Friday, September 30, 2005

A Stitchy Night :)

Finally some stitching peace and quiet last night! I really needed it after arguing with the hospital at 4. They weren't too happy I wanted a second opinion but that's my business, nor were they happy that I outright refused a surgical biopsy and stated I was willing to travel for less invasive procedures. It really ticks me off how little information they have for younger women that are still of childbearing age hopefully another surgeon will have more input. Ok enough ranting (at least I can kind of let my flood gates go here without the 'well you should go anyway')

Ok, back to stitching ;) I was hoping to catch Joey at 8:30 like it was all last season on Global but no it was Without a Trace, so we popped in Battlestar Gallactica for half an hour, watched Joey on NBC and then finished Battlestar (evil producers putting an even better cliff hanger in than last season's finale and the wait for it's resolution will be even longer!!!!! Save the Chief! oh yeah and the Cylon loving Helo too...) Then we decided to check out Night Stalker which was pretty creepy, I've gotten pretty board with CSI, I really didn't like it when they split up the team last year. This lead to quite a bit of stitching, I even got to play with my new NN Kreinik overdyed. I just have some NN Blue is blue to stitch in on 2.5 bands and I'm done, hopefully it'll show up today or Faith Ann will come across it in Moncton. I'm so impressed with the Jeanette Douglas needleroll, I wasn't when I first started but now that there are some specialty stitches and fibres I'm completely in love :)

Tonight Cathey's coming over to stitch, after we head to Boston Pizza. Matt's off to a poker night tonight and golfing in Florenceville tomorrow so we won't see him until late Saturday night. Tomorrow we have an ornament finishing day so I've been stocking up things for Alex to do so he can tag along. I might pick him up a beginner cross stitch kit at lewiscraft incase he catches the bug. Thankfully there's also a tv with a vcr there so I can dig up some of the disney flicks to bring ;) I'm going to be making my pineapple chicken in black bean sauce dish for our potluck which is always yummy!! I'm so looking forward to some girly time!! (oh and spending some quality time with Alex too...)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

We Have a Designer!

After posting on a number of boards and here I finally found out the designer and the name of the design for the picture Karoline was looking for....Campfire at Pine Lake by Great Big Graphs!!

When I called to tell her the good news she got into the back story of why this piece was so important to her and I almost started crying. It was the last piece her aunt had stitched and was on display at her funeral, was started many times and apparently well blessed. The thought of my stitched work outliving me boggles my mind sometimes, hopefully it'll be inherited by someone who appreciates it. Then of course last night I also got my scrapbook out trying to decide what to do for tonight and there was a pictures of the leisure arts Last Supper that showed up two retreats ago with a little had been stitched by one of the girls sisters/sister in law and she became horribly ill with cancer and couldn't continue it with it 3/4 done. Apparently the rest of the family all got together and finished stitching it for her and presented it to her shortly before she passed away, I think I got teary every time I walked past that piece.

Stitching Goodies in the Mail

I was overjoyed to come home last night to stitching goodies in the mail. It's the first time I've ever seen the Needle Necessities Overdyed Kreiniks and they are gorgeous++. I'll be so glad to bring some of them in on our Saturday stitching day and divide them up for others that want to do the ornaments too. Now if only I could find my regular Blue is Blue from NN...

Yesterdays meeting went pretty well with the exception of one question which I promptly marched downstairs after and asked Matt the answer to. I sat for an hour waiting to write the tests for the positions I'd applied to getting very nervous as the one I wrote for Finance was pretty brutal and where I'd missed one question I was nervous about the second one. Well I wrote both which had an hour alotted each in just over a half hour so that was pretty good. Even caught one of my errors checking it over ;) So here are my fingers crossed as they all seemed so nice and laid back.

It was amazing the meeting went as well (imo) as it did I was super stressed+++. The appointment with the surgeon was aweful, I wasn't comfortable with him and he wants a 1 + inch incision on my breast for a 1mm bump. After crying half the night and morning I adopted the 'heck with that' and am looking for a second opinion and a dr that'll wait until after my wedding. For the ridiculously low possibility that its something other than a papilloma I don't feel the need to have that much scar tissue and under go general anesthetic. Now to book an apt with my dr to get a second opinion from a surgeon I like.

