Nova Scotia and his current position would be right up DH's alley...It would be really nice to have both of us working in town when Alex starts school in the fall.

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Faith Ann said...

I thought I was the only person too scared to go downstairs after watching something on TV!!

I'm hoping to have Giggles done in a week or two after I get back to it again too.

Fingers crossed that a job in a local company works out for your DH... commuting is rough!