Monday, October 17, 2005

A Super Stitchy Weekend

This weekend was the complete opposite of last, a VERY nice change. Lots of stitching involved!! I finished Britty Christmas Kitty, restitched the twill stitch on my Love Needleroll and beaded it (now waiting for the threads to come in), stitched the majority of Cindy Valentine's Sugarplum (just waiting for NN thread for some klosters and the beads to come in) both sides, and started the Water's Edge ornament incase it's the retreat ornament this year as it was the only one suggested so far, thought I'd better start it as I needed to psych myself up for it, but now that I see it on fabric I'm falling in love with it (one of the ones where the picture is deceiving).

Alex and I headed to Wallace and Grommit on Saturday, had to move twice though, once for a three month old and another for a birthday party, I'm so glad we made the last minute decision to move away from the birthday party as they really acted up, just what you want after spending $25.00 on tickets and concessions. Besides the annoyances the movie was awesome! Alex is finally at the age where he's picking up on some of the more tame subtle humor, although the middle age spread jam was totally over his head. Oh... I almost forgot the penguins from Madagascar featurette, my goodness they make me laugh with 'Hoover Dam' and 'Shitake Mushroom'.

Yesterday we attempted to see the minister after church but our service ended up running into the 11:45 service, which never happens, so I sent an e-mail and if I don't hear from him I'll see him next Sunday (I'm just so anxious to get the ball rolling especially where the reception site is tentatively booked!!)

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Faith Ann said...

I can't wait to see all of your ornaments!!

I hope you hear back from the minister soon so you'll know whether or not your date works with his schedule...good luck!