Monday, June 20, 2005

Life is Short

June always seems to be a reminder of how fragile life can truly be. It begins with the lilacs, a reminder of a friend lost when rushing across the road to pick more for her mother 20 years ago. With Alex's birthday comes the reminder that we almost lost him only 4 weeks later due to pyloric stenosis, and knowing deep down as he was wheeled into surgery something else was off, and finding out 2 weeks later that my beloved dog had passed away the same day but all were too fearful to tell me due to the stress I was already under with a sick baby. Father's day was no different, a simple call home with father's day wishes yielded the news that one of the members of our church middle school youth group had passed away in an accidental drowning, 29 just seems so young. How odd it is getting news like that about someone you'd really grown apart from over 15 years ago all in the same week that you track down a dear friend from 10 years ago just to say hello and that you valued their friendship.

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