Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh Romeo!

Oh my goodness, Alex got his first phone call from a girl last night. Good grief he's only 5!!! *I've had that darn Romeo song by Dolly Parton stuck in my head since yesterday too!* He also came home with a girl's number and hounded me for the phone when I was talking to mom...thankfully I stalled him until supper and after supper was bathtime, phew! And that was BEFORE I had a chance to hand out the invitations to his birthday party...which I've given up hosting and let the dear folks at McDonalds take over ;)

Yesterday saw some stitching progress, I worked on Mirabilia's Guardian Angel when I arrived at work (no flex time yet and I get here very early just to get parking), then I worked on The Most Patterns after I arrived back from my noon hour walk. Last night I plugged away at The Most Patterns for a little bit and stitched another tree on my SB St Nicholas Needleroll in bed. I'm finally getting back into some sort of groove.

Last night I also got the woodwork piece hung that Matt's brother had given us as a wedding gift and shifted some furniture downstairs to make some semi-permanent (or however you'd say for a year or so) room for the keyboard. I also unloaded (but didn't move to it's intended location) the papasan chair that Eleni gave us when they upgraded their living room ;) It'll rock in my craft room :) I was laying in it last night, it's just sooo comfy!

Tonight should be relatively quite. I need to bake Alex's birthday cake (unless I see something at the superstore at lunch) and Matt'll be away at ball if the weather holds off :) Definitely a good night for some stitching!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Like to Move It Move It

So..what have I been up to??

Friday was body pump and I assisted/supervised Matt putting up the new clothesline.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous here so we took out the seats in the van and borrowed a lawn mower while ours was in the shop and finally got the jungle mowed (not to Pro Green, no fertilizer this year please, 3/4-1 acre of grass is alot of mowing). Poor Cathey, she lent us her ladder so we could fix the eavestrough but I'd never seen her truck before so when they pulled in I thought it was another annoying contracter, I guess I gave the death glare (we get alot of them dropping crap off in our mailbox, soI thought they'd spotted me outside and were coming in to tell me to fix my roof or eavestrough or paint my front stairs...) Mom and dad arrived later in the afternoon so we started moving the china cabinet and table out of Gram's house. I find it really depressing going in there now that it's getting empty (not that it wasn't depressing before). Saturday night we had some quiches from the Happy Baker, some salads and a beer or two before rolling into bed.

Sunday I attempted to make a breakfast, I had bacon ready, pan fries and was just putting the eggs on when power. Dad and Alex had been at the store (which is the source of all gossip in the community) and said that a fire truck went by followed by an NBPower truck which shut ALL of the communities power down for one fire, grrr.... Yes, I do feel bad for whoever had the fire, but if they went passed the store without slowing down that fire was a ways away, NBPower should reassess their grid, especially considering the substantial development in the area in the last couple years. Boo on NBPower. After our potatoes and bacon we headed over to the house to pick up a couch for the play room and my brother's keyboard which we're storing (hopefully for just long enough for Alex to learn to like playing...but doesn't overstay it's welcome when we finish the laundry storage area ;)) Mom and dad treated us to lunch at Momma's Pub and then we moved the furniture into our abode. After supper I finally got to my SAL, my Mirabilia Guardian Angel is going to be soo pretty one of these Sunday/Mondays ;) I took a break and put the remainder of my garden in along with some mulch. When I went out to water it I noticed the bunnies were back across the road (one in Brenda's garden and the other waiting under her car) so I went back in the house for some moth all you can eat buffet at my house thank you! I did take a shower before stitching again. I wouldn't submit GA to the sweaty, sunscreen, bug spray, moth ball odor I was emitting ;)

Monday was a stitchy mail day, my Crescent Dreams arrived, although I was ticked as Seaside Kingdom and Under the Friendship Tree were not there. I got a 'discontinued' notice, grr...I'd have ordered them all from the same place (obviously other INS) had they had let me know! I picked up Alex's new bike as well and snuck that into the house. After that I was off to Eleni's to do a little more stitching on Guardian Angel. It was fun to have a girlie night. When I hopped into bed Matt was reading and said he wasn't going to for long, so I didn't go out to the kitchen and retrieve Monica Ferris' Unravelled Sleave...instead I started the SB Christmas needleroll kit that was conveniently on my bedside table ;) I guess I'm a stitcher's version of a 'sailor', I have a project in every port (of the house) :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Introducing the Official Mrs. Katie Côté :)

Well... if I could officially have my first name as that I'd be happy. I envy those little Katie's out there now that are officially Katie's and not a derevation of a long first name that they just don't associate themselves with. It was a good thing my wedding day was a happy occasion or people probably would have seen me done the 'mame' cringe everytime my full name was said ;)

Yay, my cake now has it's own website thanks to the provider Sarah's Sweet Delights.

