Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stitching Question of the Week

When starting a new project, do you start in the middle? If you do, once you've worked down to the bottom, do you turn your chart and fabric around so that you are stitching the top section downwards again or do you just stitch upwards from the middle?

I start in the middle, however the rest of my travels are usually pretty random depending on what colours I use. I'm a vertical stitcher (unless working with hand dyed threads) which has me usually working to the left first and then working part of the right side with the chart upside down...which I should be doing tonight now that I'm back on Giggles :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

I Have Willpower

Oh my, it's been proven, I have willpower. When I was making my last pilgrimage to the local LNS I saw they had stocked Petal Fairy, I put it in my basket. Then I put it back. For once it was a good price and it kind of haunted me. I was going to go today when I realized that I won't be stitching it anytime soon and by then surely one of the INS or the PNS (provincial Needle Shop) would have it cheaper and I'd rather patronize a store that wasn't packing up and heading to Montreal, either stay local or I'll take my business elsewhere that's reliable. What an empowering revelation, as I usually cave.

Nothing overly big on the work radar today. My grandfather's cousin and best friend passed away this morning, he was like a surrogate uncle to my mom and great uncle to us growing up. We looked forward to our special silver dollars in our christmas cards every year that he'd send. It was a great honour to have someone take such interest in our lives. Passing away at the age of 95 however I don't feel the sense of tragedy and loss as much as the other losses I've experienced, it's more of a chapter in life's diary that can be closed and look back at fondly.

Tonight after mowning the back lawn and treating Alex to his favorite supper of tacos (the boy could eat one for every year of his life) and reading another Chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Alex I headed down to the basement and did some scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook but my inspiration for pages can sometimes be fleeting. I finished up a page of Alex trick or treating for the album club at compupro. Then I did a little stitching on my SB ornament to say that I did actually stitch tonight and here I am, I've confiscated Matt's laptop while he plugs away at his game on the family pc, going wireless internet has really helped ;)

A Little Rant

It has been over 6 months since I initally reported a mother/grandmother duo who refuse to put their daughter and granddaughter in a car seat, and when I talked to them in the fall it had already been going on for 6 months. I've reported it, given statements to the police, had promises of a patrol car being sent to catch them and nada! No ticket nothing. What's worse is there is a high end carseat in the back, but they insist on sitting the now 28month old up in the front, at least the occasionally use a seatbelt. Shame on the police for not doing something!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Stitchless Sunday, So Far...

Today I learned never to underestimate the scope of an outdoor project ;) Case in point when we moved in last year there was a rotten looking bench in the front of the house and ditto for an arbour outback. On Saturday I decided to see what deck scrub would do to the state of the bench before wasting time on the arbour. What an improvement. No more grey wood!! The bench went by pretty quick, the arbour however took most of today, but at least they have be salvaged. Staining will have to wait until another weekend, but at least I picked it up. Needless to say I didn't get nearly as much stitching in as I had anticipated but here's my progress to date (hoping to stitch something tonight).

Giggles Progress week 1

Friday, June 24, 2005

Stitching Question of the Week

Are there any types of designs that you won’t stitch?

I probably won't stitch anything that is simply floral, mind you if there were beads involved or specialty stitches/fibres I'd consider it. Mind you had someone asked me this before I met the local stitching group I would have had band samplers on there (which I collect with reckless abandon now) and hardanger looked too hard (and now I find it relaxing). I'd rather do a large design with shading that 'draws' the character than a small design that relies on backstitching.

The Mailbox Overfloweth

Oh little Happy Dance, the parcel from JJ's had finally arrived. They shipped it promptly, CanadaPost however wasn't quite as speedy. I was soo excited, although I don't think Matt was nearly as excited to see all of my new watercolours and WDW spread out on the love seat.

