Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Still No Mail

Talk about snail mail! Mom and dad accidentally took two of Alex's birthday cards back with them to the Miramichi instead of dropping them off when they visited on the 29th, they were mailed bright and early on the 30th, last monday from Miramichi which is only a two hour drive away, it's a good thing Alex loves getting mail, no matter how late...thanks Canada Post!

Last night was a fairly quiet evening around the house due to the rain, I sat and stitched, caugh In a Fix and had a good laugh at the husband lamenting that the car was in a Fix when his wife switched from reverse to third too quickly. I can just see my dad or Matt with the same expressions on their faces. I finally got the angel's face backstitched so she's not so scary looking! I went to the LNS yesterday to get the colours I needed only to find both of them when I got home already on the bobbin, where were they when I needed them?? Sometimes I think I have a house elf playing tricks on me ;)

With the sun out and me forgetting my lunch I think I'll sneak home and mow the front lawn, between it being a week since the last time it was mowed, having it fertilized and then rain I do believe the lawn swallowed up a robin this morning, which isn't such a bad thing as I believe it's the robin that has issues with my pagoda lamps and keeps rotating one of them...sigh...nature...

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