Monday, June 13, 2005

Trip Excitement!

Well after driving through high winds and lots of lightening we arrived at mom and dad's to this:

Checking out a near miss! Posted by Hello

We had an excellent time visiting, it was so nice to be 'home' for a weekend. I'm the homesick variety that loves visiting my old stomping grounds. I did get a little stitching in and a trip up to the LNS (yay, an excellent supply of kreinik ribbon awaited for some of the ornaments I'd like to do from JCS). Alex even got to the beach for a swim (he's a die hard swimming enthusiast)

DS's first trek to the beach for this summer with Pappy in tow Posted by Hello

Sunday, Alex let us all sleep in. Apparently he likes his inflatable hotwheels bed in the computer room much better than bunking in the boys old room which we've tried when either of my brother's hasn't been home visiting too. Matt came to pick us up later in the day, although first we went to Mr. & Mrs. Smith which was awesome, while Pappy took Alex up to the city pool where he swam for 2 hours. The drive back was fairly quiet, Alex slept and Steven and I were pretty zonked too, it's a good thing Matt met up with every local along the 'highway' to keep him awake ;)

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