Friday, June 10, 2005

Getting Excited!

Well it's T-minus 4 hours 'til quitting time and I'm getting really antsy to get on the road. Poor Alex thought I was only dropping the cheque off at the sitters today as he thought we were going straight to Grammie and Pappy's, not that he doesn't love his sitter, but there aren't too many people that Alex would rather hang out with than his Pappy.

I went scrapbooking last night and it was fun, I was the only one there so Tracy and I played with my Sizzix machine (she'd never seen one). I also got to see her Legends of the Dragons all framed, my goodness Elite did an amazing job! I think I'll take my Secret Santa there this summer. I worked on some pages of Alex's birthday party, I can't wait to put the title on it and finish the journalling.

This morning I wrapped up packing for our weekend excursion, I didn't have time before the school busses started arriving (we try to be on the road before they start going) to get any flosses together for the Dragon Dreams ornament I wanted to start but pulled out a mill hill kit (although coming to think of it I could grab my pre-sorted slightly started Baby Bug Ball to stitch down at the beach ;) I'm hoping we get some good weather. In other excitement, one of our stitchers from SJ who usually attends our workshops and retreat with the Fredericton stitchers had her baby girl last night :) I was sooo certain she was having a boy, which is odd as I'm usually never off. Welcome Quinn Marion!!

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