Yesterday was my first day back to work, sigh honeymoon over :( I was pooped and went to lay down as soon as I got in the door. Not that work was overly stressful, it was all of the stuff that needed to be done during break time, pick up van from mechanic in the morning, coordinate van pick up for Matt at lunch (as he needed it to transport the lawn mower) then run to SNB to change my last name (sigh), then retrieve the cake knife from the hotel in the afternoon. There are days I complain about having to park downtown (with there being more cars than free governement non two hour spaces)...yesterday was NOT one of them. It's nice having stuff in walking distance, although having a Reitman's downstairs after losing alot of weight is a bit detrimental ;)

Last night after Alex polished up the last of the lemon marshmallow salad and some more ham, did some homework and had a bath, I finally got to do some stitching, hooray! Today's been fairly laid back, no gym at lunch :( However it's back to body pump tonight yay!! considering that I just bought a new dress 5+ sizes smaller than I did last year and could probably have fit into another size smaller if it had been available I'm feeling pretty darn good ;)

Not much on the weekend plan list. Mom and dad may/are coming down so we should be moving some furniture and maybe catch a movie (MI3, Davinci or Xmen,who knows!! we'll save Over the Hedge for Alex's birthday Friday). I ordered some of the yummy quiches from The Happy Baker next door to celebrate having a stress free weekend! Then it's all about stitching. Sunday marks the first day of our "Oh My Gosh I Can't Believe It's Still Not Finished" SAL, what do I have that qualifies?? The Wedding by L&L (which I'd like to do inconspicuously and surprise Matt some anniversary), Guardian Angel by Mirabilia and the adapted TW border I've been doing around my DD Elemental if I could finish that for Christmas for Alex's room that would rock. :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Taking the Cake

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Well, I've been taking everyone's advice and taking it easy...NO HOUSEWORK!! I've really enjoyed my vacation time, too bad it's back to work tomorrow :(  Not even a stitch in!!  Maybe tonight during LOST...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just Married

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The Côté's

Yay! I survived! There was a point where I didn't think I would but we'll rewind to Friday.

Friday I took the day off to do some running around, batteries slightly low due to another bought of insomnia. There was a last minute room change for a group that was supposed to be in our reception hall Friday so we were able to decorate and I was able to pick up some last minute things. I headed back to the house for a quick nap before Lisa was set to arrive, although I couldn't sleep. I had enough time to set out the sweets, some chips, some pasta salad, brocoli salad, and the lemon/marshmallow salad, the seafood casserole, tortiere, chicken pot pie, taco stuffed pasta shells and lasagnas, I think everyone liked it. Then we motored on over to the rehearsal. It was kind of surreal knowing ths was actually for MY wedding, it was weird enough when it was Lisa's wedding but really different for mine! We then headed over to the James Joyce for a round of drinks and got thoroughly soaked. It was a downpour when my matron of honour drug me home at midnight....things were NOT looking good.

I awoke at 4 to what looked like the beginning of a clear day, but due to the insomnia and excitement could NOT get back to sleep, then at 6 I started feeling really sick. I was sick up until mom brought me some natural gravol at the spa. The Spa trip for hair and makeup was awesome. Lisa, Eleni and Cathey were absolutely gorgeous!! We then grabbed some subway and headed over to get my brothers to take out the middle seat of the minivan so we could use it as a limo for the drive to the church, after picking up a few things at the house we arrived at the hotel to get ready. What a panic when we found out Matt was the room!! Due to some miscommunication he was getting ready there but lisa scared him out :) She must have been pretty good as they left so quick her husband left his pants behind. Getting ready was a snap, although I couldn't wear my strapless bra (which is a blessing) as I've since lost some inches off my chest and I must have taken off some weight this week as my dress was no where near a snug as when I picked it up.

