Friday, June 03, 2005

Cakes, Presents and One Very Special Birthday Boy

Wednesday night I decided to decorate a 3D Carebear cake for DS, BIG MISTAKE in 30 degree weather! Decorating a regular formed caked woudn't have been a problem but gravity and warm frosting just was not cutting it. DH was playing softball so I went to see if DS had fallen asleep yet which he hasn't which meant road trip ;) We stopped by Sobey's and found a purple dinosaur cake that he was happy with and then went to the ball field to catch the last 3 innings of DH's game. Normally I don't let DS stay up anywhere where I did Wednesday but it was nice to play in the field under the stars just once. The boys were staying home from work/daycare so they had the liberty of sleeping in.

DS's birtday was a blast, we went to Boston Pizza for lunch although they no longer have the desperado pizza, sigh. Then after work we did the cake and presents, DS was thrilled with a new trainset from his Pappy and Grammie but wondered why there was no 'super suit' in his Incredibles suitcase that he received. He even received a phone call from my brother with birthday greetings, all the way from Peru! We then packed ourselves into the car and headed out to see Madagascar (although DS is still fuming over our decision not to let him see Star Wars before we can forward over some scenes when it comes out on DVD). He was soo tired by the time we got home that he didn't even ask to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was asleep before I even got his door closed ;)

As for stitching I've gotten a little bit more stitching in on my Angel Stitchin' Joy ornament, although when working with hand dyed threads I always seem to underestimate how much longer it takes to stitch, that was on Monday Elf Night on the SB board, then Tuesday I made some progress on my Guardian Angels face, it should definitely be done tonight and hopefully she'll have some hair as well ;) The boys are home again today as the FIL is coming over to spray our lawn (I served notice to the ants that I battled last year ;)) last night as I was planting some more perennials. I can't wait to have them under control, it's not like we have alot, 4 hills on an acre isn't too bad but they irritate me, especially when they go near my flowers ;)

Tomorrow we're hoping to check out the festivities for the IWK here in town, I know DS had a blast at it last year. With the house tidied up I should have plenty of stitching time as well when we're not there, a welcome relief after a hectic birthday week!!

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