Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Twenty Five

Mirabilia's 2006 Cherub
Well, here's this year's Frex entry. A little smaller than usual but I just have't been in to big projects this year at all. The beads were a pita to put on but I'm happy with the end result. Not a grand champion showing but she should take home something little.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Cherub Completed

Well the weekend went by in the blink of an eye. Friday I was royally not feeling good (fatigue) so I opted out of going to body pump and headed home. I put the taco shells in for supper and the power went out, sigh... We called the church which is on the other side of the main road and they still had power so we made Alex a sandwich, dropped him off and had an impromptu dinner date. We tried to get into the new Frank's location but it was uber busy and there wasn't even a place to park so we decided to try a different chinese place. It was ok, it was no Seasons or anywhere near the ones at home (it's hard to beat Miramichi chinese food for some reason) but it was nice to get out for a date. Service was painfully slow and we just made it to the closing of Vacation Bible School. Alex was pretty sad to see it come to an end.

Saturday Matt had a golf tournament so it was just Alex and I. We did a tonne of chores, dropped the bottles off, groceries, returned some items, picked up his new Franny K. Stein book that was just released and picked up our tickets to Mr Bean's Holiday. We returned to the mall after we dropped of the groceries and had some lunch to watch the movie. Alex LOVED it! The people behind us got more entertainment out of watching Alex than the movie, he was just roaring. It's quite funny as the boy has only ever seen the 'Unseen Bean' tape and that's hardly Prime Bean, ditto with the movies. I can't wait to show him the original show one of these days. I didn't mind the movie, it was light hearted and funny, Alex's reaction made it worth paying theatre prices over a rental though.

Sunday I put two and two together as to why I'd been so agitated all weekend when I was felled by a migraine. It wasn't until I read up on them a bit more that I put my agitated days together with the pre migraine phase. I really need to start listening to my body better. A nap in the afternoon helped and let me work on my Cherub for the exhibition but by bed time my head was back to throbbing. Monday was not much better. I still got to work on my Cherub but by the end of the night I was ready to Botox one side of my head.

Today I'm pretty wiped out. I get alot of sleep when I have migraine episodes but it's not a refreshing sleep. I spent the lunch hour in and finished my Mirabilia cherub, now just to frame it tomorrow at lunch where tonight is written off. Goodness only knows but at least the Mirabilia Cherub is now complete ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kitchen Crazy

Well, yesterday was one of the least productive stitchy days I've had this month! It was nice at lunch so I went for a power walk, I felt sluggish after not getting to the gym last week so I headed there immediately after work, I had to shower/eat and get Alex to Vacation Bible School in the span of 30 minutes and then it was off for groceries as after almost two weeks away Matt had pretty much cleaned them out! I was soooo excited when I found this at the coop for 29.99! I've been needing a new frying pan for awhile and this one is simply spectacular!! Although, lol, what I was planning to make for supper tonight did not require a frying pan. DH's reaction? 'It's too big and won't fit in the dishwasher, it's so big it'll cost more to heat' Meh, I already have 2 12 inch pans so there! Afterwards I cooked up some Tickle Me Elbows for tonight's supper where it'll be another hectic afterwork time, Alex to VBS, me possibly to the gym, somewhere in there probably helping my brother move/clean, yep, welcome back to reality!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whistle While You Work

So I've rejoined the land of the working, sigh... I'd planned on coming back Monday but was completely wiped out, jaw was fine, other parts of me were not happy with the drugs dumped in my system though.

We had a wonderful weekend at mom and dad's. Friday we took it easy and simply went to market for lunch where Alex got his Kurt's sausage fix (and snuck a little of dad's schnitzel). Saturday dad picked up a case of lobsters. My son who's normally not afraid of anything was not touching them for more than 2 seconds with the tip of his finger. They were soooo yummy! Of course he had a bad sinus headache all day so that might have contributed it. At noon he was at his completely wound up stage and not accepting that if he just rested he'd feel better. Thankfully he did pass out from exhaustion eventually and was up an hour later a bright as a button all over again.

Sunday I packed the van in the morning, worked a little bit more on the Mirabilia 2006 Cherub and then we all headed to lunch at Pizza Delight. The local restaurant had been renovated and Alex LOVED the grill your own garlic bread gimmick, although by the end of the meal we were all ready to grill our waitress. The donairs were awesome as usual though ;)

The drive home was stressful yet again. We got stuck behind some morons that insisted on travelling slowly together but tailgating so you weren't quite sure if car 2 was going to pull out and pass, meanwhile I'm stuck behind them in a vehicle that should only be permitted to pass one vehicle at at time when not on a 4 lane with some jerk driving an 18 wheeler and right on my tail for 45 minutes. When did dumb and dumber leave the highway, right before the actual dedicated passing lane. I could have screamed! I was not feeling too hot already and the tense drive had me completely wiped.

