Friday, December 30, 2005

Santa's Garden Progress

Well here's my progress to date (and still learning to use the new camera at 6:00 am ;))

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Santa's Garden-Gail Bussi

We arrived safely from Grand Falls at about 4 yesterday, then had the task of digging out my car (although I can't complain to much as our neighbor cleaned out most of our driveway while we were away) so I could get to the airport to see my brother off. What a foggy, wet drive, yuck! To make matters worse I'm not overly familiar with the new exit system to get to the airport so navigating that in the fog was not fun (although I could navigate my way to the mall blind folded and backwards)

Besides the numerous errors in the chart/model (why can't The Cross Stitcher put their errors in a file online??) I've really liked stitching Santa's Garden. I can't wait to have it up on my walls next year. Arriving home it was nice to see the Christmas cross stitches up, guess I didn't appreciate them as much when I was home before where I haven't been out travelling since retreat. It was also nice to be reminded what a large living room we do have (when my stitching stuff doesn't creep up there).

Today's my last day of work at CARIS and my first trip back to my gym since going on vacation. I think I'll be half dead by new years as I have 4 exercise classes in two days on the roster (so I can get my microfibre shirt and recharge after having so many tempting cookies and cakes around ;)).

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some Final Happy Dance's for 2005

Well, we've arrived safely in Grand Falls after waiting out the storm in Miramichi all boxing day. We took the long route which took us past our house to drop off some presents and avoid the crappy 'highway' that's a short cut (I wasn't up to moose, bad conditions, transports and no gas stations or anything for almost 2 hours). I really enjoyed being home an extra day with my family, it's been bittersweet knowing that next year Christmas will be different for me without my brother coming home. Where we're spending it is a bit up in the air although I think I'll follow my parents anywhere they go ;) It's just so rare that we're all home at the same time now a days. Matt's been considering adopting two of my 'grand nieces' although we're still looking up proper degu care and costs, they were sooo fun to play with and much funner than the fish he's been considering buying ;) Now to see if my brother's dumped them off at the store yet.

Back to stitching...I've been plugging away at Santa's Garden and hope to have it done before 2006 rolls around, I'm VERY disappointed with the model that was stitched and the lack of checking over the chart, one symbol isn't there although on the model it looks the same as the hat so I'm going with that and the three sided stitch is not stitched on the model as in the directions. Sigh... Now to check the site to see what's up.

Here are my two latest Happy Dances

Cindy Valentine's Sugar Plum

Mill Hill's Northern Lights Santa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve!

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Christmas Eve Greetings from the Miramichi! Yay, we've all arrived Safe and Sound, Patrick from Ottawa, Steven also from Fredericton on Thursday and Matt on Friday, and also dearest Marge (my PC). It's been odd having limited computer access as mom and dad's pc is having issues to the point it's unusable, odd for computer developer moi to be away so long.

We're gearing up for our big Christmas Eve Balderdash game and food fest, the potato skins just need to be coated, the jalapeno poppers are ready to go in the oven, cookies and squares galore and whatever is left of the caramel corn I made earlier in the day...proved too tempting for some ;) I think while the family is at church (we went to the 4 pm catholic mass as mom and dad's church doesn't have a minister and their only service is at 9, much to late for one anxious monkey) we'll do the rest of the breakfast prep and then I can further examine my Mirabilia Christmas Fairy Kit that arrived with Matt on Friday, it's going to be so hard not to start it before the holidays are over ;)

Alex was good at mass so he openned a gift from Tracy, Daryl and the girls which he is over the moon with, a Star Wars game for the tv. His expression when he saw it was priceless ("hey dad come here and check THIS out"), anyway, I wasn't the camera chick so here's the closest we have to his look ;)

This will be the last Christmas Eve wish from the Scott-Côté' year we'll be the new and improved Côté's ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Halfway Through The Work

Sheesh, this massive amount of kindergarten homework is seriously cutting into my stitching time! Oye! I do have a really good start though on both Gail Bussi's Santa's Garden, although I need to look up an error in the pattern and I also have a good start on my Mill Hill Northern Lights Santa. Last night mom and I had a chick flick night and watched The Skeleton Key and Must Love Dogs (really liked that one), which involved a whole lotta stitching ;) Although I had to frog out almost an entire row of Algerian Eyes due to some confusing numbers, should have been one strand instead of 2 but saw the 2 not realizing it was the Anchor conversion. Sigh...

