Thursday, July 21, 2005

Friends That Count

Last night was our monthly Friends That Count get together. It was soooo nice to stitch in airconditioned comfort. Faith Ann had her Celtic Christmas in which was truly breath taking. We also got a sneak peek at the new Fiddlestitch Cottage Autumn teapot and I LOVE the colours. I finally gave my Imagination Creation some spririt and she now has eyes!! She was really beginning to creep me out. I had planned on stitching on Giggles half the night but I had borrowed one of the spools of Kreinik from Cathey (where mine is missing) and that took me to half time so I didn't actually have to take it home. Lucy had some new Canterbury Cross fabric swatches in as well, I may have to order more than my Flax afghan that just came in ;) Overall it was just a really fun night and it felt really good to get out. When I arrived home the house had cooled off upstairs, I thought we might be downstairs last night but everything was ambient upstairs. We've grappled with the thought of an airconditioner but it's soo hard to justify spending that kind of money when it's so nice downstairs and there are two bedrooms waiting for us to use. I have no idea why the lower lever of the house is so cool but I'm not complaining, at least not this summer... :)

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Faith Ann said...

I'm really tempted by one of Lucy's swatches too (think gingerbread). I just have to put more thought into what I could stitch on it and therefore how large a piece to order. I'll probably wait until the new year since I think I have enough projects planned for this year already!