After a late supper we headed down to the Wilmot wading pool with Alex. I really noticed how much he'd grown in the last year when his head was comfortably above the water in the deep section. I remember taking him as a toddler in his little inflatable boats and letting him paddle around, no need for my assistance anymore. Although that doesn't mean we don't have a close eye on him, I don't understand how some parents can just dump their kids off at a pool and not watch them. We had one little guy shoving Alex, once even on the throat at shove number 4. At that point I kicked off my shoes as Alex was trying to get away and intervened. I told Alex to stay away from the boy who couldn't behave quite loudly and not a single reaction anywhere (where on earth was this kid's parent??) and reminded the boy gently that shoving was not friendly and that no one wants to play with a bully and I actually didn't see him rough housing for the rest of the night.

When we returned home we put a purple Alex (he'd have stayed in the pool until it froze over) to bed and watched Veronica Mars while stitching on Giggles. I started stitching the light blue section of the coat first and have since branched out with the medium blue color. I now have the outside borders of the coat stitched, now to fill it in (progress pic to come soon Faith Ann ;)). I had intended on throwing it on the scanner until Alex required some assistance picking out his clothes (poor monkey was also a bit too sleepy to dress himself this morning).

Nothing too much planned this weekend. At 99.8 cents a litre we won't be going too far at all. Matt has a ball game at 6 which Alex and I'll probably go to after we grab a bite to eat at home. The field where Matt's games are scheduled has some playground equipment and is connected to the walking trails should Alex get bored, but hopefully where it's nice out there will be some other kids watching their daddys :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Last night I finally got a good start on Giggles in the Snow by Mirabilia. Mind you I stayed up a little past my bedtime, I started watching Dancing With the Stars (just wanted to catch a glimpse of my favorite NKOTB) and Matt actually came out and started watching it with me. I love to watch dancing.

We had a fairly quiet evening. Alex (bubble mower) and I mowed the front lawn while we waited for Matt to get home (what kind of sadist schedules a meeting at 4:30 with someone that they know commutes I have no idea). While waiting I also made up a list of little things that need to be done by Matt around the house, door stops installed, reorganizing the surround sound system, etc. He's going to be so thrilled when I show him it, not.

I also got a good news/bad news phone call last night. Apparently Barbara Ann's Cottage in Riverview is closing so there's a sale on the cross stitch supplies (must remember to reorder the SB button I was ordering through them elsewhere). It's not a big surprise, although a very successful store she's had a really rough two years family (health) wise. I'll miss her store on our bi-annual pre-retreat shopping trips. I love both Moncton area stores as the two seem to compliment each other more than compete. Now to see what I need to order from there before she closes.

Still no sign of the Potting Shed, hopefully it'll show up before the weekend, along with the threads I need for my SB ornament so I can actually do something SB related on the SB elf night (lately it's all been DD ornaments ;)).

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Snail Mail Finally Delivers

In my haze induced by lack of sleep I forgot to mention that Canada Post FINALLY delivered two of my three parcels that I've been expecting. Now I can finish a patch on my cross stitch bag and do a little more scrapbooking ;) Now if they'd only bring my parcel with The Potting Shed in it and my WDW for my SB ornament!!

Not a Creature was Stirring

I had a little happy dance last night finishing Not a Creature was Stirring from the 2001 JCS ornament issue on SMF Golden Turret. This allowed me to also get started on Giggles in the Snow while watching a Sarah McLaghlan documentary ;)

Dragon Dreams: Not A Creature Was Stirring

Unfortunately there were creatures stirring in our house last night. Some time in the middle of the night the old cordless in our room started beeping like crazy, sometimes the old battery decides to go on the fritz, so I grumbled for Matt to pull it out when he let me know we had no power. My land did it ever get warm quick! Matt went to investigate, even with the security system I think when he's woken up from the dead of sleep he's convinced there's a robber in the house... When he came back then the little creature across the hall started whimpering 'I can't see...I can't see...'. Poor little guy inherited mommy's fear of the dark, until I realized how much more sleep I got when the room was black in my teens. We brought him into our room so he wouldn't be soo scared. At that point I asked if Matt had called NBPower, nope. So I trudged off into the dark and found the phone book, confiscated the flashlight and headed downstairs to use the phone as upstairs is completely cordless. I'd finally gotten back to sleep when the truck pulled up in front of the house and was working on the box inbetween our house and the neighbors, half an hour later the power was back, Alex was back in his own bed and I was finally getting some shut eye!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's only Tuesday?