Today has also seen some progress on NL Santa while Alex and I watched The Polar Express on a break after doing 5 pages of work this morning. Yay! This afternoon mom's heading south to pick up the boys and the degus so Alex and I'll be baking and plugging away at more work, sigh... Dad should be returning home tonight so Alex is hoping to get swimming, he swam the length of the shallow end on his own (minus his 'super' suit even).

Monday, December 19, 2005

Arrived Safe And Sound

Yay, we made it to the Miramichi safe and sound yesterday via the bus, we made really good time, so good that my parents hadn't arrived at the bus station when we unloaded. It was alot of fun juggling 3 suitcases, 2 carry on's, 1 cabbage patch kid, a 5 year old and a car seat! Didn't do that much stitching on the bus, I did separate out some threads though for a Mill Hill Santa though. We hadn't been here too long before we took Alex swimming, I was amazed that he can now swim the length of the shallow end.

Today we did some of the huge stack of homework that was sent home, and sigh...Alex's good concert clothes, including a pair of brand new khakis have gone completely awol :( What's worse is they were 'emergency only' clothes that he should never have been wearing in the first place >:( Oh well...I just hope the children's place gets some replacements in. To get an idea of just how much was sent home one booklet of the three has 30 pages, I'm sure they're really doing THAT much work in school this week.

After lunch we headed over to the Zellers here and I found one more set of indoor icicle lights for my house finally. Yay! Then I ran into my friend Darren's mom and found out he was finally flying in for Christmas (I don't think he's made it home for Christmas since graduating from NBCC 8 years ago) so that was kind of neat. I also headed to the gym here and finished off the Order of the Phoenix while running. Now to go do some laps at the pool :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Gifts Delivered

Well the last of any gifts that I need to take care of went out the door in Alex's backpack this morning, a box of Sarah's Sweet Delights truffles for his teacher and two boxes of Pot of Gold Excellence chocolates, one for each teaching assistant. Mind you in all of the hussle and bussle I forgot to pack the bath ring for Jackson and the tape of Callie when I see Eleni at my going away lunch today. I'll probably make a quick trip up to the house to retrieve them over the 'coffee break'

I was really tired last night, Alex and I had a major freak out session after groceries (and not at each other). As we were heading to our car we looked both ways and crossed a good distance away from a car that had just loaded someone in (not in a spot) when they put it in reverse full blast never seeing us. I kept pushing Alex in a diagonal pattern but he was scared stiff. I was so upset I had the urge to kick the bumper and hard when it finally came to a stop, narrowly missing us. That incident pretty much put my head in a state of exhaustion for the rest of the evening.

We returned home and made some spaghetti which we ate in the living room so Alex could watch the Sponge Bob christmas special. After he went to bed I wrapped the gifts, had a power nap then watched Joey. I made some pretty good progress on Christmas Medley and it should be done by the time I leave Sunday.

Today's my big farewell lunch which I'm looking forward to, Boston Pizza was full but I'll take Keystone's anytime ;) Then at 3:30 we'll be having our staff party here so I'm pretty excited about that too. I'm hoping to convince Matt to make a trip out to see the Christmas lights tonight or tomorrow, I think that would be alot of fun :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stitchy Stuffy Night!

mmmmm.....cookies. Everyone brought their 'A' game to the exchange at last night's stitching night and now I'm stuffed. When I got home Matt and I sampled the Kris Kringle cookies, cookie dough truffles, two bite pecan pies and whipped shortbreads, yum girls! (oh and we taste tested the mini cheese cakes as I hadn't had a chance to before I brought them...just to make sure they were ok)

