Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday...A Day of Rest

Sunday was truly a day to unwind. We didn't do too much around the house. I had planned on mowing the lawn but it was just too hot and humid, cutting it in all that heat isn't good for it anyway. So after lunch and after having a little down time with Alex I headed in for a nap. After a couple interruptions by the boys (why am I the only one who knows where everything is located??) I got up and stitched some on my Dragon Dreams Imagination Creation until we headed out for a picnic at the lake. It was our first trip to the lake the summer and it was really nice to unwind there. Alex had a great time attempting to swim, Matt attempted to nap and learned that sign language isn't so silent, the group next to us was signing away and apparently there was quite a bit of slapping and grunting. He should have been in with us anyway ;) When he did come in we soaked him good ;) Now it's back to stitching in front of the fan, I can't wait to see this creation come to life!!

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Faith Ann said...

Definitely too hot for mowing today!! Sounds like Moncton was great. As for Elite, anything I've seen framed by them looks *fantastic*...I can't wait to see your framed pieces!

Your stocking is really cute...I can't believe you had time to finish something this weekend.