Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Stitchmas

Long time no blog.  Christmas was very hectic with snowstorms here on the east coast and while I put on the traditional Côté family a Christmas show, this year has been a rough one and as much as I love Christmas, I need 2013 to be over.  2013 was full of sickness and loss, anxiety and fight, none of which remotely are 'me, and really burnt out my resources.  So I spent the remainder of 2013 throwing myself into making as many memories as possible with my youngest. I even took the tree down on the 29th which is unheard of, in my defence it was a power outtage which at the time had an end date of NYE at 1!  We've had some major weather.  However, while taking stuff down I took some stitching pics I'd like to share, although I have no idea where the ornaments I did in 2013 are...I'm telling you, crappy year!  Without further adieu...

The Scott and Côté family stockings

Stitched back when I was in university...and you could buy cross stitch kits at Zellers!

Ornaments received from friends and exchanges

Ornaments before 2013' I need to finish ornamentifying a whole bunch more

Piece back from Elite Framing

Happy New Year,


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stocking #9

It is finally done!  Stocking number nine!  The family stockings started back around 2005-2006 and has been spreading ever since. My husband's family has knit stockings that they prefer to keep together as a set so I wanted to make him something personal, my son's followed, then my own,stockings for my parents then one of my brothers, his partner and now the final brother :). I should be off duty for a good ten years now which is good, sewing can induce some choice language. It's not a skill that I am particularly strong at!!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Special Finish

I had a special finish last night. It marks the first of a group project that I'm pretty excited about.  For the last little while I've felt the need to do something positive.  Run for the cure was a given but I really wanted to do for Junior that was cancer free because Cathey was so much more than a fighter.  Members of our local stitching group have wanted to do something as well but being 6 hours away an involved role is just a no go.  

So welcome to Project Junior,  the goal of this project is to ensure that there is a stitched ornament every year until he is 20.  For the local group it also means attempting to use some of his mom's fabric and fibres to create these ornaments (where I will be coordinating sending the ornament out I will not be sending our supplies outside of the city). The goal is to hopefully create enough now to disperse throughout the years. However, one ornament a year in the event there isn't uptake from the group isn't a huge thing to take on.  Luckily there are a couple of people I know will help me make that happen ;). It is quite possible that there will be more than one a year, but with any child related project, it has to be has to be a full on commitment.  The response so far from our group has been overwhelmingly positive so here's to many years of keeping Cathey's stitching spirit alive.

Now on to this year's ornament that's popping in the mail tomorrow:

Until next time,