I had alot of fun last night, even if I didn't participate in the stitching exchange this year. I've just found everything hectic with school fundraisers, regular christmas stuff and planning a wedding to get in another ornament. I worked on the chain stitching for my Cindy Valentine ornament (now hopefully some new beading thread will appear in my mailbox tonight) and then went back to stitching on my Heart In Hand Christmas Medley :)

Tonight I don't have too much on the schedule. I need to pick up Alex's teacher's present and some light groceries to make some stuff up so Matt doesn't starve next week (like that would happen). I'll definitely be watching the Chrismukkah OC special tonight, I've gotten out of watching the show but those episodes are too funny! Only 3 more sleeps until the trip to the Miramichi :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Productive Night

Well there wasn't as much stitching involved but I did do some chain stitching (who ever invented that stitch??) on my Cindy Valentine Sugar Plum ornament. From 6-8 I made supper, tidied up the kitchen, made up cute little recipe tags and packaged up my 12 half dozens of mini cherry cheesecake cookies.

After getting Alex to bed, I tidied up my stitching corner and got some of the laundry started, as well as started the task of cleaning out the fridge before I go away on Sunday. Fun stuff. At nine I settled into my 'den' and frigged around with the Chain stitch and was wondering where on earth I'd put my Heart in Hand Christmas Medley pattern while watching Bones. It was particularly good last night and I loved the whole Christmas storyline. I really haven't been able to go back to CSI after I started watching that show!

Yesterday was also the day that my 'going away' lunch was announced, I got alot of jabber messages of well wishes which was so sweet (probably the reason I got more choked up than usual watching the Christmasy Bones). Friday should be a blast, my going away lunch at Boston Pizza followed by a Christmas Party during office hours that I don't have to find a sitter for that afternoon, sweet.

Tonight's the big cookie exchange at stitching, I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to seeing what every one is up to. I'm proud of myself for getting all of my stuff ready to go on time! Sometimes things are a bit helter skelter and I'd almost expect it that way this close to the holidays (although this has me a bit scared)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Giving Notice

Well, that's what my day was about yesterday, all of the hullabaloo about writing a proper, unbridge burning, resignation later and getting up the nerve to hand it in. I'm not someone who can do things like that very easily and where my manager was out most of the afternoon I took it to HR, probably easier where I didn't know him as well and wouldn't get overly emotional, just choked up. What a whirlwind, bon voyage lunch this friday, yay :)

Last night I did all of my exchange baking during the commercial breaks on Corner Gas and Degrassi, another thing down. While the shows were on I cleaned up my little corner of the living room some as well. Things will be nice and tidy before I leave (and hopefully I'll return with everything in the right order). I just need to put cherries on the mini cheesecakes tonight and then I can sit back and stitch...well after making some gingerbread men for DS.

Speaking of Alex, he was wonderful in his concert yesterday! We're so proud. Matt had a hard time spotting him at first as his telltale red hair was covered in gold tinsel with a star sticking off the top! There was one little boy in his class that sang his little off key heart out, it was just sooo cute. Speak of the devil, his alarm just went off time to go :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yet Another Weekend Gone By!

I did have a 'finish' this weekend, sewed the button on this tonight ;)

Image hosted by

Dry Turkey-Raise The Roof Designs

Besides that we actually had a very quiet weekend. Friday evening Alex and I made tags with my stamps and sizzix dies. Saturday only consisted of a trip to the mall to pick up our "The Côté's" ornament and mail Shannon and Logan's parcel off as I needed Matt to drive me, poor Betty was acting up which will require her to go see the garage sometime this week.

Today has also been pretty quiet. I slept in so I didn't make it to church, then made some spaghetti sauce and a cake, tidied up some of the stuff that had accumulated while I was sick and then we all hopped in the car to go see Narnia. I really liked it, and would so love to adopt the little girl who played Lucy, she was too cute for words! It's been almost 20 years since I read the book, all I remembered is that I really liked it. Hopefully after I do my baking tomorrow this week will be a little more productive stitching wise!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Q :Have you done any charity stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?

A: Yes I have done charity stitching, I stitched on a lovely bag that our "Friends That Count" group raffled off at last fall's retreat. I'm a hands on charity person and like to ensure that what work on actually makes it to public sale. I wouldn't be interested in organizing charity stitching, probably because I wouldn't like to nag people to get something done. Stitching is supposed to be relaxing not something that has big deadlines looming (that's what works for ;))

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Hate Being Sick!