We arrived at the chuch with beautiful sunny weather, a great surprise after 4 days straight of rain, and rain predicted through Tuesday. I'm so glad the weather man was wrong. The service went relatively smoothly and I managed to keep it together going up the aisle, which I didn't think I would be able to do. It was so wonderful to have so many of our close friends and family there to celebrate our day!! After the service we took off for pictures which was a bit of a challenge due to the wind. We moved over to a building close to our original outdoor spot and took what should be some beautiful pictures. On the drive there our best man went to open a bottle of champagne and was hoping to shoot the cork out the sunroof but it had other plans and popped out sooner, and ricocheted off the sun visor. I think poor Lisa is deaf!!

We arrived at the reception relatively on time and had a lovely dinner and dance. Alex was a one man show for the first hour of the dance!! We have some great video of his dance moves. The party extended way passed midnight and there was an 'after hours bar', lol. We retired before one to our honeymoon suite which was awesome, fireplace, hottub, champagne, flowers, you name it. I'll include some pictures later ;)

Festivities wrapped up today with an open house (there's an ongoing EATING theme here) and now I can finally relax and stitch with desperate housewives ;)

Monday, May 15, 2006


I'm getting married in 5 days!!! Wow...

This weekend I put the guest room back together post flood, mowed the front lawn (would have done both but our lawn mower is having issues, more than likely a clogged filter issued but men just don't listen), made a tortiere, chicken pot pie and bought the fixin's for a spinach basil lasagna, went to Body Combat and Body Pump, planted more bulbs and did some stitching ;)
Saturday night I decided to do a little stitching and rented Brokeback Mountain. It was good, but I thought Walk the Line was a much better movie, but that's just my opinion. I got a start on my San Man SAL as my Sassy fabric showed up Friday and when I got sick of the white I started back on my TMP :)

The boys showed up at 10 am with some flowers Alex made in school to announce that they'd made me breakfast :) I elected for my dinner out to head to our local fish and chip diner and then head to the park afterwards. Matt was tickled pink to find out that it was in the downtown e-zone ;) After Alex went to bed I did a bit of the wedding stuff and then parked my tush for an hour of stitching and Desperate Housewives :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Eight Is Great

Almost the weekend, or so I keep telling myself... Last night I brought Alex home after pricing bikes at Canadian Tire, started his homework and made two trays of taco stuffed pasta shells for the rehearsal, cooked for Alex and headed out to meet the organist. Now the music is all picked out for the rehearsal, yay!! Today I need to call the photographer and meet with the hotel but that's about it.

After having a much deserved shower I settled in to watch CSI for the first time this year and stitch some more on TMP, my angel now has two arms after some frogging ;) I'm hoping to have some much needed down time this weekend and maybe I'll be down to the flowers by the end of mother's day. :)

I was soo excited this morning, I checked the Fiddlestitch Cottage site and there was the latest three patterns, I LOVE the new Three Wise Mice!! Way to go Tracy!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

9 Days to Go!

9 Days to go...where has the time gone. Arghhh... last night I was sooo ticked off when I got home. I'd just gotten through taking Alex to the doctor and picking up groceries to D-future-H working at home, the kitchen was a disaster (his job to unload/reload dishwasher), cooler from his bachelor party still in the dining area, suitcase still in the bedroom, beds unmade, two loads of laundry still to be folded and put away, so I grabbed a bottle of diet pepsi with lime that had appeared in the fridge, grabbed my Monica Ferris book and stormed off to bed. Alex had had a snack so I fully intended on waiting out the disaster before making supper. At 5:45 he came in and asked about supper (we usually don't eat until 6:30) and I replied loudly that I wasn't going in the kitchen until it was cleaned up...well that prompted some movement (and was actually quite a good bluff as I'd made supper the night before in case I'd had time to get to Newbody and all it needed to have done was to heat it).