Last evening was pretty low key, I got caught up on my Smallville season finale and watched Lost while making a stitching shopping list and working on my Joy Needlerolls. They are turning out sooo pretty++. Tonight there's a Creative Memories scrapbooking night at Tracy's so I'm heading to that and then coming home to tidy up as Cathey and I are having a stitching evening tomorrow where our hubbies (or future hubbies) are out of town ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First 2005 JCS Ornie HD

Well, here's my first JCS Ornie HD of the year, Dragon Dreams Paws Off on a Silkweaver Solo.

Image hosted by

Last night was a fairly quiet night, I did some studying for a 'meeting' tomorrow. The written portion really worries me, eventhough I've been reassured it's common sense stuff, working away at the same little niche of my field for 5 years makes me wary of the possible broad questions that my field as a whole can generate, sigh.... Oral, now I can ace that, I just don't know how much of the 'meeting's' written section is used in determining the final decision.

Today I finally get into the breast clinic to find out if they're going to do anything surgical to the filling defect my ductogram showed up, I've been stressing myself out quite a bit over it, it's part of the reason I've been pushing for a May/June wedding incase I need to recoup from surgery, sigh... I did pack some stitching just in case I'm waiting awhile up at the hospital.

Tonight has more prep work on the agenda and then it's reorganizing my beads and figuring out which ones I don't have for this years JCS ornies that I wish to stitch and tracking down my Blue is Blue Needle Necessities as it had gone AWOL this morning, sigh...Why does this happen only before I want to stitch something?? ;)

Name that Designer

Does anyone know the name of this design or who designed it??  My friend Karoline's looking for it and I volunteered to put my web knowledge to work on the hunt ;)
Image hosted by

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Weekend in Review

Well here it is Monday, all so soon!!

Thankfully our weekend didn't turn out as crazy as it could have. Mom and dad had planned a visit for mine and my brothers birthday weeks+++ ago and Thursday night the FFIL calls and says he's staying at our place Friday, we were ticked, no "have plans", no notice, nada. I could hear Matt's end of the phone conversation and was steaming in my stitching seat, it definitely wasn't the way I was planning the end of my birthday evening that's for darn sure. Not that I don't like company, that wasn't the issue, I just don't want to have to juggle it and where my parents had planned so far in advance it didn't seem fair to even ask that of them.

Friday evening my parents arrived and I don't know who was more excited, Alex or me ;) Matt wasn't feeling good at all so we were out of his hair. Saturday I got up and stitched for a bit on the Paws Off ornament and then Dad came over to play with Alex and mom and I went MOB dress shopping which was fun. For supper we headed to my grandmothers for a baked bean/ham/potato scallop/beef casserole/meatball supper with my mickey mouse birthday cake and an icecream cake for Steven, it was really fun. Matt headed home and Alex, Pappy and I went swimming. Alex loved the opportunity to go down the water slide on his own. His floats have improved significantly and he can now swim about 15 feet before hopping off the bottom and starting again, yippee. It was a late night but well worth it.

Sunday morning I stitched for a bit and leveled up one of my WoW characters. After lunch Alex and I headed to the mall to see mom and dad before they left, shopping is so much more enjoyable when you're with someone that wants to shop instead of "are we done yet, that store wasn't on the list, etc, etc". When we got home the lawn mower was out with it's brand new spark plug and working like a charm again *phew*, I spend the next 2+ hours mowing. I could feel it running low on gas so I stopped and weeded. Alex helped lug lilly stems to the 'compost pit', I've been trying to build up an area so no water gets on our lawn during the spring. We then moved to the back garden and I started deadheading some flowers, while Alex threw the rocks and twigs that had fallen in the garden into the woods, I then pulled out some ferns when I heard a shreik! Poor Alex had pulled something with a thorn! He's out there yelling 'you're killing me!' as I'm applying pressure to the wound and marching him into the bathroom. I had him lay on the floor and had his arm up in the air putting pressure on it with a towl and after 10 minutes (of being screamed at) I called Matt in from painting and loaded Alex in the car as the cut would not stop bleeding.

When we got to emergency is Alex not shreiking 'you're killing me, I'm going to die' the whole way in, even past the RCMP officers that were there. Thankfully they ignored it ;) The nurses patched him up with some glue and some steri-strips avoiding the inevitable stitches I would have had to have had 20 years ago, phew! Now he's good to go. After some, 'you did so well' tacos Alex headed to bed (he was so thrilled that the dressing on his finger meant he couldn't have his usual bath) I settled in to the stitching corner and almost finished Paws Off! while watching Supernatural, Lost, cold Case and my favorite Desperate Housewives. I liken myself to be Brie's prodige ;) It was uncanny how much I related to she and her MIL (who looked alot like my FMIL) during the eulogy talk with the minister, I never thought I'd be ok with Matt's decision to be cremated until I saw the whole scene with the tie and all the junk in the casket, I think if that happened to me I could pull a Brie ;)

There's nothing on the plans for tonight besides brushing up on some Oracle and then stitching. Monday is my downtime on the tv schedule and where I got caught up on my shows I think I'll be heading to bed early!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Merry Stitchmas! ...or Happy Birthday Me...

