Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jump For Joy HD

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Joy Needleroll (JCS 03)-Jeannette Douglas

Well it was actually stitched on the weekend but here's my HD picture ;) Now to get the ribbon to tie the ends!! I should have cropped but was too tired last night to access the software by the time this arrived via e-mail last night from dad ;) I plugged away at restitching the Love needleroll which is now all ready to bead and am just waiting for the pearl petite treasure braid and fyrewerks to finish it. I'll probably redo the twill stitch as the stitch instructions in the back do not give the same diagonal effect, e-mailed Jeannette and am waiting to see if she did anything special or if it was just her thread. I've figured out a way to accomplish the same effect and I'm hoping she's just going to confirm what I've already thought of ;)

I've been so zonked for energy this week it isn't even funny. I even taped Lost (not to happy with ABC for moving it so late in the evening) so I could hit the sheets! I'll probably get caught up at 8 tonight seeing as Global no longer airs Joey before Survivor, sigh... Speaking of Joey we watched last weeks and when we turned it off the vcr just happened to be on Friends and my goodness I hadn't realized how much I missed that show! It was the Christmas in Tulsa episode with all of the flashbacks and I then put in a request to start collection the old seasons on DVD. ;) Oh wait, I have a Christmas Bizarre meeting tonight, maybe I won't get caught up at 8 after all... sigh... Why oh why do they only give people 2 days notice about these things, don't they realize that most mothers work now a days and with gas prices up some of us actually make an effort to lump all of our trips in one?? sigh...

Only one more sleep until the weekend thank goodness!


Shannon L. said...

Love it ! You're making me want to do these ornies :) It looks great. And thanks for the tip on the RBG threads. Never thought of ordering them from Janice. Duh LOL

Faith Ann said...

Your needleroll looks fantastic!! I haven't stitched a needleroll yet (because I don't want to finish it)... but I really should...that pattern is really nice :)

Shannon L. said...

Hey, Katie - we need to work on Faith Ann there. I'm thinking she has a "finishing phobia". No ornies.. no needlerolls. Geesh, who says they need to be *finished* ? I've stitched 3 or 4... they're not actually *finished* LOL

(let me guess, you're going to actually *finish* these needlerolls, aren't you ?)