Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Tea With The Dragon

Saturday was an official girls day out. We all piled in to Cathey's car and made the pilgrimage to Moncton aka shopping mecca of New Brunswick. Our first stop was Barbara Ann's to pick up some stash from her closing sale. We all chipped in to get her the Willow Tree Angel of Courage (thanks Cathey for the great idea) and she was truly touched, there were some tears when we left the store for the last time. One less stop on our pre-retreat shopping trip.

Our next stop was Elite framing, we've heard such great things about Sandi and Coral Cathey and I knew that they were the only ones that were going to handle our Secret Santa and The Quiltmaker. If they're good enough to frame all of Jennifer's models surely our projects are in good hands. :) I didn't realize that Santa was going to be sooo difficult to find a mat for, trying to bring out the colour in the tree (a needlepaint) yielded alot of teals as any greens clashed with the hue. Finally we found a gorgeous velour matt that was perfect.

Then we were off to lunch at the mall and made a quick stop into Because You Count to pick up some more stash. At the CNSS Jennifer unveiled her Dragon of the Deeps which is truly amazing, I can't wait until mine arrives in the mail sometime in the next couple of weeks!!!!! Tea with the Dragon was awesome and very informative!! We also got a sneak peek of To Trim a Tree which is DEFINITELY going on the to stitch pretty much when it comes out list (Will Guardian Angel ever see the light of day???).

The boys survived their day without mom with flying colours and the house was in tip top shape, I was truly impressed. When we drove in there was also a big brown bunny under the deck, maybe he's the one that's been knawing on my perennials?? Matt is eagerly awaiting the new Harry Potter to arrive at the doorstep. I preordered just so I wouldn't have to drive to the store (gas is expensive), why drive when you can have it shipped for free.

Today is the Dragon Dreams stitch along day over on the Needle and Thread bulletin board, I'm hoping to work on something between mowing the lawn and hopefully having a picnic supper at the lake :)

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