Sigh, it feels like it should be Friday already. Matt was out playing ball last night so I had the night chores all to myself. It was good to see him get out, but doing all the cleaning on my own was not.

I had hope to finish my Not A Creature Was Stirring ornament last night in time to enter it in the SMF Sugar Shack Gallery but I didn't make it. I knew as soon as Matt walked in the door I wouldn't have access to the scanner should I have finished it until at least this morning so I headed to bed.

I did do a little happy dance last night though, although not stitching related. My car's window went back up (after two weeks of noisey plastic). Every June it seems to do this, I'll have the back window down all the way, shut off the car and when I go to put it up again it's dead. Then when it gets warm again and dries out it's fine. I'll have to put a sticker on the button reminding me which of the back windows not to open. One of these years I'm going to learn to drive the stick which is our other much newer vehicle....

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Father's Day went over well at the house ;) My back was acting up but some Advil kept the pain in check enough to cook Matt's father's day brunch, a batch of his favorite muffins, a german chocolate cake and roast a chicken. The sun finally came out after a week of rain and while Matt mowed (he just sharpened the blades and wanted to do it himself) so I had the opportunity to weed my gardens and do some of the pruning on the lilacs. 80% of the flowers are gone and I didn't have the heart to prune off where there were still blossoms. While pruning I found a caterpillar, myself, I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to bus but they facinate Alex. I called him over and for 6 hours he lugged that caterpillar lovingly dubbed 'catapilly' as his pet, he was very sad when he had to release it back into nature, although he did so in my garden so hopefully he won't stray too far.

I completely forgot about the DD SAL on Sunday until I read about it Sunday morning. So much for finishing off Baby Bug Ball on the weekend. I'm hoping to finish up the DD ornament I started yesterday before posting my progress (Not a Creature was Stirring on 28ct golden turret by SMF). I did a little bit of sanding around the craft room but not as much as I'd hoped, the back just wasn't cooperating this weekend. Matt's off to softball tonight so I'll have some quiet stitching time tonight. Thankfully his games start at Alex's bedtime so he doesn't miss to much Alex-time :)

Life is Short

June always seems to be a reminder of how fragile life can truly be. It begins with the lilacs, a reminder of a friend lost when rushing across the road to pick more for her mother 20 years ago. With Alex's birthday comes the reminder that we almost lost him only 4 weeks later due to pyloric stenosis, and knowing deep down as he was wheeled into surgery something else was off, and finding out 2 weeks later that my beloved dog had passed away the same day but all were too fearful to tell me due to the stress I was already under with a sick baby. Father's day was no different, a simple call home with father's day wishes yielded the news that one of the members of our church middle school youth group had passed away in an accidental drowning, 29 just seems so young. How odd it is getting news like that about someone you'd really grown apart from over 15 years ago all in the same week that you track down a dear friend from 10 years ago just to say hello and that you valued their friendship.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday, finally!

Well it's finally Friday. What a long week it's turned out to be. My back is feeling a bit better today, not bad enough to consider taking two consecutive sick days ;)

I've been making some progress tracking down an old high school friend this week, what a difference a couple changes to your yahoo or google search can make, and a couple e-mails. I lost touch with alot of my high school friends when my high school sweetie and I split up, mostly my doing as I wanted a fresh start.

Tomorrow I'm finally getting the mop chopped again. I chickened out of getting more highlights, I'm actually liking being back to my original colour for a little while. This next hair cut will probably cut out at least one set of highlights from a year or two ago so I'll see if I can 'adapt' to the darker look. I enjoy changing it up a little every so often.

On the homefront all is going well. Although poor Matt has been on vacation all week but I think he's put in more work hours than he has resting hours. Today was the first day in a week that Alex hasn't asked about death, a subject that I just don't think I'm capable of explaining fully without sending him into a complete panic about the mortality of his parents and grandparents.

