Friday, October 07, 2005

Still No Serenity

Well we didn't get to Serenity last night either, sigh... I wasn't much in the tv watching mode either, but I did watch Night Stalker again which was pretty good. It's amazing how my tv watching has switched, Thursday night's are pretty dead now (well if we were in the states I'd have Smallville to watch but it airs here on Wednesday, sigh). I logged a little time into WoW and worked my my Jeannette Douglas Joy Needleroll which will be finished tonight, they have been such a delight to work on! Here's hoping my ornament cuts come in from Silkweaver tonight so I can get a jump on Love until my Rainbow Gallery FyreWerks and white treasure braid come in!!

When we got home last night after going winter boot shopping (I've learned the hard way to do it sooner than later or else it ends up costing $$$) and surprisingly finding a General Grievous for Alex's stocking (he has one that is minus an arm) we headed home to put up my new pumpkin windsock. When I was trapsing across the wet yard (grass is STILL GROWING, arghhhh....) I noticed a beige spot on my indian corn! I went to investigate as I thought it was one of the husks falling down...nope EATEN!!!! Good grief. When I mentioned it to Matt when he got in he said that Wednesday when he was working at home he heard banging on one of the doors and went to investigate, no intruder at the kitchen, looked out the living room and nothing there either. He threw back the curtain on the front door and whoosh, off takes a blue jay. So much for my 4$ Thanksgiving decoration!

My appointment with the doctor went well, I was so pleased. She warned me it may take awhile to get into the surgeon I wanted but my gut really told me to stay away from the bozo at the breast clinic. I was later venting to a friend of mine who had a relative that had seen said bozo and personally regarded said bozo as a cold hearted, uncaring butcher. I'm a bit more at ease with the thought of going to see a surgeon we've already had contact with before with Alex who everyone else highly recommends. yippee!!

Now to think of how I'd say all this in french to have any hope of passing my bilingual test...

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