After a couple rounds of Candyland Alex headed to bed and I computed for a bit until Lost came on. While that was on I snuck into the kitchen and started making squares for the rehearsal and open house events next weekend, one batch of worth hoarding chocolate bars (JCS '04) down :), Matt eventually folded the clothes, and put one load of dishes away, so we'll temporarily ignore the cooler in my dining room and the suitcase on my floor! Plus Matt did serve as my therapist for a good half hour after Alex went to bed (obviously the topic of discussion WASN'T about his lack of cleaning ;))

In stitchy news my The Most Patterns looks like it's been sensored, all of the wording is stitched in with exception of 'dies'. Thanks to getting the groceries done last night I should be able to remedy this at lunch ;)

The last couple of days have just been crazy, Tuesday I had body pump (arghh there was a new cert getting some of her hours in and the chest track was royally screwed up, good thing I LOVE the song and know it by heart and just did my own thing), then rushed up to Zellers to get the bike Alex picked out for his birthday as it was the last one...only to get it to the cash and see that the paint was scraped...well more like keyed! Considering he just fits on this and it should last around 3 years I didn't take it and wasn't going to at full price so I left it there (the cashier was treating me like the biggest snot in the planet but if I wanted scraped for Al's birthday I'd have gone to a yardsale).

Yay, I just checked in with my reading goals and here's where I stand:
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince *read*
  • The Davinci Code *read*
  • Sue Grafton's "I" is for Innocent
  • Monica Ferris' Framed in Lace *exceeded, Stitch In Time is also read*

Tonight I meet with the organist and make the final arrangements with the photographer, after that I'm hoping to put together some stuffed taco shells and the filling for the tortiere for the rehearsal night...then it's all about stitching :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Recap

Phew...where did the weekend go??

Friday the weather just couldn't decide what on earth it was going to do, it was relatively sunny but it hinted at rain all day. At 4:30 I was stuck trying to decide to go to Body Pump or to paint...I went with Body Pump and was pretty glad that I did when it started raining about 6:45. This weekend was Matt's bachelor party weekend up at his family's camp in Riley Brook so after cooking supper, getting the kid to bed and a load of laundry I made him a batch of jalapeno poppers.

Saturday Matt was up early to go so guess who else was? Alex and I headed to market to look at etched mugs for the groomsmen and on our way there spotted this 2 foot strip of wood with nails sticking up on the overpass...but had a car in the opposite lane and another on our tail so I did my best to avoid it...but ended up with a new tire as where it hit couldn't be plugged. Alex and I did a little shopping downtown while we waited for the tire to be repaired, we picked out our mother's day cards and spent alot of time at the bookstore where he finally decided on the book 'Baaa-chooo'. When we finally got home I painted the remainer of the deck, yay!!! I finished just in time to go flower shopping with mom, dad and Jazz. We then headed up to Scoop and Save and the dollar store for some last minute wedding supplies. After that we headed up to the house to enjoy the gorgeous day outside. For supper we headed to Boston Pizza and then up to walmart to pick up some Degu bedding for my brother. I managed to find a pretty Spiderwort plant for one of my gardens. We spent the remainder of the evening prepping the centerpieces.

Sunday mom and I headed out to look at some houses that are for sale out by my place and then we went to McDonald's for a farewell lunch. Alex and I sauntered over to Fabricville to pick up some floss for Wishful Stitching and then headed home. I'd just finished washing the van when Matt pulled in, not quite his normal colour ;) He did prep the lawn mower for me so I mowed for a couple hours, yay! By the time I was done mowing the bees left my garden so I could plant my Spiderwort. Running short on time I made some maple cranberry chicken, broccoli and rice, hopped in the shower and went to pick up the wedding dress which looks awesome now that it fits ;)

After such a busy weekend I thought that two hours of tv watching and stitching were in order...although I only got an hour of stitching in as matt went to bed early and some of my supplies for the new project were in there, sigh... Plus I couldn't find my purse which had me panicked (it was hiding in the dark in the bedroom).

This morning was another bright and beautiful morning so I threw some laundry in and put it out on the line...It's amazing how much you can accomplish in a weekend ;)

A Happy Dance For Me!

More on the weekend to follow but until latest finish which wrapped up during Cold Case last night ;)

Wishful Stitching by Fiddlestitch Cottage

Friday, May 05, 2006

Feeling the Paint least there's a coat of paint on the steps, the landing is started but if I painted any longer it wouldn't have time to dry before night fall. They'll definitely need another coat but at least the steps are presentable for the wedding and the area that's left to do on the deck is straight painting (ie: around the rungs are done). I'll be soo glad when it's done!!