Besides the hair cut and planning a father's day feast I don't have much in terms of plans for the weekend. Maybe some more crack filling in the craft room but definitely some stitching. I'd like to be close to finishing Baby Bug Ball by the end of the weekend so I can start up Giggles in the Snow (I really need to get my stitching priorities on track, stitching snow in the summer, I'm nuts).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Q : Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just to say that you've experienced stitching one of their designs?

A : No, not really. After stitching Alex's Noah's Ark that measured 2 feet squared I have nothing left to prove and just have fun with my stitching. My tastes range from itty bitty (although I doubt I'd ever stitch on 40ct like a friend of mine is, I'd go blind) to large projects, from DMC specialty stitching less designs to beaded masterpieces.

A Day of Rest

I think I managed to pull a back muscle coughing last night as I was out of commission today. It was really odd taking a sick day over a sore back and cough but I really needed a day of laying down. I gave up on 'martyr mom' syndrome for once, usually I feel that if I can get Alex off for school then there's no excuse not to go to work but maybe I'm finally getting older and wiser and listening when my body says 'give me a break'. Although I didn't move too far (besides to kit up Giggles in the Snow) my arms and nimble fingers were able to move around and stitch for a bit without giving my back too much grief.

Matt's been on vacation and surprised me with a movie and pizza at lunch hour, he even gave up the couch so I could lie down flat (I'm usually on the love seat). With Alex at daycare it was nice to have the house to ourselves, even if I was laid up.

Here's an updated photo of my Guardian Angel that my dear stitching friend took for me last night (as it's too big to fit on the scanner), thanks again ;)

Progress to date on Mirabilia's Guardian Angel

It's definitely time to hit the ibuprofen and then the sack for some much needed zzz's!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Talking to Matt tonight and telling him that Alex has been sad that mom and dad's tree 'died' reminded me of the cutest thing Alex said this weekend. On Sunday Alex was looking up at the fridge at a picture of Oreo, my brother's late guinea pig. Alex always got a big kick out of Oreo when he was a toddler whenever we'd visit the Miramichi or the pig would come up for a visit. Anyway, he turned to mom and asked "When's Oreo coming back to life??" to which mom replied "I'm sorry sweetie, Oreo can't come back, he's dead". Without missing a beat he replied "Well if God can come back to life so can Oreo". I think he took everyone off guard with that. If only death weren't so final.

Tonight was stitching night which was really fun. I was really looking forward to getting out tonight as I've been feeling rotten (back acting up) and work has been a bit stressful. When I started working I was assigned a pet project that eventual bloomed into a very useful tool that was picked up in other apps across the company. Unfortunately it was designed under the product I'm assigned to and other groups requesting changes sometimes gets into a 'well who's in control here?' match and poor developer moi gets stuck in the middle, I'm looking forward to when ISO certification goes in this year.

Back to stitching, I pulled out my Joy ornament to work on only to find that I was missing the WDW I needed, and when I went to stitch in the Pine that was required for the border I hadn't realized that it was not a WDW but a GAST, sigh. I then pulled out my Spring Teapot which I'd located the last floss colours for only to find the pattern was at home. It must have been fate's way of telling me to work on SB's Baby Bug Ball. How I ever love working with silks. I really can't wait for my The Potting Shed to come in.

Speaking of which mail is still dreadfully slow. I ordered from two memorial day sales and nada. Ditto for the Sizzix letters I won on ebay. sigh...

Dance of Joy!

Joy by Dragon Dreams

It feels good to have a little finish, especially with a large project on the go. Now I have 3 dragon dreams ornaments down and 4 to go, excluding the christmyths which I only have one of completed. It's kind of odd that I have so few of them done where the 2002 ornament caught my eye in the first JCS ornament issue I ever purchased, many DD patterns were to follow but I only got the Peace on Earth Dragon stitched this year! I can't wait to to have them up on the tree this year (will definitely require a REAL tree this year to have enough room for ornaments).

