Thursday, January 30, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Back this fall I could not find a specific picture that I wanted to use in the Letters for Junior book.  I searched high and low...and my house is fairly organized. Tonight I came across a picture someone had given my husband of himself back in university all those years ago, tight jeans and puffy neon coats and all.  That got me thinking that one of his coworkers actually was in the same residence as some friends of mine so I new there were some dorky pictures to pass along here. 

I entered the craft room to go find these pictures and in the process I got a little sentimental and as usual I talk a little to a framed picture of Cathey that's down there.  I told her that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her...and I opened a stray pack of photos and the missing picture was sitting there right on top.  

Pink party circa 2008:

I'd planned on posting my village to date tonight but I caught a case of the frogs, arghh!  I needed to redo the border on square 5 and it really cooled my stitching mojo :/. I'm coordinating a new project at work which cuts into my Stitchy time and having a set back in that time was simply frustrating!

Next time, I promise!


Monday, January 13, 2014

A Finish...or Two!

This weekend our region was literally iced in. There were people skating on the streets!  I could even skate in my driveway about now.  I've also been under the weather so I'm not on my normal work out schedule so I snuck more stitching in than usual.  I have two items to share, and while snapping some quick pics before I iron them tomorrow, I must concede that DH's Nokia 1020 takes much better photos than my beloved iPhone 4S :/

For example Stitchie Witchie on the iPhone 
And now on the Nokia 1020, which is more accurate color wise
And for the other finish...

2013 Dragon Dreams Facebook freebie, again much better on DH's phone/camera :oS

I also had some stash arrive today from the Brooke's Books Etsy shop, there should be some pretty angels added to my tree this year :). Until then I'll be dividing my time between Santas Village and Holly.     

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2014 Stitching Goals Part 1

Here is the short list of stitching goals for 2014.  The hope of course is to do far more but every time we think we have things straightened out with DS's school something inevitably pops up. I can't even begin to express how ill equipped the school system in New Brunswick is to identify and accommodate fine motor disabilities...however that's a whole other post ;)

Without further adieu:
Santa's Village - Cottage Country Needleworks
Holly - Nora Corbett
Stitchie Witchie  - Brooke's Books
2013 Holiday Freebie - Dragon Dreams
6+ yet to be named ornaments

Short sweet and doable :)

Until next time,


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Craft Room Time

I've had the past two weeks off of woke but it's only been since Wednesday after no that I've gotten some me time in the craft room.  Argh.  We rang in the new year with my inlaws so those days were shot. My new Cricut Expression arrived NYE so I was down there as soon as they left.  I have a new set up that works a little bit better when using that machine.  Although I dream of the day the garage is finished and I claim our current man storage area as my own. An L Shaped desk is a must.  

Now I would rather be stitching but my current perch has been occupies by my teen as he plays xbox with his father on 'his' holiday, it's so nice that they consider that I might need some me time, so Cricut and a little Downton Abbey it is!  Today I finished up this little project for Lily's door.  I made Alex something similar albeit with transfer stickers when scrap booking was more 'in'

Tomorrow marks my last day of vacation, I need to do a little studying for my Prince2 certification I have coming up but after that I plan on spending some time creating a stitching goals list, something I probably haven't done pre Lily!!  One thing I would like to do but am having trouble locating is Brooke's Book's Stitchy Witch freebie pattern. I came across it while going over old blog posts of Cathey's, it was apparently out during my stitching slowdown.  Does anyone know where I could find it??

Until next time,