Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not a Creature was Stirring

I had a little happy dance last night finishing Not a Creature was Stirring from the 2001 JCS ornament issue on SMF Golden Turret. This allowed me to also get started on Giggles in the Snow while watching a Sarah McLaghlan documentary ;)

Dragon Dreams: Not A Creature Was Stirring

Unfortunately there were creatures stirring in our house last night. Some time in the middle of the night the old cordless in our room started beeping like crazy, sometimes the old battery decides to go on the fritz, so I grumbled for Matt to pull it out when he let me know we had no power. My land did it ever get warm quick! Matt went to investigate, even with the security system I think when he's woken up from the dead of sleep he's convinced there's a robber in the house... When he came back then the little creature across the hall started whimpering 'I can't see...I can't see...'. Poor little guy inherited mommy's fear of the dark, until I realized how much more sleep I got when the room was black in my teens. We brought him into our room so he wouldn't be soo scared. At that point I asked if Matt had called NBPower, nope. So I trudged off into the dark and found the phone book, confiscated the flashlight and headed downstairs to use the phone as upstairs is completely cordless. I'd finally gotten back to sleep when the truck pulled up in front of the house and was working on the box inbetween our house and the neighbors, half an hour later the power was back, Alex was back in his own bed and I was finally getting some shut eye!

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That's so cute!!