To the tune of Aqua's Barbie girl...

"I'm the Birthday Girl

In My Birthday World

Slap Down Some Plastic,

It Will Feel Fantastic!"

Yay! I got my JCS last night, yippee!! And today I bought some little birthday gifts to go along with it!! I'm definitely stitching Lizzie Kate's Sweet Christmas, Jeanette Douglas's Love Needleroll, Erica Michael's Merry Yule, The Sweetheart Tree's Holly 'n Hardanger, M Design's Joy, Shepherd's Bush's As Bethlehem Slept, Cindy Valentine's Sugarplum, Samsarah's The Stars are Brightly shining, Dragon Dreams Paws Off and Brittercup's Christmas Kitty (and prtty much everything off of pages 20-21). I so need to get a real tree and a big one at that! I love how my birthday coincides with the JCS ornament issue, love it love it love it!!

Last night was stitching night and it was so much fun! It as so neat seeing Faith Ann's Bittersweet Season, Giggles and what's done on Crystal Christmas, Angela's baby bib and all the other projects that were on the go. Of course last night was more about looking through the JCS and pointing out potential ornaments that would look nice but the photos were crap ;) Tracy also had her Fiddle Stitch Cottage Winter Teapot all stitched up and in (I LOVE IT) and I was so surprised to see a little present for me (Tracy has no idea how touched I was), it was her Autumn teapot that I've been dying for!

Image hosted by

This morning I heard Alex up with Matt long before he had to get up, he was soo excited that it was my birthday. He wanted to wake me up with hugs. I pretended to fall back asleep until my alarm went off and he bolted in, it was soo cute. I had lunch with Eleni and Jackson, so fulll...and rounded out my bridesmaid roster with Cathey ;) Now to set a date....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where Are My Brother And Sister? (and JCS mania)

If it isn't bad enough that people put their two cents in looking for a sibling for Alex now Alex himself is asking when they're going to arrive...hah! Yesterday when we arrived home he was mad at me for not picking his brother and sister up, little does he realize what the odds are of fraternal twins, let alone the 9 months gestation and the fact we'd actually have to be trying to have more kids which definitely isn't happening until after the wedding. He's tired of only being a big brother to a cabbage patch kid ;)

JCS mania has hit Fredericton, I went up to the newsstand on break but all copies were spoken for, sigh... I think chapters has made it on my boycott list after my experience there, "well as I told you early no they're still not in" Hello?? I haven't been to the mall in over a week...maybe longer, I'm not their often. Besides which there's no need to be rude!

Tonight's stitching night and I cannot wait, just the way to finish up my last couple hours at 27 :) I'll be bringing my wedding progress but probably only working on finishing up Christmas Medley, I can't wait :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A PJ Weekend and 16 lbs :)

This weekend was a PJ kind of weekend, I don't think I was out of mine unless it was to change into a fresh pair or shower. Just what the doctor ordered ;) I swore to myself Friday that no matter how much better I was feeling I was not going anywhere all weekend to give my batteries a chance to stay recharged. Although this didn't equate to me sitting on the couch all weekend, I got out my new brad setter that my brother had picked up from Lee Valley and finally put our family portrait we had done this spring up, played about 10 games of go fish and monchichi's, put the canvas day to day organizer in Alex's closet and did some of the little puttering around that had been put off fo a long time. Oh...I also got some stitching in ;) Friday I made some more headway on The Wedding, Saturday I stiched in between puttering and WoW to stitch in some of the wording and gifts on Christmas Medley and watched Guess Who? then on Sunday when I wasn't napping I tried to participate in the DD SAL but got halfway through my Christmyth when I noticed two major DMC's had gone AWOL, sigh...

