Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yippee A Miramichi Weekend!!

Sometimes juggling a 40 hour work week with mom's nursing schedule is to say the least tough. Throw in holidays and it's near impossible to get home for a visit. In our morning e-mail yesterday I asked what would be a good weekend, and until the middle of July the only ones really available were father's day and the Canada day weekend, both of which Matt had plans for, sigh. My brother was going home Friday and taking the bus back here Sunday which meant if we went (I still can't drive our standard) we'd be bussing, added expense yes but I really wanted to go for a visit and head the the LNS up there. When I got home I discussed this with Matt and he offered to pick us up Sunday, yippee!!!

In stitching news I made an executive decision last night, I'm not entering the Guardian Angel in this years exhibition. I'm going to put in Just Nan's Gingham Christmas instead in a smaller size category (you can only enter one of the 4 size categories). She'll probably be finished in time but I'd like the leisure of starting whatever I want over the summer, maybe stitching some ornaments here and there and not being stressed out over a deadline, after all I can always enter her next year. Also, the large category is going to be completely saturated this year if those who plan on entering do, stressing myself out over a category with alot of competition is just not what I want to do. Now I can work on Baby Bug ball again and get some of the baby afghans I need to do for November ladder laced at least ;)

Tonight's agenda consists soleley of scrapbooking though, it's the last Creative Memories workshop before the summer and where my cutting tools are mostly in Miramichi it'll be nice to be able to work on some pages. I've been in the mood to scrapbook for a little while now and have layouts thought up in my head, now I get to translate them onto pages, yippee! I also enjoy our girls night out immensely, sometimes a mom just needs to get away for a couple hours to remember what she's like as an individual when the rest of your time is so involved in making everyone else happy and healthy :)

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