Yay, day two home this week, sigh...I've been so achy that I haven't been able stitch either. I thought Tuesday's day of rest would have cured me but it didn't. Yesterday I mistook my uneasy feeling as anxiety over reports that a small plane had crashed, knowing my dad was out flying that day as my reason for not feeling too hot and headed to the gym, no sooner than after I went to wipe down the elliptical did the chills not return. I spent the afternoon at work with my 'work sweater' on with my big columbia wrapped around my legs popping advil. By 5:00 I felt great! At 7 I headed out to pick up Cathey's ornament at Sears engraving (and to order an engraved 'The Côté's" ornament for us) when the clerk I was dealing with was asked by another for directions to the Ramada, when he didn't know (they weren't an age group that would probably realize that the Ramada took over Howard Johnson's) I piped up that I knew, and the cashier asked me when I was done to give the lady directions. When I went over and started giving directions she asked where the nearest cab company would be to call, seeing as the function I was going to was two buildings over I offered to drive her after I picked up some Christmas gifts for Logan. Gee, it was only until she was following me out that I realized how fast I walk around when I shop ;)

The Ladies Night for Breast Cancer was awesome, they had a 20% off store discount, a masseuse, wine tasting, goodies from the Happy Baker/Chef (can't remember the name but they made an awesome bite size chocolate mousse tart with raspberry jam hidden inside), jewellry cleaning (my ring sparkles) and Healthy Chef was there too making thai and curried shrimp flambéed in Jack Daniels (yum yum yum). There was a fashion show by Lindor but where the youngest model was pushing 45 I didn't really feel like it was for me ;)

When I returned home my back started tingling, I thought it was from the massage but withing a couple minutes of hitting the sack I had severe chills again and was up half the night, sigh... Today I spent the day mostly in bed until the 'sick sweat' smell got to me and I ambled downstairs to through the sheets in the washer. Now I'm just mustering up some strength to go out and pick up Alex, sigh...of course it's a day where Matt's driving and gets in too late to pick him up himself. Oh well! Here's hoping everyone else is getting in a heck of alot more stitching time than me ;)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Day of Rest

Yesterday was a day of rest for me, I wasn't feeling too hot (chilled in fact) so I took a rare sick day and got about 5 hours sleep. I didn't move too far from bed besides to drive Alex to school in the morning. Thankfully I had some stash in my room so before nodding off to sleep I got a good start on my exchange ornament for next week, and actually finished the stitching part that evening, now just to sew on about 12 beads and hemstitch. I also called in my order for a frame for SB's Merry Season so it may actually make it up on the walls before Christmas ;)

I did get 8 of my christmas cards done over the course of yesterday, that's about the one thing that I'm slightly behind on ;) While whipping up some supper for the boys I did manage to dip my marshmallow logs into caramel and roll them in pecans to account for some of my christmas baking ;)

Tonight I'm heading over to the Green Village for a Ladies Night for Breast Cancer research, I could really live in that store come christmas time. Hopefully before I go I'll have enough time to get my beads sewn on ;)

Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Monday Already?

Where on earth did the weekend go, the closer we get to Christmas the faster the days seem to fly by! Friday I arrived home with some pop, a bottle of red and a bottle of green, along with some icecream to make some floats for our tree decorating. While we were waiting for Matt to arrive home I twisted the ribbon to fall from the top of the tree and got all of the ornaments out and ready to hang. I even got the lights on the mini tree ;) So after supper we decorated both trees and watched Santa Claus is coming to town with our floats and the pringles Matt picked up the night before. Alex LOVED the special, especially where it was a show that answered some of his "why" questions ;)

Saturday I woke up before the boys and snuck out to a Body Pump class before my holiday decor class. The decor class was fun but the first project was VERY time consuming leading to the ink dyed ornaments kind of turning out crappy (they should have had more time to dry between coats), but I'm so happy with the rest of my projects we'll just forget about that ;) Alex LOVED his Christmas jeans and is actually wearing them now at school. After supper on Saturday we headed to the Christmas tree festival which was alot of fun, Alex was particularly taken with a tree that had all kinds of christmas related jokes on it. Saturday night I finally got to stitch again, only to get to the border of my band sampler to find that my Blue Spruce was AWOL after my floss ring came apart at retreat so I worked on my Cindy Valentine Sugar Plum's as we were watching The Grudge and there were too many suspense sections for me to concentrate on The Wedding.