Yesterday I recoup'd at home. I stitched a little bit more on my cherub and hung out with Alex, doing a little unpacking here and there but nothing that required alot of effort. At 6 Alex was ready for openning night of vacation bible school. He was a bit intrepid at first but when he saw the setup (kind of Indiana Jones themed) and the minister's daughter had asked him to sit with him (they're beaver buddies) he was off to the races. He was soo animated when I picked him up which was very nice to see, and bonus, it was at the church just around the corner from the house. He's there all week so Matt and I will actually have a whole 10 hours of the house to ourselves. Oh my!! ;)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from the Oral Surgeon

So, I'm back from the Oral Surgeon none too worse for the wear. I had my lower wisdom teeth out 5 years ago and finally decided to go back and get the upper ones out. They radiate with pain whenever I have a migraine and I'm sick and tired of second guessing if it's a sign they're rotten and they had descended so much that part of the root was exposed on one with was fun at times. Of course I read up on the possible complications and was pretty blah about the fact that they were much more difficult to extract after 25 when the bone thickens, I'm just shy of 30 and I was feeling old. Then there was the whole possibility of a perferated sinus, like I need any other problems with that.

So we arrived on time. I won't go see the idiot who holds a license in our city, I know over a dozen people that have been to him and he's rough and has the manner of a frozen tv dinner filled with grissle (I had the pleasure of listening to him after Matt's surgery a couple months ago and he can take that as sealing his fate). Plus he's known to push laughing gas instead of going under, and he only handles general anesthetic, my surgeon 2.75 hours away does conscious sedation a nice memory free happy ground. We arrived there on time and it took forever to do the paper work, sigh...I'm an anxious person when I'm NOT having surgery my BP was through the roof if I had to guess. Then it was back logged so I got in an hour and a half later, sigh... NOT fun considering I'd been fasting for over 12 hours because getting up at 5 wouldn't have been fun, 6:30 would have been doable had I'd have known. So I got plenty of stitching done in the waiting area but only brought in one colour as I wasn't expecting to be there THAT long. The nurse was nice, I explained my concerns as I did have two memories from the last surgery, flashes really but still I wanted to be good and out. So she topped off my IV with some Valium and I had no recollection of anything, although I must be hard to put out. It usually takes 30 seconds and I had counted past that++ waiting. I woke up very alert considering the times I had my flashes I was on less and was dopey well into the evening. The teeth were a very easy extraction and didn't even need stitches, woo hoo ( again memories of hauling out the stitch that wouldn't dessolve, yuck). We headed to Tim's and I had the challenge of trying to drink an iced cappuccino with no straw with a frozen upper lip fun!

So now it's past midnight, my only nap was one to take advantage of the day off of work ;) I do feel weaker than normal and am going to take it easy until at least Sunday, maybe Monday (the last time my teeth were fine by Monday but my tummy was not on the high doeses of ibuprofen and I do NOT respond to Tylenol). So far no swelling so that's great, not that I had much last time considering they were completely sideways. Apparently after 5 years they now hand out drugs for swelling, great! It's also helped my asthma cough I've been dealing with, bonus! *note to self bring up the fact my inhaler prescription is out next time I see the doctor*. So far so good, thanks for all of the well wishes guys :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Twenty, Twenty One, Twenty Two, Twenty Three and Twenty Four I've been a little busy... I apologize for any crooked pics but it's late
Happy Hoppers ~ Lizzie KateBeware of Cat! ~ Lizzie Kate
Family Medley ~ Heart In Hand

Joyful Christmas ~ Shepherd's Bush

Tina's Stocking ~ Shepherd's Bush

For Lack Of A Better Title: Tuesday

Day two at the office, blah...

Ok, maybe it shouldn't be too blah considering it's only a 3 day work week for me (there's gotta be at least one benefit from having two wisdom teeth removed) but still. Work that was supposed to be done by others so I could continue did not appear on my desk while I was away so it makes the days a bit long and said people are on vacation this week.

As for stitching I finished the cross stitching the letters in on SB's Joyful Christmas last night during Doctor Who. A couple of weeks ago Alex was tidying up his mess when it came on and was instantly sold on the show so that's our one family show. Last night he didn't want to take a shower between 7:30 and 8 for fear he would miss the beginning. We don't watch alot of tv so having one of the shows that we actually watch being watched by all members of the family is kind of nice.