Yesterday was a killer day at the gym with a BodyStep class, I think I was still sweating at 4:30 when I went home. I hopped on the scales and was down another 2lbs, not too shabby considering I delved into my flex points for the last two weeks. Last night I did a little more on Christmas medley, trained my WoW character in cooking and headed to bed early after watching our taped episode of Supernatural. I'm debating getting groceries today but I think wanting to go home and veg is going to win that battle ;)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Under The Weather

Well, I have definitely felt better. It seems the boys decided to give me their cold, sigh... I felt so rotten last night I didn't even get to scrapbooking. Last night I whipped out my looneyspoons and crazyplates cook books and made a maple pork loin roast and crispy herbed sweet potato medallions, where this was all new to us I made Alex his own plate. Surprisingly he ate almost half of Matt's sweet potatoes after trying them and at least a quarter of Matt's serving of pork, he asked for more until it was all gone. I'm really liking the fact that he's not such a picky eater anymore.

After Alex's bath, bedtime story and bed, and a load of laundry I curled up and unpicked part of the christmas tree I had done for the Christmas medley, picking out hand dyed stitches are no fun whatsoever. I logged in to warcraft for a little bit but quickly grew tired and headed to bed.

There's nothing on the agenda this weekend, I'm not feeling up to too much anyway so it'll be a good time to get some stitching in ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dear Santa, I've Been Naughty

Oh my goodness it is so nice to get home from groceries BEFORE 6 pm, and that was with an unsuccessful pitstop to look for the ornament issue, sigh... Last night I went to mow the lawn while Matt painted and the mower wouldn't start, d'oh! Hopefully it's just a spark plug *fingers crossed* I felt bad about not doing something (not that preparing supper, preparing the marinade for tonight's supper, bathing the kid, unloading the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry wasn't something) but I did go out and paint a section of railing after he came in for the night. That expensive PVC railing is looking really good at the moment ;)

Anyway, on to me being bad...after showering (a trip to the body pump class at lunch at the gym and all the running around the house required a nice long one) Matt met me at the bathroom door to see if I wanted to log in Katiebelle, I'd planned on working on The Wedding...Figuring that I could set my character to follow Matt's when they weren't in combat I started yet another project (as I said BAD). I figured in my down time if I had something that was easy to pick up and put down I could still get some stitching in while playing so I started Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley. It should be a quick stitch so I don't feel too guilty about starting it ;)

Tonight is a scrapbooking night which I can't wait to go to, my pages have been neglected lately!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Meet The Teacher

Last night was meet the teacher night at Alex's school, what a HUGE relief!! After two years of people continually expecting 3 & 4 year olds to sit quietly at extra curricular activities and chewing out parents when their kids aren't in a catatonic state 'they're going to school in the fall, you need to prepare them...', I walked in a room filled with the creative hustle and bustle that I could only ever prayed for. Gone was the image of desks lined in rows, bare walls and Attilla the Hun staring down my child all day but a loving teacher full of all the joy and energy that I'm overjoyed to say will be my son's first official teacher. I'm so glad we pushed to get him moved to an out of zone school, his zoned school wasn't nearly as warm and inviting.

After meet the teacher I headed home, after signing up for what volunteer activities I could fit into the schedule), showered and stitched while watching Bones (and taping House and Supernatural for tonight). With this new schedule I've definitely been hitting the pillow at 10 on the dot much more religiously.

Tonight will be grocery night...yay! Not! Usually we head out Thursdays but scrapbooking is finally starting back up, double yay so I've moved it. I'm hoping one of the local newstands has the new ornament issue out or I'll be extremely disappointed ;) After either painting or mowing, weather permitting, I'll finally get some more stitching in...that is if I can move my arms after heading to the gym's body pump class!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Paint, Paint and more Paint

Next time I think I'll listen to Matt, redoing the deck has been a HUGE job. We are finally done the railings (minus some touch ups) up to the deck, for those wondering why it took so long we have a raised ranch style house, imagine a split entry with the doors on the top floor...alot of stairs... To say the least it's looking much better!! I started after work and Matt finished it up after supper when I was working on a little homework and bathed Alex, who went to bed early as some medicine I gave him made him pretty drowsy.

After all of the work was done, lunches maid, dishes churning away in the dishwasher I settled down with my cross stitch and watched a taped episode of Battlestar Gallactica with Matt, then I caught the Prison Break I missed last week and set the VCR to tape the new one as I was pretty beat! This morning Alex was up bright and early, somewhere in between the time Matt's alarm goes off and mine and was at the bus with plenty of time to spare. I'm liking my new work hours and the fact that I now get home before 5, Alex however is not happy that I'm interrupting his usual play time with the girls after school to pick him up ;)

Tonight is Meet the Teacher at the school, we haven't quite figured out how we're going juggle not having a sitter and the fact that both of us would like to go (maybe take turns in the playground with Alex) but it should be interesting none the less.

