Monday, May 30, 2005

Party Time

DS's first little kids birthday party went on without a hitch Saturday, I can't believe my little guy will be turning 5 this week. He even had some surprise guests. We were just lighting the candles when I saw a silver honda pull in the McDonalds parking lot, then I saw the hometown honda label on the back and knew mom and dad had arrived :) I wondered why she was asking what time his part went from last week. DS has some very generous friends and I hope that they had a good time. One little guy couldn't contain his excitement about his gift and pulled out one of the bad guys from Power Rangers S(something something something) before DS had a chance to open it. DS was super excited as he knows that's about the only way one would sneak it's way into the house as I won't buy them.

Sunday was pretty good, although I spent most of the morning looking out the window at my flower garden that still needs to be hoed so I can get my remaining 3 perennials in but the rain just wouldn't go away. After lunch I proceeded downstairs and tidied up the craft room. Now that the door is up on the closet it actually looks clean, before no matter how much was in the closet it still looked messy because you could see it all sitting there. Now to pick out some paint and some mouldings. I love having a craft room, eventhough from time to time my crafting supplies seem to sneak upstairs and collect near the love seat ;)

There's actually some blue sky out this afternoon, it seems like it's been raining forever. I guess I'll be mowing again as soon as I get home. It seems like there's only enough sunlight to finish mowing the lawn and then it's back to rain lately, sigh. Hopefully DH will offer to do the back lawn so I can get some stitching time in.

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