Last night was pretty laid back, I was feeling pretty worn out yesterday so I puttered around but at least the floors are swept now and some of the crack filling I'd done monday night is sanded. After reading about the Oompa-Loompas to Alex I put my feet up and finished stitching Joy.

Tonight is the Friends that Count stitching night and I can't wait to go. With the weather being as miserable as it has the last several days, it'll be nice to get out with some cheery friends and see what everyone is up to these days. The new Summer Teapot by Fiddlestitch Cottage may be available early at the meeting (as opposed to the first day of summer) so I'm hoping to pick up my copy :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Trip Excitement!

Well after driving through high winds and lots of lightening we arrived at mom and dad's to this:

Checking out a near miss! Posted by Hello

We had an excellent time visiting, it was so nice to be 'home' for a weekend. I'm the homesick variety that loves visiting my old stomping grounds. I did get a little stitching in and a trip up to the LNS (yay, an excellent supply of kreinik ribbon awaited for some of the ornaments I'd like to do from JCS). Alex even got to the beach for a swim (he's a die hard swimming enthusiast)

DS's first trek to the beach for this summer with Pappy in tow Posted by Hello

Sunday, Alex let us all sleep in. Apparently he likes his inflatable hotwheels bed in the computer room much better than bunking in the boys old room which we've tried when either of my brother's hasn't been home visiting too. Matt came to pick us up later in the day, although first we went to Mr. & Mrs. Smith which was awesome, while Pappy took Alex up to the city pool where he swam for 2 hours. The drive back was fairly quiet, Alex slept and Steven and I were pretty zonked too, it's a good thing Matt met up with every local along the 'highway' to keep him awake ;)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Getting Excited!

Well it's T-minus 4 hours 'til quitting time and I'm getting really antsy to get on the road. Poor Alex thought I was only dropping the cheque off at the sitters today as he thought we were going straight to Grammie and Pappy's, not that he doesn't love his sitter, but there aren't too many people that Alex would rather hang out with than his Pappy.

I went scrapbooking last night and it was fun, I was the only one there so Tracy and I played with my Sizzix machine (she'd never seen one). I also got to see her Legends of the Dragons all framed, my goodness Elite did an amazing job! I think I'll take my Secret Santa there this summer. I worked on some pages of Alex's birthday party, I can't wait to put the title on it and finish the journalling.

This morning I wrapped up packing for our weekend excursion, I didn't have time before the school busses started arriving (we try to be on the road before they start going) to get any flosses together for the Dragon Dreams ornament I wanted to start but pulled out a mill hill kit (although coming to think of it I could grab my pre-sorted slightly started Baby Bug Ball to stitch down at the beach ;) I'm hoping we get some good weather. In other excitement, one of our stitchers from SJ who usually attends our workshops and retreat with the Fredericton stitchers had her baby girl last night :) I was sooo certain she was having a boy, which is odd as I'm usually never off. Welcome Quinn Marion!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yippee A Miramichi Weekend!!

Sometimes juggling a 40 hour work week with mom's nursing schedule is to say the least tough. Throw in holidays and it's near impossible to get home for a visit. In our morning e-mail yesterday I asked what would be a good weekend, and until the middle of July the only ones really available were father's day and the Canada day weekend, both of which Matt had plans for, sigh. My brother was going home Friday and taking the bus back here Sunday which meant if we went (I still can't drive our standard) we'd be bussing, added expense yes but I really wanted to go for a visit and head the the LNS up there. When I got home I discussed this with Matt and he offered to pick us up Sunday, yippee!!!

In stitching news I made an executive decision last night, I'm not entering the Guardian Angel in this years exhibition. I'm going to put in Just Nan's Gingham Christmas instead in a smaller size category (you can only enter one of the 4 size categories). She'll probably be finished in time but I'd like the leisure of starting whatever I want over the summer, maybe stitching some ornaments here and there and not being stressed out over a deadline, after all I can always enter her next year. Also, the large category is going to be completely saturated this year if those who plan on entering do, stressing myself out over a category with alot of competition is just not what I want to do. Now I can work on Baby Bug ball again and get some of the baby afghans I need to do for November ladder laced at least ;)

Tonight's agenda consists soleley of scrapbooking though, it's the last Creative Memories workshop before the summer and where my cutting tools are mostly in Miramichi it'll be nice to be able to work on some pages. I've been in the mood to scrapbook for a little while now and have layouts thought up in my head, now I get to translate them onto pages, yippee! I also enjoy our girls night out immensely, sometimes a mom just needs to get away for a couple hours to remember what she's like as an individual when the rest of your time is so involved in making everyone else happy and healthy :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Lady Slippers are Back!