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Weekend in Review

Wow, for the first weekend in forever I haven't had something scheduled, since the beginning of August it's been Miramichi weekend, Miramichi Weekend (both vacation), Grand Falls weekend, baby shower, birthday party, birthday party and so on and so forth, ughhh... You would think it would have been a quiet weekend hah! Matt had a ball tournament so I was up making lunches at11:00 Friday, Gatorade is much cheaper by the can (and water bottles breed in our basement) and I made him some salmon sandwiches so he wouldn't have to drive around to buy lunch. Saturday Alex and I did alot of laundry (need to take advantage of sunny days for outdoor drying) and sanded the deck while Matt was gone. Sunday was SUPPOSED to be the first day of Sunday School according to the bulletin but it was only registration so I had Alex all through a Morning Prayer service at church which he was amazingly good for (especially since its one of the longest and dryest services possible....give me the BAS anyday). On our way home I collected my Frex entries and then gassed up, ouch!, and headed home to paint some of the rungs of the deck. What's done looks so much better, and Matt pulled off the rotten post toppers too which makes me VERY happy.

With all that you'd think I wouldn't have had time for stitching right?? Well, I definitely didn't get as much done as I would in the winter months (there's just so much to do outside before it starts snowing, especially when you have a lawn that hasn't read the memo that it should only grow enough to require mowing every other week) but I did get some work in on the wedding. I should be able to post some progress tonight as I finally got the scanner installed. I plan on working on it tonight as I need to get caught up on my episode of Prison Break from last week.

For tonight I'm hoping to get the front lawn mowed before supper(now that I get off work at 4:30) and hopefully paint some more rungs on the deck if Matt can watch Alex in the tub. Then it'll be parking my butt for a well deserved stitching break (and wondering when I'm going to get the remainder of my fall bulbs in ;))

And finally here's wishing the Dragon Lady (aka: Jennifer of Dragon Dreams) a very happy 40th birthday!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Woot! 14 down!!

Well, I hopped on the scales today not expecting too much but the official total is up to 14 lbs gone, yippee!

Homework For Parents

Well, I was expecting to have to do homework with Alex this year but never did I ever imagine that I'd be the one with the homework assignment, go figure. Last night I spent an hour doing homework, ok maybe writing a letter about Alex didn't take that long but installing the drivers for the printer and Microsoft office on the newly formatted computer did!! ;) While I was installing them I was talking on the phone with Mom and she asked me why I didn't just write by hand. Hah! After years of software development I can type ALOT faster than I can write, plus I now get writers cramp horribly! Also, I don't think we have much in the way of loose leaf around the house anymore either.

After homework last night I settled into my stitching nest and plugged away at more white in the wedding while watching the OC. I had stopped watching it for a bit as I really didn't like the storyline of Kirsten almost having an affair last year but this season premiere was pretty good. I then called it a night as our new morning schedule is pretty high octane. I drive Alex to a bus route along the way to work and now get into work at 7:30 in the morning!! I'm hoping work will be a bit flexible and let me leave at 4:30 now *fingers crossed*

This week is shaping up to be a stitchy one, Matt will be away for most of tomorrow with his softball tournament (weather permitting) so it'll just be Alex and I vegging around the house...unless of course I get adventurous and start painting the deck!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

First Trip on the Bus

Well this morning was Alex's first official trip on the bus to school, he took the bus with Kayla and Shelby this morning although he's going to have to take the stop closer to the house tomorrow. He was sooo excited :) I followed him to the school to get a couple pictures and left as they were lining up, while some of the kids were crying he was waiting to get upstairs to his classroom.

Last night was a stitchy night, after talking on the phone with Eleni and planting some bulbs for a bit I popped in The Notebook and stitched on The Wedding. I had intended on going back to SB's Baby Bug Ball but couldn't find the chart and didn't want to spend alot of time looking for it so it was back to old faithful.

Tonight should be a stitchy night with Veronica Mars and the OC starting back up, hopefully we can finish the last of the prep work on the deck so we can finish that project up. Although it all depends on how much energy I have left after groceries ;)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day of School

There's nothing like waking up to your son's first day of school sick as a dog. I felt rotten Monday night when we got home and after a sleepless night I took the day off as the prospect of making up 2 hours was stressing me out even more. Alex did great, as soon as we walked into the library where the kids were meeting Alex's jaw dropped when he saw a boy in the back with a star wars back pack, lunch bag AND sneakers. I half expected him to start worshipping him there on the spot. Alex had been waiting to get to school since 6 am so when 9 am rolled around he was set on learning and was a bit disappointed it was going to take an hour before they even got to see the classroom. Poor little guy. He came back at 11 very happy and sweaty and can't wait until his first full day on Thursday.

