Friday, July 08, 2005

Soccer Night in Canada

Last night was Alex's first official practice in the Hanwell recreational soccer league. I was amazed at how well he did when he they were kicking the balls around. After registering last week Matt and I spent about an hour down in the play room kicking the ball around and noting how we weren't using our hands and looking ahead and not at the ball...and there he was last night doing it, I was soo proud :) The kindergarten kids had a little game which was hilarious to watch (I'm so kicking myself for not bringing the camera. Alex got to throw the ball in, only he walked half way out onto the field to do it. Then my friends daughter was in the opposing teams net and she spent most of the time with her back to the game talking to people behind her. When she wasn't doing that she had the net on her head dancing around with it...what a smart goalie, don't try to make the perfect save, just make shooting impossible.The field isn't too far from our house so we walked over and back lugging Alex in the wagon. At 99.8 cents a litre we're a bit more savvy of how we use up our gas.

After getting Alex ready for bed I headed down to the craft room and made a 'quilted' pumpkin with my sizzix machine for Alex's pumpkin scrapbook page...I'm sooo far behind. As soon as 9 rolled around though I was upstairs catching this weeks episode of Veronica Mars and stitching away at the boy's touque in Giggles...I wasn't really in a cross stitching mood, until I started and I made myself stop at 10 and get a good night's rest.

Still no baby news from the Ryan's, it was fun to get out for lunch yesterday on E's last mommy only day and vent, plus it's about the first time in 2 years I've had a bowl of Tim Horton's chili all to myself, usually I have Alex in tow and he insists when ordering that he doesn't like chili but then eats half my bowl!!!! I also got a nice little sale item when grocery shopping this week. While waiting in the coop checkout they had oshkosh clothes on clearance and I saw a pair of jeans and wondered what they'd Alex has a new pair of brand name jeans for 13$$! I don't think I could get no name and definitely not as stylish jeans at Walmart/Zellers for that much, yippee!!

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