Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Time For a Change

I'm ready for a change! So much so that I've started circulating my very long list of work experience around town. I'm ready for anything, I'll learn whatever anyone wants. Beef up my oracle, I'd do it, on my own time (helps when you live with the master developer ;)) The closer I get to 30 the more I realize how short I've sold myself since our family grew unexpectedly 5 years ago and really believe I'm worth more than my current asking price, or the measly 12 days vacation I have this year. I always did extremely well with my Coop placements, racking up between 5 and 7 offers a term and always was kept on as a private contractor while completing my degree so I think that should say alot. I want to be the best techie and best model stitcher ;)

Speaking of stitching last night was a bit slow. I found out I needed to frog a section of giggles, thankfully only part of a boot. Then it was onto blends, blah...Give me french knots anyday (especially since Jennifer recommended the colonnial, my godsend) I'm really hoping to wrap him over my vacation :) We'll see!

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