As for the weekend it was pretty chaotic. Alex had a birthday party across the river to go to (yay at 139.8 a litre) so while he was there Matt and I picked out the paint for the deck and got some sealant for the two or three loose shingles on our roof. We spent most of the weekend outside either working on the deck or mowing. When I was mowing Sunday something started moving on the lawn, which was later determined to be a mole. I was soo scared that I put off moving one of my perennials as its last known location was in the same garden. I'm such a chicken! Monday I did manage to move the perennial (alot more work than it sounds, I must have looked really cute running across the front lawn with this 30+lb plant in my arms and doing the shot put to get it into the hole I seems to have survived). Then we went to the Frex with my brother who was up/down from Ottawa. I placed 5 for 5 with two seconds and three thirds, yippee! I was disappointed at the fees for the rides this year, had I had known that it was bracelet day all week I would have went that route instead...mind you it did get us out of there before 5 like I'd hoped. After the Frex we went across the river to celebrate my grandmother's 85th wonder I was exhausted ;)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Honey I'm Home

"My car won't start, it's falling apart, I was late for work and my boss got smart" oh sing it Shania. That has pretty much been my day thus far, the car wouldn't start, when it did start I got half way to work realizing that the car seat was in the back and that mom needed it, I let out a little curse at 129.9 a litre at the mistake I'd made, then I get to work and for 5 years I've been trying to keep duplicates out of the resource file and there's about 50 of them introduced by a code update!!!!!! Ughhh...Back to gas, I seriously wanted to go give the provincial finance minister a piece of my mind yesterday. In the paper the department was quoted as saying they needed the astronomical gas taxes for roads (17 cents a litre and then charging a blended 15% on top of that). Well Mr. Volpé here are my words for you, get off your butt and severely raise the fines on transport drivers who overload their vehicles and actually have them enforced and you'd lower the cost of road maintenance dramatically. NB's transport enforcement level is the lowest in the province and letting them ruin our highways is unacceptable to tax payers and with gas prices going up 20cents in one day there are sure as heck going to be more companies trying to squeeze more weight on their trailers. While your at it why not either tax or have a deposit on the studded tires that destroy the roads, and if your going the deposit route don't give a refund if they're past the deadline to take them off. I don't know how many times during the summer I've heard people driving around with them. *stepping off the soap box...and writing a letter to Mr Volpé, the local newspaper network AND my politcal party of choice, with a small child and lack of sufficient transit system not driving isn't an option *

Last night was a nice quiet night although I was running around until after 7. I did groceries after work and asked Matt to vacuum before I got home which he did, somehow that got him out of unloading the car (which normally wouldn't be acceptable but there was a christmas present in there that I haven't had a chance to sneak in the house), then it was make supper, mop the floor, unload the dishwasher and on and on....meanwhile the boys were relaxing, I was pretty ticked. However I refused to do anything after supper and stitched after mom arrived and watched Prison Break again! :) The Wedding is picking up steam.

Not much on the plan for tonight, staying very close to home :) If Alex didn't have a party to go to tomorrow we probably wouldn't be going out until the FREX on Monday. A good weekend for stitching and maybe painting the deck :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dragon Dreams Happy Dance

Now if I only drank coffee...

Image hosted by

Here she is, the Nashville 05 Morning Fairy stitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics Lilac Blooms!!

So...I had a little happy dance last night, I finished her just in time to put her in the FREX at lunch. A special thanks to Angela who took the picture for me, as our scanner drivers weren't intalled on the new pc, sigh... We had a relatively quiet night last night, providing we ignored the severe wind storm outside. Why is it that men open the windows and leave them open over night when it's so windy. After being woken up by the blinds for the umpteenth time I woke Matt up to go close the windows.

I can't believe today is Alex's last day in full time daycare, what am I going to do with myself in the morning?? It seems like just yesterday I was lugging this little infant in a snowsuit up to Tracy's old place with all his premaid bottles (I think or did I just send formula...) Tonight should be a stitchy night after groceries and until mom arrives...although I should mop the floors. I'm really looking forward to a somewhat slack weekend besides heading to an impromptu birthday party on saturday (and he hasn't even started school yet!).