Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Day of Rest

I think I managed to pull a back muscle coughing last night as I was out of commission today. It was really odd taking a sick day over a sore back and cough but I really needed a day of laying down. I gave up on 'martyr mom' syndrome for once, usually I feel that if I can get Alex off for school then there's no excuse not to go to work but maybe I'm finally getting older and wiser and listening when my body says 'give me a break'. Although I didn't move too far (besides to kit up Giggles in the Snow) my arms and nimble fingers were able to move around and stitch for a bit without giving my back too much grief.

Matt's been on vacation and surprised me with a movie and pizza at lunch hour, he even gave up the couch so I could lie down flat (I'm usually on the love seat). With Alex at daycare it was nice to have the house to ourselves, even if I was laid up.

Here's an updated photo of my Guardian Angel that my dear stitching friend took for me last night (as it's too big to fit on the scanner), thanks again ;)

Progress to date on Mirabilia's Guardian Angel

It's definitely time to hit the ibuprofen and then the sack for some much needed zzz's!

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