Monday, June 27, 2005

I Have Willpower

Oh my, it's been proven, I have willpower. When I was making my last pilgrimage to the local LNS I saw they had stocked Petal Fairy, I put it in my basket. Then I put it back. For once it was a good price and it kind of haunted me. I was going to go today when I realized that I won't be stitching it anytime soon and by then surely one of the INS or the PNS (provincial Needle Shop) would have it cheaper and I'd rather patronize a store that wasn't packing up and heading to Montreal, either stay local or I'll take my business elsewhere that's reliable. What an empowering revelation, as I usually cave.

Nothing overly big on the work radar today. My grandfather's cousin and best friend passed away this morning, he was like a surrogate uncle to my mom and great uncle to us growing up. We looked forward to our special silver dollars in our christmas cards every year that he'd send. It was a great honour to have someone take such interest in our lives. Passing away at the age of 95 however I don't feel the sense of tragedy and loss as much as the other losses I've experienced, it's more of a chapter in life's diary that can be closed and look back at fondly.

Tonight after mowning the back lawn and treating Alex to his favorite supper of tacos (the boy could eat one for every year of his life) and reading another Chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Alex I headed down to the basement and did some scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook but my inspiration for pages can sometimes be fleeting. I finished up a page of Alex trick or treating for the album club at compupro. Then I did a little stitching on my SB ornament to say that I did actually stitch tonight and here I am, I've confiscated Matt's laptop while he plugs away at his game on the family pc, going wireless internet has really helped ;)

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