Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let It Rain

Well, yesterday I popped in my Amanda Marshall CD and listened to Let It Rain, and sure enough, AFTER I got the steaks on the BBQ the sky openned up and drenched everything ;) Last night I puttered around the house getting everything ready for vacation, picked up groceries for Matt, did the laundry, got the suitcases out, organized stash (most important) and gave Alex a good scrubbing (he really needs a hair cut while we're away). I even picked myself up a NEW bathing suit last night...good thing as I thought there might be a possibility I'd have to swim to the car the way it was raining last night.

I settled into my little nest and stitched on Giggles last night, he now has boots!! I should definitely be finished or very close to being so after next weeks vacation. Yippee! Matt came home early as his softball was rained out so we watched the Battlestar Gallactica tapes he'd borrowed from a friend. Today the sun was shining bright and early, I'll probably mow one of the lawns at lunch and attempt to do the other around soccer practice. Then it'll be tidying up some more and awaiting mom's arrival as she has Alex tomorrow. Only one more sleep until vacation!!

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