Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Banking Frustration

Well yesterday Royal Bank came this close to being given it's walking papers. For over a week now I've been trying to find out what to do about THEIR mistake with my tax account, they overpaid it by over 1000$. Two phone calls to their mortgage department couldn't tell me jack about how to proceed, yesterday I finally got a letter in the mail telling ME to go to SNB file paper work, wait for a refund then bring the money back to THEM, in the mean time they'll keep taking an extra 100$ biweekly out of my account to recoup THEIR losses, no talk of compensation, no talk of when they were going to straighten out my mortgage payments, and I have to do all of the leg work for THEIR mistake. They paid long after my tax credit was applied to the account and never bothered to recheck the total, grrr... Anyway, I escalated my complaint to customer service (the second woman in mortgages I talked to was EATING on the phone, gross), she's given mortgages a day to respond again before filing a full departmental complaint. What a disaster. I'm really upset as this really puts our vacation plans on hold, losing 200$ a month out of your Me money really for lack of a better word sucks, by the time I plan on going on vacation in August I'll be out 400$ and there's no guarentee that this will be straightend out by then either.

So after fighting with the bank, again, I headed out to prune the lilacs. Poor shrubs didn't stand a chance ;) At least they should be in fine blooming shape for next season. After bathing Alex and reading one of our last chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I settled into my nest and worked on Giggles. He now has a face (even if it isn't backstitched)

He now has a head!!

Today we woke up to some much needed rain. After a wet summer last year and a spring that left us wondering if we should build an ark the rain was still appreciated, at least by us. Alot of the lawns around town are looking a bit dry, including a small patch on ours. We definitely need a longer hose to reach that spot to water ourselves. There's a section near the front of the lot that has some large rocks near the surface and with the roots of the grass being more shallow they require more frequent watering. It looks kind of odd having this one yellow patch when the rest of the lawn is sooo lush. I could also use the rain to wash away the bird do-do.Ever since I started refinishing the bench and arbour they've been marking it, in the same spot!! The robins are getting right up there with crows on my annoyance list ;)

Now to go purchase my tickets for Tea with the Dragon at the Needle Arts Festival in Moncton the weekend of the 15-17!!

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