Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stitchin' Poolside!

Well, it might not be an infiniti pool or anything worth insuring, in fact its just DS's birthday gift this year...a wading pool but it was nice on a +28 day to lounge out by it. I had to rearrange my seating a couple of times as DS figured out how to get maximum splashing...tidal wave actually when sliding in. It was nice to dip my feet in the cold pool and stitch away at my Guardian angel, although I think I'll put the original pattern in a ziploc tomorrow should it not rain.

This morning DS and I headed out bright an early to get his hair cut, although he'd put in his new Star Wars DVD 40 minutes before and did not want to leave it, he wanted 'aloneness'. I was going to head to market after but there was a bridal party at the hair dressers and that usually puts me in a foul mood, my non upgrade from common law status is a very sore spot. After getting home and finding DH working away remotely I decided to call up my grandmother and see if we could borrow her van to pick up DS's pool, which was more than ok (DH was supposed to pick it up Friday when his dad was down with his truck to spray our lawn). I really wanted DS to get a chance to be outside today but where the lawn was off limits a pool on the deck would rock ;) We had a really nice visit with my grandmother and as usual there were a whole bunch of little luncheon foods ready when we arrived.

Tonight I plugged away at the Guardian Angels halo, poolside again and then on the couch until I ended up making some squares for the church familiy picnic tomorrow. It was just too hot earlier in the day to fire up the oven. In craft room news I finally picked out a color today after picking up some swatches from benjamin moore, herbes de province is going to look soo good in there, now to pick up some crack fill and primer...Go Habs go will be going alright ;)

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