Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday, finally!

Well it's finally Friday. What a long week it's turned out to be. My back is feeling a bit better today, not bad enough to consider taking two consecutive sick days ;)

I've been making some progress tracking down an old high school friend this week, what a difference a couple changes to your yahoo or google search can make, and a couple e-mails. I lost touch with alot of my high school friends when my high school sweetie and I split up, mostly my doing as I wanted a fresh start.

Tomorrow I'm finally getting the mop chopped again. I chickened out of getting more highlights, I'm actually liking being back to my original colour for a little while. This next hair cut will probably cut out at least one set of highlights from a year or two ago so I'll see if I can 'adapt' to the darker look. I enjoy changing it up a little every so often.

On the homefront all is going well. Although poor Matt has been on vacation all week but I think he's put in more work hours than he has resting hours. Today was the first day in a week that Alex hasn't asked about death, a subject that I just don't think I'm capable of explaining fully without sending him into a complete panic about the mortality of his parents and grandparents.

Besides the hair cut and planning a father's day feast I don't have much in terms of plans for the weekend. Maybe some more crack filling in the craft room but definitely some stitching. I'd like to be close to finishing Baby Bug Ball by the end of the weekend so I can start up Giggles in the Snow (I really need to get my stitching priorities on track, stitching snow in the summer, I'm nuts).

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