Friday, November 29, 2013

Trimming The Tree

Tonight was designated to trimming the tree.  Lily and I started before work this morning...
When we returned we were back at it and 3.5 hours later it was done. She was determined to have the best Christmas tree ever. However, we'll have to work on ornament 'clumps'. ;). I let her help with most of the less likely to break items with the exception of a pair of mittens that I received in 2007. Some of my favorite ornaments are those stitched by my friends.  Lily put up candles from Lucy, hardanger from
Shannon, a Santa from Tracy, but I put up my mittens from Cathey.

Needless to say, it was a little emotional. I look at my tree and it blows my mind that someday someone will be reacting similarly to what I've made over the years for my tree (or so I hope!).  Even this year Faith Ann posted her tree pics...and there was an ornament I'd made for her, side by side with her own set of mittens.  The sentiment was priceless 

Until next time, 


Still Kicking

What a crazy couple of weeks, after Sunday I should be able to breathe again. After getting back from retreat it was a crazy short week with stuff jamming the evenings....not what a working mom needs after taking a rare weekend off.  Holiday Monday, Wednesday Angela and I took our daughters to Dora Live! and Thursday it was OT for Alex.

Lily and Elizabeth
Mom also was down for a shopping trip which was nice.  Her visit happened to coincide with Christmas at the Market, IMO THE craft show of the holiday season. It was her first trip and I think she was hooked.  It is crazy how many vendors I know through various crafting circles. Mom graced us with an additional nights stay so we could finally get out to see Ender's Game, loved it!

No rest for the wicked.  I had a conference to go to in Moncton Monday and Tuesday, being the low chick on the totem pole this also meant renting the vehicle for our group and that fun juggling. However the conference was a really good two days for steering our branch back to a more functional model so the time away was justified. We hit up The Keg Monday night, then I made a quick run to David's Tea and had a nice visit with my friend Lisa.  Tuesday the guys let me stop at Mode Choc and I picked this up for Lily (even sparkler in person )
Friday was November Nonsense at Alex's school. It was his las shot at going so we finally went.  He's managed to be grounded every other year. There was a little cheap parental therapy involved...
Oh yes, might I add that during the past two weeks Lily has NOT been sleeping through the night?  To top all of this off we have a jammed weekend with a Christmas bazaar, community breakfast, Santa Claus parade on the opposite side of the river ( never fun traffic wise) AND an inlaw visits it have new dog, pass the rum and egg nog!!

However, there has been some stitch therapy on the go, although is missed our 15th anniversary Friends That Count get together due to scheduling :/.  Also an exciting little project that ill blog about later ;)

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retreat Recap

Retreat was a mixed bag this time around, not as much as it's organization or composition.  My head just hasn't been 'there' recently

Friday Angela and I hit the road at 9 with one packed Corolla!  We made it to Because You Count  to stock up on supplies. Pam made it up from Nova Scotia and tailed us where I knew where I was going. Stop #2-the delightful Cafe Archibald. 

Angela's Skor bit Dessert

Pam's cinnamon roll crepe ( which I indulged in as well)

Then it was time to visit the wonderful framers at Elite to frame some pieces for Angela and me. Then a little clothing shopping before heading to Wildwood.

It was hard acknowledging Cathey's passing for those that hadn't heard. It was reliving it all over again. There was a half a dozen times I just wanted to email her a 'you would not believe...' Or some other annoyance that we would have had in common.  I kept to myself a lot more than usual. In recent years that's my only kid free crafting time so I'm not as social as I used to be. Time is precious!  However I did enjoy watching some of the games, especially the girls attempt to make snowmen..

As usual there was the annual retreat exchange, which I just didn't have enough time to participate in.  However it was fun to watch the hand out :)

Then of course there was a table for finished pieces.  I finally had a piece to share in the

And with that  retreat was over in a flash.  We packed up the Corolla and headed back for a pit stop in Moncton to check ou the new Mode Choc store. Our girls have some nice fashion goodies coming this Christmas!

Until next time!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

One more sleep....

This has to be the biggest mad dash I've done to prep for retreat in ages. I decided I too would frame something while we were in Moncton...I didn't realize I had so many unframed pieces to choose from. Very overwhelming.  Thank goodness I have an extra hour at the house tomorrow morning (most times I just leave from work). The basics are packed, it's my 'what if' emergency projects.  Like what if I make a major boo boo, no one wants to spend fun time frogging right?

I also learned that I for lack of better words suck at soldering...rings at least.  Thankfully my patient teacher is fixing my ring!  No finish there to show off. However I did get my memorial pendant drilled so I can wear something special next to my heart tomorrow (although this pic is a little blurry, I need natural light!). It's my Cathy pendant with pink crystal and pearl dangles, if it wasn't so blurry it could actually be read, sigh
Until next time!


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trick or retreat

2 more sleeps until retreat. I can barely contain my excitement. Tonight marks the official packing night.  A quick run to Walmart to pick up some decorations for my spot, a special picture of the tassel twins from the last retreat Cathey and I attended and a frame for said picture and I'm good to go.  Now don't all marvel at my incredibly 'organized' packing two nights's out of our necessity!  When I was away last month I had a course that I was scheduled to take and that's rescheduled to tomorrow night. So maybe I'm kicking off some much needed me time early. Dinner out, class with Fauth Ann at Beadnik learning to make silver rings...yep definite kick off!

Speaking of kicking off,I'm practically dancing. My brother is moving home from Argentina next month and he's the last on the list for a Shepherd's Bush stocking. The stitching on that stocking finished today!  Now to wait for the charms to arrive and to find some time to sew between now and Christmas: (my apologies, the camera on the iPad is inferior to the iPhone IMO)

I'd meant to write a post sooner to show off the kid's trick or treating picture but I was getting so close to finishing, it became all consuming. Halloween was fun and the rain held off until we were finishing up with our last neighbour. Big kudos to our neighbors, my kids are usually the only ones that trick or treat on the street and they pull out all of the stops for them every year. This year Faith Ann and her son joined us again. It was so nice to be able to chat instead of being on full time ref mode. Lily kept up with the boys no problem, she'll be trick or treating deep into the subdivision in no time!

Until next time...