Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures From The Miramichi Trip

Alex at the beach

Writing in the sand
Dad and Jazz


Could you hear me scream last night? The screws finally arrived for Alex's storage bins, I finish steps 1 and 2 of the installation, get to the third and final step and I have two left handed sides!!!! Let's just say Battat got a polite earful this morning about the quality control of their packaging and a new one is on it's way. So I have this beautiful half rack sitting in the middle of my living room at the moment, arghhh!

To top it off last night was busy and downright frustrating. It finally cleared up and I was uber excited to plant some seeds...only to discover the shed key was missing. I got the homework finished and started on the shelf and well...we already know that frustration. Then we rushed down to swimming and did a little more work on Bent Creek's Wedding Row, saw one of the parents that has yet to RSVP to Alex's party and didn't have a chance to ask her as she was on her cell, arghh...After that we drove out to Eleni's to unload the goodies we cleared out from mom and dad's and we both had a chance to vent for a bit ;) After that I took Alex home and put him to bed, I was just zonked. I think I was in bed by 10.

Of course, it's nice today and the lawn is huge yet again so I'll be missing pump and heading directly home to mow. After that I'm hoping to lace Alex's Lost Dragon Sampler. I finally got around to ordering the frame yesterday and figured I'd lace it and give it to him that way, it's not like Summer's Magic didn't sit there framed for a couple weeks before I got it up on the wall anyway ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One of THOSE Nights

Yesterday was one of those evenings that goes by in a blur! Alex had a meltdown when I picked him up, yay... We get home and I realize the meal I was going to prepare required rice, which wasn't cooked so I had to use some damage control skills and turn the cooked chicken into burritos (without an ounce of sour cream to spare). That was combined with juggling homework, unloading the dishwasher and getting someone ready for Beaver's. After dropping Alex and the carseat off at Beaver's I headed to Eleni's to pick up my charm pack for Harry's Stocking (ie:Alex's) and discussed the yard sale we decided to hold together. I can't wait to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Then it was off to do groceries. Wanna say busy night? I was pooped by the time I got home. I didn't even have the energy to put the charms on Alex's stocking :( Mom arrived shortly after nine from her night out so we stayed up and chatted for awhile, then I headed to bed. Wasn't really in the mood to get out of bed but someone was a little excited about the rare treat of picking up Eggo's last night. Although he completely dessecrated them with cheese whiz and pepper, claiming it was a delecacy, eww...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mower Power

Omigosh, it worked, it worked! Never thought I'd be soo excited about a lawnmower running. Last year we had soo many problems with it and $$$ in repairs because a particular male household member did not winterize the beast (yes a properly cared for Honda will last 15 years) and where I didn't know the date he supposedly winterized it I was a bit afraid. So after work I was off and mowing my 1.25 acre lot by Katie power (thank GOD part of that is a small forrest). Although being a 15 year old machine it vibrates a bit more and my hands were too sore to stitch :( The critters have played more tricks on my gardens, breaking one of my lillies :( and planting my daffodils in STRANGE spots (Under a pine tree in the middle of the back yard??).

I've been pretty run down lately, Alex's schedule was busy enough without the culminated stress from school and all the year end stuff. Factor in planning a pirate party and some days I'm looking at setting up an IV line of caffeine! Although a weekend trip to the Miramichi should recharge those batteries ;)

We had a pretty exciting mail day yesterday! No it wasn't the screws finally arriving for the bins (after a pretty ticked off phone call I found out they were shipped yesterday), it was a really cool post card from overseas. Thanks!! Alex has claimed it as his own and now wants to go there for vacation, he can dream on ;) I'm going to have to scrap book the around the world cards, they're just too neat ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some Completed Pics :)

Well, I was a little worn out the last week but am still kicking. Here are the latest finishes and framed pieces (oh and my pretty Mother's Day flowers ;))

Summer's Magic By Dragon Dreams

Girlfriends Forever by Janlynn

Harry's (Alex's) Stocking by Shepherd's Bush (until I get the charms on)

Mother's Day Flowers for me ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm Back!

Wow, long time no blog! Last week was kind of nuts. I came home one day to the bookshelf finally assembled for Alex's room but the rest of the room looked like a bomb had gone off. Apparently assembly was as far as my dear hubby goes towards organizing, even the old change table was still in there! I had started to tackle the closet too the day before so the room was a real mess! Somehow I managed to pull it together before anyone arrived at the house and his room looks more like a big boy room than the cluttered playroom look it had been going for. Miraculously to achieve this I hardly threw anything out, only a Hot Wheels garage we'd picked up at a yard sale went as I was sooo tired of fixing it.

Mom, Dad and Patrick arrived Friday evening. It was nice to have some company. We had a nice family trip to the market Saturday morning and visited my great aunt in the afternoon. Matt and I even got out to see Spiderman 3 Saturday night. Neither of us could remember the last time we'd been to an adult movie together besides maybe my birthday in September. Sunday was a day for farewell's, we had a nice dinner at the Snooty Fox and then took Patrick to the airport. Alex was really working mom and dad pretty hard to retire soon ;)

Did I stitch any this weekend? Maybe a bit at the airport. However I did finally frame Alex's Dragon Dream's Summer's Magic Dragons and thankfully that darn spot isn't noticeable (it passed Cathey's inspection) so what I must have been seeing was wrinklage or something. I promise I'll take a pic as soon as I recharge my batteries ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Hooray! Alex's stocking is now officially stitched! Now to wait for the charms to come in and I'll be finishing up a storm. My dear hubby's reaction to the stocking, 'it's too pink!' I'll admit, I was a bit surprised when what looked like a rich red in the picture turned out to be a deep mulberry shade but I'm sure once I put the deep green piping around it, it'll be balanced out. So, what's next? I should finish the wee little bit that's left on The Wedding Row but it's just not calling to me at the moment. I'd like to stitch SB's Joyful Christmas but I wouldn't be able to start that until I tidy up the craft room a bit more. So, it's looking like I'll start ornament 1 or 6 on my goal list for the year SB's Snow Fall Roll :) It will be a really quick stitch by the looks of it, plus needlerolls are just plain fun.

Last night was the usual hectic Monday, although with Matt still home recovering but feeling good enough for a short trip here or there I was able to squeeze in a run at the gym before I had to take Alex to swimming lessons. When we returned I started filling the bins so they'd be ready the second the stand is assembled. I'm impressed with just how much they actually hold. Between that and the book shelf I'm not going to recognize his room shortly ;)