Friday, February 26, 2010


Today marks the first storm day of the year for my son's school district. So Alex made himself comfortable on the couch watching the Women's Hockey Medal distribution. Last night on facebook I noticed that Jennifer Aikman-Smith's (Dragon Dreams) status mentioned her uncle was handing out the golds which I thought he'd find cool. So when team Canada's turn came about I mentioned it. 'Gee, he's not looking to bad for his age' apparently anyone I know who 'still has' living relatives must have ancient ones??

Then it was on to women's figure skating and Joannie Rochette's bronze medal, God love that girl, to put on a performance like that in such a tragic week. Anyway, we kind of talked about that and I commented on how beautiful her skating outfit was (oh the bling) and Alex pipes up 'Well she's not wearing too much mom'...oh how in a couple of years he'll 'appreciate' that soo much more ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Note to Canadian Sports Editors - You Suck!

Seriously, I'd be ashamed to be one today. Rewind to yesterday February 25. 2010, and if you want even rewind a day more. Complete coverage & build up to the 'great' showdown between the men's Canadian Olympic team and Team Russia in hockey. Sure it's what we claim to be 'our sport' and yes the game was very exciting but it wasn't even a medal match.

Yes, Canada beat the Russians and completely dominated the ice, but there is no way that this should be the top story on just about every single sports page. Especially if you consider the other accomplishments of the day.

Has Canada ever had another 4 medal day in Olympic history? Apparently it's not news worthy enough to make the top billing. Clara Hughes' swan song bronze, Canada's highest medal holder in both Olympics...that barely made a blip. A surprise silver in the women's speed skating relay, mentioned like a footnote. A gold-silver women's bobsleigh wins, again treated like a side bar. However, the world knows we beat the Russians because we beat them over the head with it.

It's truly a sad day when we glorify 'just' a game, a game played by professionals that are paid millions to train for their sport as a job instead of celebrating people that actually pay to train and have medals to show for their hard work.

Hockey may be 'our' sport...but it shouldn't be the only thing we're proud of :(