Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's Has To Look Worse Before It Looks Better

I'm beginning to accept this in reference to refinishing the deck. I managed to get some of the aweful teal stain off of the floor today, although finding my scrub brush OR owning a pressure washer would have been a HUGE help! Matt has yet to take a crow bar to pry off the post tops with really need to be replaced, the previous owner nailed them in place and lowered their life expectancy immensely.

Today's been a ho hum kind of day. Alex let us sleep in until (I really needed it as my shoulder was kinked up half the night not letting me have any sort of quality sleep) and then I worked on a mill hill kit that I'd started on the drive to Grand Falls last week. I'd like to have the beading on the stocking portion of the kit done before I work on Giggle's boots.

On the family front Matt had wonderful news Friday, a very large raise!! I'm glad to see him appreciated for all the hard work that he does, if only my own employer showed that much respect for it's employees, or mainly just me, any policy change they've done has for lack of better words 'screwed' me over. I do have a code issue to bring up with my supervisor and I'll probably bring up a salary issue that's been ticking me off for awhile now off the records. Alex has also finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! On Friday, it was so cute, Alex decided to try to read to a little girl in the stands. He grabbed the book out of my bag and started "Once upon a time there was a little boy named Charlie Bucket..." It amazes me how he went right from board books and Dr Seuss right to novels!

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Faith Ann said...

Congrats to Matt on the raise...that's great news!!

I'm on a roll with Celtic Christmas so I might stick with that for a little bit before returning to Giggles.