Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally - Some Non Baby and Non Reno Pics :)

See, I still stitch. Or in this case frame as this pregnancy finally has my hands too swollen to do much detail work :(
Lizzie Kate's Beware of Cat - Finally framed for Halloween (frame a lucky find from the Dollarstore)
Lizzie Kate's Happy Hoppers, omigosh it's up in time for Easter after almost 3 years in the craft room. Another Dollarstore frame find (both painted by moi of course)

Mill Hill Treasured Diamond kit stitched up over the March Break

Monday, March 15, 2010

1 Month Until Baby - Let's Renovate!

Dear goodness, I'm being punished for my hours logged in HGTV. 5 weeks before our EDD my wonderful DH decided to pull all of the carpet in the main floor of the house...yep the living room, hall and bedroom. To say we live in chaos at the moment would be an understatement. I've also learned that if you don't have your ceilings finished when you rescrew your subfloor, any exposed areas of your semi finished basement will look like a beaver upchucked in it! Anyway, here's some in progress photos of what's been going on ;)

Our living room in October 09, at this point we'd replaced the ugly old beige baseboard heater and all of the old light toggles for deco white ones
March 2010, picture window replaced in December, carpet replaced with Cappuccino Ash hardwood, upside down chair rail stripped to make room for wainscotting, 46 inch tv replaced after contractor scratched it with a 50. God bless the previous owners and their sense of sadism for painting up to that border. You won't catch me doing that!!

Painting in progress, Behr Crimson Red on top to eventually have white wainscotting on the bottom.My sexy painter painting the entry (one end of the living room) and hall Behr Pumpkin Butter.


A little dark but an idea of what the red kind of looks like with the white, and some new drapes ;) Not all of our furniture has been added back in, mainly the lamps, hence why the pic is sooo dark!

And the entryway fixed up a bit. My poor china cabinet's contents are in the basement :( 6 panel white bifold closet door to go in this weekend and MAYBE some trim.

Now onto our room, no pictures exist of it before hand because lets face became the catch all rooom. The room where clutter piles went to hide when company came ;) So here's a start. DH is in the process of painting it Behr Skipper so I should have another update tomorrow.

What it looked like when I got home, and the suitcase I lived out of for most of the first week!My closet, what a mess it was now it's almost fully organized!! I hated the semigloss paint in the room, the colour not so bad with the floors but we didn't have the swatch. There's nothing worse than trying to read or having your spouse read, you turn in the opposite direction of the light but it just bounces back in your face regardless!DH's closet and eww more semigloss paint.