One of the biggest surprises we had when we moved into the house last year were two clusters of lady slippers growing just along the fence between our lawn and our small forrest. Matt didn't notice them and almost threw a bunch of dead branches on them last year, good grief. I was pleasantly suprised to see them back when I was mowing the lawn last night, I almost did a happy dance with the mower. I'd let out a little yippee everytime I went by (my son must think I'm nuts).

I just finished the lawn and bbq'ing the steaks when the thunder storm hit, my goodness it's loud up at the house. I don't know if the altitude of the house has anything to do with it or what! Due to the lightening Alex didn't hop in the tub, but he had been out for a swim in the wading pool so I didn't feel too bad. After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I plugged away at my angel. I stitched in one strand of white and worked on the scattered pink at the bottom in the flowers. I'll do that and a green that's down there and then I'll be leaving the waterlillies until last, there is ALOT of white on the piece so I want to leave the option of washing wide open.

I just received e-mail from my brother who's hiking around Peru, what an adventure. We're so different, I'm more of the put money into the house person where he's the globe trotter, I can't believe how much he's seen and he's only 25. Wow...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Stand Corrected

I arrived home at lunch time to find not one but two cards in the mail for Alex...maybe someone at Canada Post is secretly reading my blog. I managed to get the front lawn mowed just in time to head back to work, big lawn, who's idea was that?? Mind you I do like the space between our house and the neighbors ;)

Well I've made a decision about making a decision on the Guardian Angel. Should I finish the flowers at the girl's feet AND one angel wing by the end of June I should be able to get it framed in time for the exhibition. Mind you I could put it in the unframed category should I finish it later than August 1st. Here's hoping!...

Still No Mail

Talk about snail mail! Mom and dad accidentally took two of Alex's birthday cards back with them to the Miramichi instead of dropping them off when they visited on the 29th, they were mailed bright and early on the 30th, last monday from Miramichi which is only a two hour drive away, it's a good thing Alex loves getting mail, no matter how late...thanks Canada Post!

Last night was a fairly quiet evening around the house due to the rain, I sat and stitched, caugh In a Fix and had a good laugh at the husband lamenting that the car was in a Fix when his wife switched from reverse to third too quickly. I can just see my dad or Matt with the same expressions on their faces. I finally got the angel's face backstitched so she's not so scary looking! I went to the LNS yesterday to get the colours I needed only to find both of them when I got home already on the bobbin, where were they when I needed them?? Sometimes I think I have a house elf playing tricks on me ;)

With the sun out and me forgetting my lunch I think I'll sneak home and mow the front lawn, between it being a week since the last time it was mowed, having it fertilized and then rain I do believe the lawn swallowed up a robin this morning, which isn't such a bad thing as I believe it's the robin that has issues with my pagoda lamps and keeps rotating one of them...sigh...nature...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Relaxing evening

Sunday went by without too much commotion, besides us sleeping in and missing church. I'd even made the squares for the picnic, sigh. Usually DS lets us sleep until 8 or so before looking for us but Sunday morning I woke up on my own at 9:30...the time that we usually leave the house for church. We watched Ladder 49 instead as we were too tired to watch it the night before. After a brunch I headed out to the LNS which is closing which also has scrapbooking supplies and treated myself to an embossing gun. Then I picked up a pretty butterfly blue perennial for my flower bed and some annuals, my feeble attempts to revive the poor flowerbeds. I think previous owners wife #1 was the gardenner ;)

I did get some stitching in on my Guardian Angel, I was stitching poolside when DH's cousin and husband showed up for a visit, we've been living in the same subdivision for 6 months now and this is the first we've run into them. DH finally was able to give them their wedding gift that's been sitting in the computer room closet for 6 months now. After DS's bedtime I got back to stitching the Guardian Angel and finished her halo, although I noticed when I went to finish her face that I'm missing a DMC colour, time for another trip to the LNS after work!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stitchin' Poolside!

