Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Talking to Matt tonight and telling him that Alex has been sad that mom and dad's tree 'died' reminded me of the cutest thing Alex said this weekend. On Sunday Alex was looking up at the fridge at a picture of Oreo, my brother's late guinea pig. Alex always got a big kick out of Oreo when he was a toddler whenever we'd visit the Miramichi or the pig would come up for a visit. Anyway, he turned to mom and asked "When's Oreo coming back to life??" to which mom replied "I'm sorry sweetie, Oreo can't come back, he's dead". Without missing a beat he replied "Well if God can come back to life so can Oreo". I think he took everyone off guard with that. If only death weren't so final.

Tonight was stitching night which was really fun. I was really looking forward to getting out tonight as I've been feeling rotten (back acting up) and work has been a bit stressful. When I started working I was assigned a pet project that eventual bloomed into a very useful tool that was picked up in other apps across the company. Unfortunately it was designed under the product I'm assigned to and other groups requesting changes sometimes gets into a 'well who's in control here?' match and poor developer moi gets stuck in the middle, I'm looking forward to when ISO certification goes in this year.

Back to stitching, I pulled out my Joy ornament to work on only to find that I was missing the WDW I needed, and when I went to stitch in the Pine that was required for the border I hadn't realized that it was not a WDW but a GAST, sigh. I then pulled out my Spring Teapot which I'd located the last floss colours for only to find the pattern was at home. It must have been fate's way of telling me to work on SB's Baby Bug Ball. How I ever love working with silks. I really can't wait for my The Potting Shed to come in.

Speaking of which mail is still dreadfully slow. I ordered from two memorial day sales and nada. Ditto for the Sizzix letters I won on ebay. sigh...

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