Monday, October 03, 2005

Operation Completion a Success!

This weekend was so much fun! Alex and I started off the weekend (Matt was off for a poker/golf tournament) at Boston Pizza. As we were walking around the parking lot looking for Cathey's car Alex blurts out, mommy are you finally walking me to the liquor store?? I wanted to die! I have a firm no kids in that store policy, the occasional bottle of wine or case of beer manages to make it from there to our house but never with Alex in tow...arghhh...Anyway Cathey showed up not to much later and we beat the mad rush. I love the quirky combination of toppings they have. If someone had told me that potato on a pizza was good 10 years ago I would have laughed! We then headed back to the house stuffed and Alex was the gracious host wanting to take Cathey on the grand tour. After awhile, and a visit from the Red SPD Power Ranger and subsequently an Incredible uniformed clad Alex we stitched and watched the first season of Clone Wars.

Saturday Alex and I got up and made our pineapple chicken in black bean sauce for the finishing day down with the Friends That Count. When it was ready we packed up the car with food, stitching stuff and things to keep Alex busy. We headed to market first where Alex insisted on his own hot italian sausage, I'm thinking great I've been doing well on Weight Watchers and if he doesn't finish it I may be tempted to, but he wolfed it down, then promptly got in the line to see tinsel the clown. Where he didn't actually ask to go see the clown I took him for a little walk to pick out our Indian Corn for the door and waited for him to ask nicely to see the clown which he did. He loves his balloon sword and I even got a little heart sticker (which I forgot was on and ended up walking around with all day!!)

When we arrived at stitching Alex wasn't the only little one there, April had come up with 4 month old Quinn. The two of them were so good!! Tracy of Fiddlestitch Cottage showed up near lunch with her Thanksgiving design almost done, I can't wait until it's in print. I did pick up my winter teapot and she also brought in my Creative Memories leaf maker, yippee!! Alex and I headed out at 3:40 (I can't believe he stayed that long) and bought our tickets for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride which I really liked (the new Harry Potter trailer was awesome, although if they do that montage showing the kids all growing up again I'll scream, I'm not supposed to get choked up in previews). After that some mcdonalds was in order and we headed home to play some board games and wait for Matt to return.

Sunday was a super completion day. I finished stitching both needlerolls after Faith Ann dropped off my threads, yippee!!! Then I finished stitching my Dragon Dreams Hippocampus, fixed some stitched and attached the button on SB's Witches Moon, attached the buttons to SB's Merry Season and then assembled one of the needlerolls. After lunch I headed out and finished painting the last three sections of rungs on the porch and after cleaning up a bit I mowed the front lawn (here it is October and I'm still mowing every week....). I also got one bunch of tulips planted!! Sunday night was for relaxing and doing some of the forementioned stitching ;) (Completed pics to follow as soon as I get my film processed)

I don't know what's on the agenda for tonight, probably mowing the backyard and touching up the white paint on the rungs, then we can finally do the floor, yippee!! Thankfully I have no must see programming on Mondays!!


Faith Ann said...

I can't wait to see pics of everything! You finished so many projects this weekend...are you sure your weekend was only 2 days long?

Hmmmm, I've never tried the BP pizza that has potatoes on it...sounds interesting...

Shannon L. said...

wow, you got a ton done this weekend :) One mention of Boston Pizza, and I'm itching for pizza tonight. lol