Thursday, June 23, 2005


Last night I finally got a good start on Giggles in the Snow by Mirabilia. Mind you I stayed up a little past my bedtime, I started watching Dancing With the Stars (just wanted to catch a glimpse of my favorite NKOTB) and Matt actually came out and started watching it with me. I love to watch dancing.

We had a fairly quiet evening. Alex (bubble mower) and I mowed the front lawn while we waited for Matt to get home (what kind of sadist schedules a meeting at 4:30 with someone that they know commutes I have no idea). While waiting I also made up a list of little things that need to be done by Matt around the house, door stops installed, reorganizing the surround sound system, etc. He's going to be so thrilled when I show him it, not.

I also got a good news/bad news phone call last night. Apparently Barbara Ann's Cottage in Riverview is closing so there's a sale on the cross stitch supplies (must remember to reorder the SB button I was ordering through them elsewhere). It's not a big surprise, although a very successful store she's had a really rough two years family (health) wise. I'll miss her store on our bi-annual pre-retreat shopping trips. I love both Moncton area stores as the two seem to compliment each other more than compete. Now to see what I need to order from there before she closes.

Still no sign of the Potting Shed, hopefully it'll show up before the weekend, along with the threads I need for my SB ornament so I can actually do something SB related on the SB elf night (lately it's all been DD ornaments ;)).

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Faith Ann said...

Oh no! Barbara Ann's is closing before I even made a trip there! I always go to the other Moncton store because DS is too young to wait for me to go to both stores...and the other store is closer to Costco.

I worked on Giggles last night too :)