Sunday morning Alex and I watched Strawberry Shortcake's Christmas ;) Faith Ann saved my project and I went for a walk to pick up some Blue Spruce, I had alot of fun checking out everyone's Christmas displays along the way. After lunch we FINALLY headed out to see Harry Potter, Alex went over to visit my grandmother and Matt and I finally got to see it (we've had NO luck finding sitters lately and not for lack of trying). Poor me LOST it at the end of the movie, I can just imagine how much worse I would have been had I not read the book. I think the fact that we're also an only son family at the moment makes me a bit more vulnerable to some of the touchie moments in the books/movies ;) We had a very nice dinner at my grandmother's after the movie and then headed home. I finished the band sampler while watching last week's LOST and headed to bed.

Tonight should be pretty low key, I woke up with all the inklings of a cold coming on (something I've been trying to ignore for the last couple of days but was worse this mornign), I probably would have taken a sick day today if I didn' t need to go to the framer's today, sigh... Oh well, that just means plenty of stitching time tonight ;)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Twenty One!

Nope, not the game, not the big birthday to celebrate being legal everywhere in North America, 21 lbs gone, yippee!

To Trim A Tree

Well that's our mission for tonight, the exterior lights are all lit (and on a handy dandy remote that I found at Zellers so I don't have to go out and manually plug them in and unplug them), the tree is up and lit and all ready to decorate!! I can't wait. We plan on getting some munchies out and trimming it while Santa Claus is Coming to Town is on tonight on CBS.

Yesterday was one of those crazy shopping days, I searched in vain to replace the interior icicle lights and I don't think they make them anymore, exterior ones are all over the place and the rest are all LED or swag lights...sigh... My last hopes, walmart or the dollar store ;) I did buy some star lights just in case I couldn't find some and I'll just move the icicle lights from the picture window to Alex's room. Oh and on my travels I found a light up house (6$) for what I hope will one day be a christmas village, my mom and grandmother have them and I just love them!

We also went out after Matt got home (he was supposed to pick us up on his way to dropping off one of the guys in the carpool but neglected to mention that he'd be getting off work early so we missed him) and headed out to the coop where he got some new Levi's and a pair of Columbia khakis (for under 30$). He usually scores some really good clothing deals there before christmas. Because we'd had a late night we got some subway and headed home.

Due to all of the decorating I didn't get a single stitch in yesterday :( It's a good thing I at least got another chapter and a half read on the Order of The Phoenix or it would have been a complete anti Katie time day!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy December feels like September weather outside, I'm predicting a very green christmas. Not that I'd let the weather dampen my spirits though ;) We had a really nice dinner with mom last night, I made my chicken kabobs and we polished off the Bailey's cake (warning very addictive) and then after playing with Alex and reading the new books Mom bought him and putting him to bed, we loaded mom's car with the gifts and dad's ladder and she bid us good night... only to return 5 minutes later as stupid me forgot to put the wreath in her car (I'd gotten a bit too concerned with the fact that Matt was handling the gifts).

After that I popped Celine's christmas CD into the DVD player and started bringing the boxes upstairs. One of my sets of indoor icicle lights has gone AWOL!!! I'll have to get that along with another extension cord this evening. Matt was mocking mortification when I came in to put up icicle lights in the computer room ;) This morning I moved the armchair into our room and made room for the tree which I'll be setting up tonight so we can decorate it Friday. I was so excited to read Faith Ann's blog and see that the christmas tree festival was back++, I've missed it for the last two years.

I did squeak in a row of smyrna cross stitches yesterday and hopefully a whole lot more tonight ;)