Well, it might not be an infiniti pool or anything worth insuring, in fact its just DS's birthday gift this year...a wading pool but it was nice on a +28 day to lounge out by it. I had to rearrange my seating a couple of times as DS figured out how to get maximum splashing...tidal wave actually when sliding in. It was nice to dip my feet in the cold pool and stitch away at my Guardian angel, although I think I'll put the original pattern in a ziploc tomorrow should it not rain.

This morning DS and I headed out bright an early to get his hair cut, although he'd put in his new Star Wars DVD 40 minutes before and did not want to leave it, he wanted 'aloneness'. I was going to head to market after but there was a bridal party at the hair dressers and that usually puts me in a foul mood, my non upgrade from common law status is a very sore spot. After getting home and finding DH working away remotely I decided to call up my grandmother and see if we could borrow her van to pick up DS's pool, which was more than ok (DH was supposed to pick it up Friday when his dad was down with his truck to spray our lawn). I really wanted DS to get a chance to be outside today but where the lawn was off limits a pool on the deck would rock ;) We had a really nice visit with my grandmother and as usual there were a whole bunch of little luncheon foods ready when we arrived.

Tonight I plugged away at the Guardian Angels halo, poolside again and then on the couch until I ended up making some squares for the church familiy picnic tomorrow. It was just too hot earlier in the day to fire up the oven. In craft room news I finally picked out a color today after picking up some swatches from benjamin moore, herbes de province is going to look soo good in there, now to pick up some crack fill and primer...Go Habs go will be going alright ;)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Cakes, Presents and One Very Special Birthday Boy

Wednesday night I decided to decorate a 3D Carebear cake for DS, BIG MISTAKE in 30 degree weather! Decorating a regular formed caked woudn't have been a problem but gravity and warm frosting just was not cutting it. DH was playing softball so I went to see if DS had fallen asleep yet which he hasn't which meant road trip ;) We stopped by Sobey's and found a purple dinosaur cake that he was happy with and then went to the ball field to catch the last 3 innings of DH's game. Normally I don't let DS stay up anywhere where I did Wednesday but it was nice to play in the field under the stars just once. The boys were staying home from work/daycare so they had the liberty of sleeping in.

DS's birtday was a blast, we went to Boston Pizza for lunch although they no longer have the desperado pizza, sigh. Then after work we did the cake and presents, DS was thrilled with a new trainset from his Pappy and Grammie but wondered why there was no 'super suit' in his Incredibles suitcase that he received. He even received a phone call from my brother with birthday greetings, all the way from Peru! We then packed ourselves into the car and headed out to see Madagascar (although DS is still fuming over our decision not to let him see Star Wars before we can forward over some scenes when it comes out on DVD). He was soo tired by the time we got home that he didn't even ask to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was asleep before I even got his door closed ;)

As for stitching I've gotten a little bit more stitching in on my Angel Stitchin' Joy ornament, although when working with hand dyed threads I always seem to underestimate how much longer it takes to stitch, that was on Monday Elf Night on the SB board, then Tuesday I made some progress on my Guardian Angels face, it should definitely be done tonight and hopefully she'll have some hair as well ;) The boys are home again today as the FIL is coming over to spray our lawn (I served notice to the ants that I battled last year ;)) last night as I was planting some more perennials. I can't wait to have them under control, it's not like we have alot, 4 hills on an acre isn't too bad but they irritate me, especially when they go near my flowers ;)

Tomorrow we're hoping to check out the festivities for the IWK here in town, I know DS had a blast at it last year. With the house tidied up I should have plenty of stitching time as well when we're not there, a welcome relief after a hectic birthday week!!