Monday, March 21, 2005

4 Day Workweek!!

Happy Spring! I'll be so glad when the time changes in another two weekends, DS has been getting up at 6:30 due to how bright it is in the morning, 6:30-7:00 is usually MY time to either catch up on a couple winks or surf before work ;) We started off with a quiet weekend and actually had it turn quite social (for us house bugs). Saturday got off to a slow start, slept in (that's my day to do so) did some flyladying around the house and stitched for a bit. My cold was acting up so I took some meds, they ended up making me really drowsy so I went down for a nap. When I got up I asked Matt if he wanted to go to Kent's to get some shims for my craft room closet...when he admitted he was tired. DS came in at that moment and asked if he could watch The Incredibles so I sat down with him while DH slinked off to bed, sure enough a half hour later the phone rang. My grandmother had strawberries for us and wanted to know if she could visit (we don't get much company so we were pretty excited). After her visit and supper we finally headed to Kents for supplies for the door, picking out a door knob I liked took more time than all of the hardware DH had to look for.

Sunday was busy as well with Palm Sunday service, which my grandmother attended with us as her church was doing a contemporary service and then we took DH to Robots. Of course at last minute did a parent not show up that didn't shut up the entire movie, his son was much more quiet. Why do they always sit by me??????? After DS went to bed I got a little more stitcing done for the DD SAL on the Night Wizard, I'm hoping to finish him this week ;)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Gingham, now that was a great idea

Taking a little Mirabilia and Dragon Dreams break I thought I'd start Gingham Christmas Saturday night as it I'd like it to be my FREX entry this year. I didn't realize that stitching on Gingham was so complicated, I'm FINALLY getting the hang of stitching on the non solid areas, what a change! At first I thought I surely was going to go blind!

Before a much needed nap yesterday I got out my fabric for Dragon Dreams Morning Wizard and had a good look at the pattern. I lent my in progress Night Wizard to a dear friend so she could see if Sugar Maple's Hummingbird coordinated with her bathroom, also giving me an excuse to work on Just A Little Peace And Quiet, but he should be returning on Wednesday. There isn't much left to stitch on him so I'll be looking to get him out of the way over next weekend :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just A Little Peace And Quiet Happy Dance

Yippee, Just A Little Peace And Quiet is finished, I even got adventurous and laced it last night. We had a fairly quite Saturday, I wasn't feeling so great so staying in was just what the doctor ordered. I did take down the curtains that came with the house in the bathroom and put up a smaller airier valance. I think the matching shower curtain and curtain set were from before they painted and just seemed too 'heavy' for it's now neutral colours. It's much brighter in there now with the valance, although it does highlight that the window could really be replaced, oh well.

The boys shoveled out part of the driveway over the afternoon, although DS did come in briefly as he'd managed to step on one of the shovels and smacked himself in the cheek. They later took me out to Williams for supper, sometimes one just needs some seafood. The remainder of the evening was relatively quite, DS wanted to go to bed as soon as we got in the door and I got our my Just Nan Gingham Christmas to stitch up. I want it to be my FREX entry this year due to it's number of specialty stitches. I originally was hoping to put in Mirabilias Guardian Angel, however there are ALOT of large entries going in already so I thought I'd enter in the medium/small category. I've already ribboned in the large category, now to try the small ;)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Supplies on the way

Yippee! Just checked Visa and my perle cotton is on it's way so I can finally finish my Shepherd's Bush Witches Moon, why on earth the LNS carries all but 7 colours that I need for random Shepherd's Bush Projects I'll NEVER know. Also heard back from Traditional Stitches and the limited edition Dragon Dreams pattern I wanted is on it's way, along with you guessed it, more perle cotton (this time weeks dye works).

This weekend I'm dedicating some of it to strict mommy time down in the craft room, between my car's starter quitting Monday and the tonne of appointments that took up alot of last week and this week I just need some quality quiet time. I'll be attempting to finish backstitching Dragon Dreams Just a Little Peace and Quiet Please to finish it and maybe start on Recipe for Love or Chocolate Breakfast by Fiddlestitch Cottage. If I'm really lucky I'll be able to convince DH to shim the door I purchased last week for the craft closet...sweet heaven!