Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Still No Harry

Well I was a little disappointed last night when Harry wasn't in the mailbox! Oh well...it's not like I was going to be the one in the family reading it first. Last night we took Alex to Charlie and the The Chocolate Factory. I've never seen him so enthralled in a movie before. I spent the first 20 minutes wiping the occasional tear out of my eye as the depiction of the Bucket Family was truly touching. We also made the quickest bathroom trip in history as Alex didn't want to miss a second of the movie (after 15 minutes of crossing and uncrossing his little legs). I was impressed on it's interpretation of the book and how the back story that was created didn't take away from the original magic of the book. My sole disappointment was after the movie when we went across the hall to the book store and the only Roald Dahl books that they had were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ones we already owned...I was hoping to pick up the Witches which they had three copies of last month.

After returning home and putting to bed one excited but exhausted monkey I sat and worked on my Dragon Dreams Imagination Creation until bedtime. I knew that there was a small erratum in the chart but couldn't remember which colour, although I found I was out of one colour, the one that was the problem but Matt already had the computer tied up so there was no checking online for the correction for me...sigh. Tonight's shaping up to be a fairly quiet night after groceries, I'm hoping to finish the DMC's in the pattern by the end of the night and be ready to work on some of the specialty fibres as of tomorrow. I can't wait!


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a great family evening...I'm looking forward to seeing that movie when we can rent it.

Laural said...

I'm so sorry your book isn't there yet I hate waiting for mail stuff.

Congrats on your stocking finish as well, it's Adorable!