Sunday, May 30, 2010


Oh yes and in the last month things are getting a bit more 'normal' although far from what we're used to (or I should say I'm used to). I actually got some lacing done. Something I can mindlessly do when I have some downtime. I might not get to stitch much on leave but maybe I can get the 'to be framed/finished' drawer closer to being ready to take advantage of framing sales ;)

Mom's Sweet Pea Pixie Framed

Lily's birth sampler before sending it in to be framed

Lily - Almost Month Two

We're rapidly coming up on Lily's 8 week and 2 month markers, what a change in that girl :) We've made the move in the last week to exclusive pumping, and my goodness that girl eats! She's had a content couple of days recently which is such a relief. Colicky inconsolible days are hard on the nerves and break your heart.
In the last month she's rolled from front to back, smiled and gained ALOT of control over her head, if only I didn't have yet another unpleasant experience with attempting to get a bumbo off of Kijiji for her :( She's still very much a bath girl, she can be screaming but as soon as that bottom of hers hits the water she's in heaven. She has no fear of water like her can dump it on her head, although that prompts her to try to lick it up and that's just gross ;) As much as I love itty bitty babies, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming month when she really starts to get interesting. In the back of my mind is that Angelina Jolie quote where she referred to her daughter as a 'blob' in the early months and got alot of flack for it. I can relate, although there are probably 'warmer' ways to say that. Lily is amazing but it's hard knowing there's sooo much personality coming really soon.
Thankfully she's having more good days of getting sleep and hopefully the growth spurts or what I think were partially at least feeding issues are going to be a bit less frequent. In most of the growth spurt literature there are alot of little spurts in between months 0-2 with larger gaps...I could deal with that. I'm interested to see her weigh in this week. She might catch up to her brother's birthweight on his birthday ;) Although I think she might have even surpassed it, she is really growing and changing. I feel a little better knowing how much food is going into her system. They keep telling you mother nature takes care of things when you are breast feeding but I'm the kind of person that needs to see numbers and not rely on diaper counts to know everything is going ok.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lily @ One Month

Things are still hectic here. Lily is a good night sleeper considering her age, she usually gets a 4-6 hr stretch followed by a 1-3, she's had a flukish 8 even, daytime however not so much. It's only been recently that she's truly taken to the swing so instead of trying to get her into bed during the day I'll be content for now just letting her swing. She's a pretty advanced little tyke, I feel weird saying that but that girl just baffles me. She's been smiling since 3 weeks, laughing at 6, rolling at 5 (scary) and can scoot herself a good foot on tummy time she gets soo ticked off.

Although she is a bit colicky, some days are amazing, other days I consider going back to work where it's nice and quiet ;) I think you really have to have been off on Mat leave to truly get how exhausting constant crying can be. It's frustrating to go out in public when they're like that as well , you could have given them 2 L of breastmilk or formula (if that were possible), have an automated diaper changer and just had them wake up from a 24 hour coma and you get the experts, 'oh they're hungry, dirty, tired', which is frustrating when you know that sometimes baby's just cry. At times though I think she does it just to get Gripe Water, she treats it like liquid crack! ;)
We have a loose schedule for her which is all we can hope for at this point. I'm looking forward to her hitting that magic 10 lbs and getting up to 12 weeks when her little body should start producing melatonin, making a schedule more reasonable...all without trying to wish our last baby days away. We are also cloth diapering her which definitely isn't 'our mom's diapers'. I was disappointed with the first set we bought, although from the research I did they sounded like 'the ones' however now she uses a combo of Flips, Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. I can't get over how easy it is to be green, plus we've paid off a chunk of our fuzzy stash (yes there are other stashes besides stitching ;)) and that's just with phasing them in. I'm looking forward to years 2 and 3 where we're really in the black...then I can spend it on real stash ;) Speaking of which I've finally gotten a couple of stitches in! I'm hoping to have Lily's birth sampler ready to frame tomorrow.

Now for some eye candy :)