Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's A BOY!

Jackson Elliott Ryan arrived sometime over the noon hour today, I pretty much jumped out of my seat at work when my phone rang!! It's a really good thing I told Eleni that I have a no holds barred naming process before she named him as if we ever have another boy my heart is pretty much set on the name Jack. Matt comes from a big family and trying to avoid names was just too out out of control, besides, how many times do you actually get to name a child, you might as well do what YOU want to do. Mind you when we do have another we're going with the no spilling the name until the birth policy, so if my mother happens to be reading this pretend to be surprised if you ever have a grandson called Jack!!!!!

I've been just too excited to sit still eventhough we did attend the strawberry supper at my grandmother's church tonight. I've been bouncing around the house ever since, my mind missed the message that it should be resting. I beaded the teddy bear for my mill hill stocking ornament, I'm hoping to finish that up tomorrow night. I didn't get any of my reading in although we did get another chapter of Alex's book in. And after 40 minutes of tossing and turning here I am blogging away WAY passed my bedtime as I'm just too excited to sleep :)

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Faith Ann said...

Congrats to your friend!

We didn't tell a single person the name we planned for our son until he was all the grandmothers were surprised. I was so certain we were having a boy, we didn't even pick out a "good" girl's name...we kind of had one as a backup, but it wasn't one that either of us were really happy with.