Friday, June 24, 2005

The Mailbox Overfloweth

Oh little Happy Dance, the parcel from JJ's had finally arrived. They shipped it promptly, CanadaPost however wasn't quite as speedy. I was soo excited, although I don't think Matt was nearly as excited to see all of my new watercolours and WDW spread out on the love seat.

After a late supper we headed down to the Wilmot wading pool with Alex. I really noticed how much he'd grown in the last year when his head was comfortably above the water in the deep section. I remember taking him as a toddler in his little inflatable boats and letting him paddle around, no need for my assistance anymore. Although that doesn't mean we don't have a close eye on him, I don't understand how some parents can just dump their kids off at a pool and not watch them. We had one little guy shoving Alex, once even on the throat at shove number 4. At that point I kicked off my shoes as Alex was trying to get away and intervened. I told Alex to stay away from the boy who couldn't behave quite loudly and not a single reaction anywhere (where on earth was this kid's parent??) and reminded the boy gently that shoving was not friendly and that no one wants to play with a bully and I actually didn't see him rough housing for the rest of the night.

When we returned home we put a purple Alex (he'd have stayed in the pool until it froze over) to bed and watched Veronica Mars while stitching on Giggles. I started stitching the light blue section of the coat first and have since branched out with the medium blue color. I now have the outside borders of the coat stitched, now to fill it in (progress pic to come soon Faith Ann ;)). I had intended on throwing it on the scanner until Alex required some assistance picking out his clothes (poor monkey was also a bit too sleepy to dress himself this morning).

Nothing too much planned this weekend. At 99.8 cents a litre we won't be going too far at all. Matt has a ball game at 6 which Alex and I'll probably go to after we grab a bite to eat at home. The field where Matt's games are scheduled has some playground equipment and is connected to the walking trails should Alex get bored, but hopefully where it's nice out there will be some other kids watching their daddys :)

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Faith Ann said...

I started with the medium blue and branched out to the lighter blue...I'll post a pic at the end of the weekend with my progress too :)