Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quiet Night

Last night was a fairly quiet one out on 'the range'. After getting groceries and bbq'ing some steak (yay it's official Alex LOVES steak) Matt was out the door for softball and Alex and I had a quiet evening to ourselves. After Alex went to bed I even had some company for about an hour, which was nice as everyone we know seems to be as busy as us to finding visiting time is at a premium. I didn't get too much stitching in which was ok, I wasn't really in the mood last night for some reason. Matt arrived home just as Dancing With The Stars was starting, our summer's guilty pleasure, and after that it was off to bed.

Tonight will probably be another quiet night on the stitching front, Alex has soccer this evening and I'll probably be going to bed early to make up for staying up until 11 watching Dancing (thankfully it's over so I have no reason to stay up past 10 anymore)

I purchased my tickets for Tea With The Dragon yesterday afternoon, I'm soo excited to be going to the CNSS next Saturday!! A girls day in Moncton is just what the doctor prescribed, and hopefully we can get into Elite Framing so Secret Santa can stop residing rolled up in the craft room :)

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Faith Ann said...

Ohhh! You'll have so much fun next Saturday!

I was going to convince DH that we should go to Moncton next weekend so I could drop in on all the fun... but we're having company.