Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Lady Slippers are Back!

One of the biggest surprises we had when we moved into the house last year were two clusters of lady slippers growing just along the fence between our lawn and our small forrest. Matt didn't notice them and almost threw a bunch of dead branches on them last year, good grief. I was pleasantly suprised to see them back when I was mowing the lawn last night, I almost did a happy dance with the mower. I'd let out a little yippee everytime I went by (my son must think I'm nuts).

I just finished the lawn and bbq'ing the steaks when the thunder storm hit, my goodness it's loud up at the house. I don't know if the altitude of the house has anything to do with it or what! Due to the lightening Alex didn't hop in the tub, but he had been out for a swim in the wading pool so I didn't feel too bad. After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I plugged away at my angel. I stitched in one strand of white and worked on the scattered pink at the bottom in the flowers. I'll do that and a green that's down there and then I'll be leaving the waterlillies until last, there is ALOT of white on the piece so I want to leave the option of washing wide open.

I just received e-mail from my brother who's hiking around Peru, what an adventure. We're so different, I'm more of the put money into the house person where he's the globe trotter, I can't believe how much he's seen and he's only 25. Wow...

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