As for pictures they should be up later this week when Joyful Christmas is complete. I need to do some mass ironing and don't want to take the pics before then. Fear not Cathey...I'm not fibbing on my numbers :P

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back for Now :)

I'm back from vacation, sigh...

The week just never seems long enough, vacation is gone and it's almost the middle of the last month of summer, depressing++

We had a wonderful week away from the hustle and bustle of our life here in the city. We didn't HAVE to be anywhere or HAVE to do anything and that was pure bliss. We commenced the week by driving up in a blistering wind storm, apparently there were some F1 tornados along the way but we missed them. The drive was tiring, between one set of towns we had an antique car in front of us and a beat up truck travelling with it slowly, the passing lanes are short and the mini van is a pig, needless to say I was relieved when they pulled off. Then we had some little old ladies haul out in front of us and then drove 30 through town...well until I laid on the horn and motioned it was a 50 zone and there was a back log of about 20 cars. Finally we got rid of the slow people (and I'm not a fast driver) got ready to set the cruise control and the heaven's openned up, sigh.

The rest of the week was full of activities, but at a leisurely pace :) We got a tour of our friend's new house (I'm sooo snagging his girlfriend to arrange my furniture), the boys went golfing, mom and I went to check out the nursery close outs, I saw a grand total of 4 movies (Bourne Ultimatum, Underdog-which was actually a cute family film, The Simpsons and Daddy Day Camp), went to the local beach, played some frisbee, swam in the pool a couple of times, checked out the Napan Agricultural fair and of course, had our girls day in Moncton. I think I was pretty good, considering I don't really do alot of shopping anymore. I picked up some back to school supplies at Costco, found a pair of jeans I actually liked at Roots, was very good in Michael's considering I only picked up one little figurine for my christmas village, and did a little bending at the LNS. I've had the urge to do a big piece for quite awhile now and when I walked in there was Mirabilia's Lady of the Mist sitting there on a beautiful lavender. I was sold when Charlotte told me it was in a frame available from Michael's for 30 something as really, that's part of the reason Guardian Angel is still a WIP, the wiggle room for framing that would do the piece justice is fleeting. So I ended up walking out with it kitted, one of Shannon's Heart In Hand 'pooping birds', a new piece of fabric for Three Kings with 3 skeins of the same dyelot and the fabric for Giggles In The Snow (girl). That was my one little exception I'd made in the 50 project challenge woo hoo.

Stitching wise it was a very productive week. I attached the button to LK's Happy Hoppers so it's officially done now, LK's Beware of Cat is now also complete as is Heart In Hand's Family Medley and SB's Tina's Stocking. I stitched SB's Joyful Christmas as far as possible until my Sheep's Silk arrived (which was waiting for me when I walked back in the door) and got a very productive start on my FREX entry for the year Mirabilia's 2006 Cherub. As for reading I only openned my book the two times I went to the gym, however Janet Evanovich's Two for the Dough is now complete, bring on book three :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Wow, wasn't expecting to see this yet when I drove in to pick Alex up from daycare :)

New House

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two More Sleeps!

Yay, only 2 more sleeps until we hit the road for vacation! I can't wait!!! My head is already in permanent vacation mode. Yesterday did not help, we had a 'team building' golfing activity in the afternoon (goodness only knows where that's leading, I'm a bit skeptic on the motives). I had fun. As long as it's a scramble I'm up for golf, I don't want to know what my score would be normally. After golf I rushed over to pick up Alex as golfing got out an hour later than expected, I felt really bad about being late. Alex and I gassed up the van for Friday (sure today they imply gas prices are going down), picked up some buns and bbq'd :) After that it was off to the lake. I'd picked up some Diego goggles on clearance and Alex wanted to try them out. We ended up swimming until 8:30. Matt arrived home shortly after we did with his special edition 300 DVD. I was too chicken to see it in the theatres incase it was gory. So after I got the VCR set to tape the finale of Shaq's big challenge and my stitching in order we were watching away. :)

The movie actually turned out pretty good. I think I was annoying Matt having my Ott light on though. Normally it's not an issue but on dark movies the reflection is just out of place. Tonight I'm going to mow our front lawn if the weather permits, maybe even the back too if I can convince Matt to take Alex to the lake, otherwise the back will have to wait. I'm not giving up prime swimming weather for the boy for a lawn, but if someone else can take him I'll mow ;) Hopefully after a nice shower I'll be able to start packing for the weekend and get a little bit of stitching in ;)