I started cracking the whip last night as well, it's DFH's chore to unload the dishwasher...although this might get done he usually leaves all of the tupperware and attachments for appliances all over my counter tops, he was strongly reminded where they were to go! Considering that I spent my day working full time, getting groceries, painting the deck, unloading the groceries, cooking supper and sweeping the floor that he was supposed to do the night before I don't feel too guilty about snippily pointing out that he should carry the tupperware downstairs and the bread maker basket to the appliance closet!

I did get some stitching in in the morning though ;) I can't wait to have Wishful Stitching done...once I get that and The Time I Spend Stitching framed and the wedding over with I may just have enough incentive to FINALLY paint the craft room. I was too pooped (and my stitching bag was in the van) to do anything last night. Matt and I discussed the rehearsal, my good lord after seeing all the work that Lisa had to do for hers he still thought going out for a full meal after was a good idea, good grief! I'd rather do something simple before hand as I don't want to be starving at 8, over eat and not be able to sleep! I also tried to talk to him about another little non him related thing just because I wanted a sounding board but I guess I'd used up my attentive minutes as about 2 minutes in I realized he wasn't listening, resisted the urge to bonk him with the mouse and went to bed.

So who else is excited that May sweeps is here?? I can't wait until our shows are over for the season so I can disconnect the cable and start saving for a PVR for the fall. I really HATE our cable provider so I'm all for going satellite. I don't watch alot of tv but there's one station that Matt insists on having if we keep cable and to get basic and this one station cablewise is 20 dollars more than basic cable! I've priced the satellite providers and we should save quite a bit, yippee! More stash money ;)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Piece of Me For Sale

Sigh...I knew the day would come but Gram's house is now on the market (if you look very closely you can see some very old pics of me hiding off in the corners). I'm kind of glad we bought our house two years ago so I don't have to make a decision about this. The more furniture that leaves the more I realize that what I'd have been living in a home hoping in vain that things would be back to the way things were 5 years ago.

Lightening Up

Yay, last night after getting supper on for the boys I headed over to the Avalon and sat down for a full set of foils, yay!! After I had Alex my hair went really dark, which I didn't mind, until he started giving me grey hair to go with it ;) Normally I only get some framing done but with the wedding and the up do I decided to get the full set so I have some pretty curls hanging down :) It was so nice to be pampered for almost two hours ;)

When I got home again after the hair and gassing up the van I plopped my tired butt on the couch and stitched while watching Lost....couldn't stitch too much in the last 5 minutes it was so interesting ;) Now I just have 2 bands to go, yay! It's looking like a gorgeous day outside so I might just be able to get some painting in when I get home on the deck, yay! Lunch hour is going to be spent stocking the fridge for the boys, yay!!

So, what else have I been up to? Monday night there was a stitch in at Angela's house, it's looking awesome++ She had her Chatelaine all done and it looks sooo nice. Eleni's Sharebear was looking sooo cute tooo. I'm amazed I found my way home considering I'm not as familiar with the area and it was pouring rain by the time I left, I did manage to avoid running over a frog that had hopped his way onto the road.

Tuesday involved registering Alex into the local soccer league and then heading to Body Pump, I'm so excited that I'll be able to start going on the weekends again!! I also snuck in a few stitches here and there too ;)
I've also had some awesome mail days, one of my SBB orders finally came in, as did the remaining beads to finish off my sweetheart tree ornament. Thanks for the comments on the pictures ;)

Now time for SBQ...Q :Do you or have you stitched with over-dyed threads? (Weeks Dye Works,The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Six Strand Sweets, etc.) If so, what is your opinion concerning them? If not, why not?

I've stitched quite a bit with the overdyed threads. I've used pretty much all of the ones under the sun (weeks, gentle arts, six strand sweets, glissen gloss, needle necessities, crescent colours, olde willow, caron, you name it). I like them best when they're used for lettering or in a sampler. I like the end effect when stitching with them but I find the 'one x at a time' approach a bit annoying...and I'm a vertical stitcher so going horizontal takes a bit of getting used to. I do get a little annoyed in the JCS ornament issues when they feel the need to used several hard to find hand dyed threads for a simple ornament. I've had one WDW thread bleed before too which was annoying. My last little beef involves quality control, I've had times where my purchased thread looks more like the DMC than the beautiful variegated colour the model uses, plus on bigger pieces that worry about having matching dye lots is a whole other issue.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some Pics

The Centerpiece which goes in our candle holder
Alex at the beach
Pleats do not flatter the slimmed down me ;)
Awe....the bride and groom :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Here Comes The Bride...('s Maid of Honour)

Friday Matt and I took the day off, and it's a good thing as the weekend was soo hectic. Friday consisted of driving Alex to school, taking the bottles back while we were in town, picking up a little snack at Tim Horton's before heading to the high school to see Alex's choral presentation in the Music Festival. He was a complete angel the whole time he was waiting, no talking or fidgetiing, good boy! They were sooo cute+++ I video taped it with my camera while Matt took pictures with the old film camera. I had to move though as the conductor was right in front of Alex, sigh... After the music festival Matt and I headed home to finish packing (and I was zonked as I stayed up until midnight writing my MOH speech). After packing and taking a breather we headed down to the Crowne Plaza for our test meal all of which was excellent. We'll be servine an exotic mushroom ragout on puff pastry for an appetizer, a turkey dinner with stuffing that actually rivals mom's (and no one beats moms ;)) although the chicken penne was very tempting....and chocolate mousse cake. Due to the chocolate dessert and Irish Cream Truffles we're having as favors we decided to switch the serving layer of our cake to Irish Cream and make the Kahlua Fudge layer our anniversary layer to avoid chocolate overload. I was soo relieved to see the interior renovations done, the hotel is looking fantastic! After our test meal and picking Steven up we headed to the school, picked up Alex and got on the road. We arrived at mom and dad's at about 3:30 which was great, we had some time to relax before we had to make the trip up to Lyttleton again. Alex had a sleepover while we went to the rehearsal.

The rehearsal was fun, and kind of helpful as now I know what I have to do (I've never been married or in a wedding before...well I did read in one but it was 11 years ago and I wasn't really in to taking notes when I was 18). I forgot that there were stairs in the church (it's been over 11 years since I'd been there) so Dawn and I made a pact to practice with our dresses as soon as we got back to the house we were staying in. We had a nice low key dinner after (good as Matt had it in his head that this had to be a big too do event) and us girls headed to Clyde's house after while the boys went to play basketball and football at the church's rec center. I tried to be a good girl and went to bed early but Matt hadn't been to the house before so I got worried when he wasn't in by midnight but he did eventually show up.

Saturday was hectic, a noon wedding meant me getting rolling when I'm not usually, the
morning. We had a big breakfast and then settled in to getting ready. The wedding was gorgeous and of course I couldn't even make myself get choked up through the rehearsal, getting ready what not. When do I get teary, when I walk in the door, when does my nose start running, the second I'm up facing everyone. It also turns out that Lisa's organist is also a Wildwood retreater...yay another stitcher :) My face still aches some from the photos. I survived my speech and it must have been half decent as it was the first time Lisa got teary eyed all day. After the reception we headed back to mom and dad's, vegged and eventually went out with Gerry and Jessie to the Opera House for some dancing. I learned that under new ownership there are now black lights...that really made my nice new bra glow under my gauzy Matt no longer wonders why I keep my slightly greyed bra ;)

Sunday we relaxed with mom and dad, Alex had fun. After lunch Matt went golfing and mom and I went to walmart to look for ideas of what to put in the center of our center pieces for the wedding, I'll have to post some of my pics later...I love it. When we got back I took Alex down to the beach as it was such a gorgous day. We played down there for a little over an hour and got a really good view of all the spotter planes and water bombers that were fighting a fire not too far from mom and dad's (Pics to follow tonight hopfeully). I also got a little more stitching in on Wishful Stitching, I was hoping to have it done this weekend but I ended up getting alot more of the other little stuff done instead :)

We arrived back at the house at 8:30 so I still have some unpacking to do tonight before I go over to Angela's to stitch for a bit :) I can't wait to see the house!